Tis not bigotry because my belief is the eternal Kalam of Allah, it is God's own speech, and it will never change, because God never changes.

I will not be able to handle the torture of Allah.

He is God but this God has a preference

Energy makes things happen

Heat is energy

Power is energy divided by time

Allah is not energy because energy is a creation and Allah is not similar to the creation in any way.

Potential energy- stored energy

Kinetic energy- energy in motion

Heat energy- the movements of different atoms and molecules

Lightning is a common occurrence during thunderstorms

The heat causes the air to expand, producing the sound of thunder


Can't heat energy potentially be kinetic or potential energy? Yes

Everything is set in stone for us, but not for Allah tho for he was the one to create the guarded tablet and pen.

You are a fool to think you are the only one and to not be cynical.

Allah is more good than the shaytan is bad.

25 degree Celsius is 77 degree FH

33 is better than 25

25 is = 77

Nice guys finish last, only in this life.

Forcing tax on somebody is haram.

Allah treats everybody differently

Born in the 6th century about 1400 years ago.

His father died while his mother was still pregnant with him.

His mother Aminah died when he was 6 years old.

He was raised by his grandfather His grandfather died when he was 8 years old

His uncle than raised him after

Received revelation when he was 40 years old in Makkah and stayed there for an additional 13 years.

Than God ordered him to immigrate to El Madina and he stayed there for 10 years.

He died at the age of 63

Prophet Muhammad taught that Jesus will come back down to Earth to rule according to the Islamic teachings before the day of judgment.

Believe in Islam is not valid if one does not believe in Prophet Muhammad

Believe in Islam is also not valid if one says "I believe in Muhammad but not Jesus"

Muslims are the only people that believe in all the prophets.

All Muslims now apply the teachings of Prophet Muhammed because he is the Prophet of this time, but we love and respect all the Prophets.

Before Prophet Muhammad died Muslims were about 100,000. Today they are over 1 billion

I take refuge from the shaytan and I only follow Allah.

Patience taste bitter but the after taste is so sweet.

Allah created the Earth and heavens in 6 days

6 days= 6,000 years

Allah created the Earth before the heavens.

7 heavens and 7 Earths in 6 days only.

Prophet Adam was created on a Friday.

The day of judgement will be on a Friday

Allah created angels and Jins before Adam

The first Jin was Ibliss

When he was first created he was Muslim, and used to worship Allah

His original name was Azazi

Angel Jabri is the best of the angels Also the leader

Angels have heads, shoulder, wings etc... But they do not have internal organs

The angels are not males or females

The Jins age more than humans. 300-500 years

Angels will only die on the day of judgment.

The water was the first creation And than the Arsh The water is located beneath the Arsh.

Allah created the throne(Arsh) to show his power and not to take it for a place for himself.

After the throne he created the pen, which is made from light

And than a huge sacred tablet.

In the Quran Allah mentioned 25 prophets, but there are more than that.

124,000 prophets. 313 messengers.

Allah ordered one of the angels to grab a handful of different type of dirt, and lifted it up to Jana(paradise) it than turned to clay.

Than the body of Adam got formed by the will of Allah Than the soul of the body was blown into the body and it became alive.

As soon as the soul entered the body Prophet Adam sneezed and he said Alhamdulilah

He was 60 cubits in height. 1 cubit is about half a meter, which is from your fingertip to your elbow. He was tall like a tall building 7 cubits in width 60x7

The angels told Prophet Adam the names of everything.

Prophet Adam could speak all the languages He used to make coins and bread out of wheat

Between your finger tips and your elbows X 4

Prophet Adam met some angels and said As Salam Alaikum

Say As Salam Alaikum upon meeting and departure.

Eve was created from the left rib of Adam's chest

Adam and Eve lived in paradise for 130 years

Prophet Adam was the one to eat from the tree, but it was a small sin. This was before he received Prophethood

Because of this they exited paradise and lived on Earth 870 years on Earth

Cain killed Abel This was the first murder to take place Cain was jealous of Abel

He did not repent after

Cain fell from a high cliff after a vicious animal attacked him and died instantly

Every unjustful murder that takes place, part of the sin is going to return back to Cain

Allah's existence is discernible

Christianity is a perverted annexation of Islam

Allah will never bless you with something that will bring harm upon you, for he is 100% good.

Love is an abstraction.

Prophet Jesus will come back as a man

Allah does not have to do anything for us. Oh but he does, so he always deserves to be thanked. Allah Allah ALLAH!

I love Allah soo much. Nobody loves Allah more than me.

I can't wait to get up in the morning and pray Fajr. Damn time needs to move faster.

Allah is so merciful. He forgave me for all the bad deeds I did today.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Today is the lunar new year


Fajr- 555am (didn't do it)

Asr- 255pm (didn't do it)

Isha- 633pm (did it)

They shot my ngga Boobie, for no goddamn reason.

Islamic knowledge is held in high regard in our religion.

This ngga Alusine so gay, shaking his butt n shyt

The path of the people of truth is always the path of knowledge and implementation of Religious law and manners; weighing everything by what the Prophet brought. Whatever era you're in, it's the same. - Brother Anwar

Allah always provides

Everybody tells me that I look like a young Drake.

I will dedicate my whole life to asking Allah for forgiveness for not doing my prayers on the lunar new year of 2017. Oh Allah, I don't know your will, it is impossible to know. All I know is you are the most merciful. Please forgive me Allah, please.

It don't even take 5 minutes to pray

Ha! That's funnier than Donald Trump banning 7 Islamic countries from entering the United States and saying it's not a Muslim ban

Allah is most deserving

Knowledge is better than money.

uncanny movie

Life is not a right, life is a privilege given to you by Allah Nat Cole Scott- to the left of the enrollment office Put the money from OVR for the Fall semester towards book credit

In the end I ask Allah to grant us the sincere intention.

Nothing ever happens without Allah willing it.

He did not will it but he has knowledge of how it would've been like if he had willed it.

Yes, He's all knowing.

To doubt about whether Allāh knows something or not is blasphemy

It's been so long summer since I was high I nearly forgot what it felt like(8 days) I'm tripping while walking home, tripping on the sidewalk n shyt, this loud some crazy shyt.

Park and go vortex

The concept of love is not physical, but it can be.

Why act brand new towards Allah, for he made you into who you are.

There is a clear difference between causation and correlation.

This ngga Tim don't play about his money.

Seeing tomorrow is not promised, but tomorrow certainly is promised. If you get tired, learn to rest, not to give up.

Islam teaches me never to give up.

33 is just as good as 55, 55 is much better tho.

Yesterday I went to the Mosque 02-03-17. I was at a class with one of the Shaykh, and Brother Anwar was translating for us. I raised my hand to ask a question, while I was asking the question Brother Anwar twisted his face and made a look towards me as if to say "this is a ridiculous stupid question to ask". And that is not right, because everybody has a different amount of Islamic knowledge, what matters is if the person is trying to learn as much as they can, which I am trying to do. Even though I was born Muslim my father never taught me or had someone else teach me about the basic obligatory knowledge. There is no such thing as a "stupid or ridiculous" question in Islam. Islam is an easy religion, Allah says it is. So if one is trying to learn then you should make it easy for them to learn. And also on the same day while I was in the class Judah texted me and asked me how often do I review my notes because some of the questions I ask in the Whatsapp group I am liable to fall to Kufur. Wow. Why would he tell me that. That is the worst thing anyone can tell me. I admit, I do ask a series of questions that may seem basic or easy for a regular Muslim but everybody is different, Allah makes everybody different. Anyways it's cool, I know my brothers only want the best for me. Hassan did give me his number after the class, I will text him tomorrow Insha'Allah. In the end I ask Allah to raise the rank of our beloved Prophet Muhammad and protect his nation from that which he fears.

Also while I was at the group yesterday the Shaykh had a cold, he was sneezing a lot and he had the sniffles. One of the younger students around my age got up and grabbed some tissues and handed it to the Shaykh. Wow, Alhamdulilah! That is soo thoughtful. I did not think that people like that student was still alive in today's world. Chivalry is most certainly dead, but it lives on in Islam. Allah Allah ALLAH!

Allah creates all but he certainly is not all.

The word "Allah" means the one who has the power to create things, to bring things from nonexistence into existence.

It is forbidden for anybody other than the creator to be called Allah.

God cannot be divided into pieces.

Allah has no equal.

Allah existed eternally and there was nothing else.

God does not need his creations, he did not need them before he made them and he never will.

Although you are not able to imagine God, it is a true matter that he exists, because this universe did not create itself.

He created the universe but he is not part of it.

We are not creations that can be creators.

His attributes are not shared with anyone else.

The parents are not the creators of the children. They are the reason for their birth, but they do not create their children.

The universe came into existence according with Allah's will and his knowledge.

The children may not come out the way that the parent desires, this shows that the parents are not the ones who create the children but tis someone else.

According with his will, not the will of the parents.


60 bad bruh Opposite of 33

66 is in a bad league of its own.

Take care of yourself bruh.

❌We have to remember that Allah never forgets about a prayer that was done in response to his order.

333 is good, the best.

This information cannot be assimilated.

The reason why Allah wants us to hold Wudu before we pray is because Allah wants you to take care of yourself. Very much. Among other things.

34 is better than 33 & 35, it's very quiet though.

Islam was here before I was even born

These are all attempts to get me to not pray, but I will never stop praying. Prayer is very important.

If you become Muslim life would be so much harder for you, Allah will test you beyond your wildest imagination, Insha'Allah. If he tested the Prophets why should he not test you?

Who df are you to the Prophets??

Every Prophet, all 124,000 one of them loved Allah more than me, but nobody else.

When Allah tests you you better take it politely and pass it, humble yourself bruh, for the sake of Allah.

Miracles are only for Prophets and are always in agreement with what they say.

Miracles are not acts of sorcery because acts of sorcery can be taught.

An act of sorcery can be outdone or imitated.

Practicing sorcery is an enormous sin.

I did not do it on my own.


All the angels and Prophets love Allah more than me.

You never see a ghost manifesting in a Muslim household.

The power of Christ compells you demon!

I refuse to let Ibliss win.

There are 3 things that you can do to ensure a place in Allah's heart. I am not saying that he has a heart because that is a creation

and he is not like the creation in any way. Be a Muslim, don't talk too much, and don't get mad.

3 days without water

3 weeks without food

Your mind will kill your body trying to protect itself.

Never stop praying bruh

Rushing home not because it is too cold, but because I have to hurry up and pray before something happens and I die.

The pleasures of this world certainly do not last, and most of them is sinful. So it is best to just stay away from them.

All I ever wanna do is pray, get high, and fornicate

People don't question what Prophet Muhammad or Prophet Jesus did.

Allah's existence is prominent.

I am not going to know what Prophet Muhammad look like until I'm 40, Insha'Allah.

Judah and Brother Anwar did no wrong to me on 02-03-17 when I went to the Mosque.

When I'm good, I'm really good, but when I'm bad, I'm really bad.

There are stupid questions in Islam, only to and from a Muslim.

There are no stupid questions to and from a non-Muslim

Allah told Prophet Muhammad to smack himself on the face he did that shit with no questions. He told me and I did that shit but as I'm doing it I'm like "why why".

Sometimes you just have to look at yourself in the mirror and laugh at how ugly you are.

When the judgment of God comes you have no lawyer. - Pastor Shola

Pastor Shola is so wise bruh.

You don't but the shaytan does and the shaytan controls you.

All of you fuckers is trying to get me to stop praying, but it will never happen bruh, NEVER!

Wallahi if I do this prayer my soul will go straight to paradise.

Adam and Eve was created then the Big Bang happened

Allah does not forgive you then why should I?

Slaves built the entire infrastructure in the US

I am a Muslim and I pray.

The first creation did not come from anything

From this creation, the original water, God created everything else.

Other creations were created from that original water

With the existence of this first creation, time was created and started.

Time started to exist as soon as the first creation came into existence.

The second creation is the throne

The throne exists now.

It exists above us beyond outer space

It is the biggest creation in size

The Arsh is not a place for anyone to sit.

It is much bigger than paradise It is the feeling of paradise but it is much larger Only part of it serves as the feeling of paradise

Only God knows how big this creation is. This creation indicates that God has perfect power Because if it exists above our head above paradise and it does not fall on us, it shows that someone is keeping it up there, and that is Allah.

The Arsh has 4 pillars, and an angel holds each one

It will take a fast flying bird 700 years for it to fly from the ear lobe of one of the Angel to it's shoulder

El Arsh is the ceiling of paradise

Sitting is not attributed with God.

"if God willed to he would sit on the back of a fly" blasphemy God is not a body to be sitting on something big or small. Contradictory to the sound mind

The third creation is the pen

The pen is in the form of light

After the pen Allah created the Guarded Tablet Above us, above the heavens

The tablet is very large One giant pearl surrounded with rubies

The height is equivalent to the Earth and the first heaven

Allah ordered the pen to write all that will happen until the day of judgement for 50,000 years

After all these creations he created light and darkness These are two separate creations

Light and darkness are separate creations

Paradise is a place of residence above the 7 heavens 35:35

TOW, time was created and started el Arsh The pen Tablet - Earth and 1st heaven Light and darkness

Surely, Allah is the only One with knowledge of EVERYTHING. No one knows all of the seen and unseen except Allah. Allah knows His own reality, and we only know His names as Attributes. As for the weatherman, sometimes he misses his mark. - Brother Anwar


Just keep dancing, even if no one is watching and cheering you on, Allah is always watching, and he is the best audience member.

Tell Allah what's going on, and he'll be there for you. He already knows what's going on though.

Marriage is buying a house for someone you hate.

There's beauty in everything really

You can't look at 34 either till it's done


Angels reside all over the hereafter. Certainly there's beauty in everything

Curse be to the one who tries to distinct you away from Islam, because Islam is the truth.

Allah is the best!

You just want me to stop being a Muslim.

All praise be to Allah, the one who took life from my body and put it back so graciously.

If you drive somebody away from Islam without even being aware of it tis still a big sin.

Embrace the flaws of being human - Alessia Cara

Varieties and having choices kills us.

Whether you are a Muslim or not time effects you the same as everybody else, you still will get old and die.

When you sleep you burn all this energy bruh.

High rh= early morning What are clouds made of- tiny water or ice particles that settle on the atmosphere How do they form - when invisible water vapor condenses into visible water droplets What drives the movement of wind- difference in atmospheric pressure Dew point temperature is the temperature at which the air has to cool to reach saturation Which letter in the diagram represents the temp

1133 & 1155 are the only time that 33 & 55 are the same And 133 & 155

Have the sincere intention in every good matter.

Islam is a very beautiful religion

I am not a Prophet, or even close, but I will convey the truth.

May Allah make us among the ones who fly over the bridge.

Only the Muslims receive the intercession.

Adam Walaiku Salato Salaam

Fear Allah Do the obligations Avoid the sins

Money is a blessing to the pious Muslim

The Prophet was the most giving

I be forgetting shit a lot, Idk if it's the weed or the brain injury, it's probably the weed lmao

Judge only according to the apparent

Allah created the female to have a habit and something natural occur to them. Menus is a natural occurrence.

The belief in darwinism is Kufar and could not be more wrong.

There are no laws that God has to abide by, he is not obligated to do anything. He can just be.

❌Some people committ blasphemy without even knowing it but they are still held accountable.

I'm norm as shyt.

❌Islam will seem easy to learn to the sound mind.

In paradise everybody would be the same age, 33 years old.

The one who refuses to pray is similar to the one who refuses to stay hydrated on their a hot summer day. You won't be able to die or physically harm yourself if you don't pray but oh the pain will be gruesome.

533=555 333=555

The one who does not pray is like the one who does not drink water.

Islam teaches me that if others see you doing good they would want to follow you.

I can't do shit on my own, I need Allah always, but Allah never needs me. Allah does not need anything, that is one of his attributes. Allah does not need, ever! Before there was no creation, and Allah existed. Now there are creations, like Angels, Jins, Humans etc... And Allah still exists without needing any of his creations, his creations are the ones that need him. The angels are absolutely perfect, they don't commit any sins, they have free will but they always choose to do what is right, they always follow Allah and they do what he orders. The angels they need Allah though, because they will not be able to commit any sins if it was not for the eternal will of Allah. Us humans are not perfect, we sin on and on again, and we stray from the path that Allah orders us to follow. Allah forgives us every time though because he is the most merciful. Sometimes we do good, like the pious Muslims who pray and give in the name of Allah, they will get the most rewards. Prophet Muhammad was the best creation. He had free will always, and he could have chosen to do bad but he didn't follow the shaytan, and he was tempted, oh man was he tempted, time and time again, the shaytan followed The Prophet like a dog trailing a meaty steak, but he never succeeded, why? Because ALLAH! also followed him, and if Allah follows you it is like no one else is following you. Allah is the best of followers. He will follow you EVERYWHERE! this ngga lol, he knows everywhere you're going to be and he wills for you to be there, so he follows you. But just because he follows you does not mean that he is in the same place as you. We must remember that Allah does not exist in any place, for it is he who creates places. Allah is the best, amen. I'm tired, my fingers hurt. I love Allah. But lemme tell you how this ngga Allah is so powerful. Hope df is it possible to create all these creations like trees, the sun, angels, jinns n shyt, and not have ANY SIMILARITY TO THEM. WOW, only Allah. Only Allah 🙏

Allah Allah ALLAH!

I do not know enough about the jinns to comment on them.

The laws of Prophet Muhammad are the easiest to learn. Islam is an easy religion bruh, it really is. There are many parts to it.

I just do a prayer and forget about it, oh but Allah does not forget.


Every day is a new day to pray.

The devil knows how to talk. He has speech but it is not similar to God's eternal speech in any way.

The one who does not pray is like the one who refuses to eat.

Allah is not abstract.

Embrace Islam and prosper


25% 6:33pm


Allah is unlike anybody or any creation and he exists... ETERNALLY.

Associating selves with Allah is among the biggest sins.

540 is very good indeed

Everything Allah does is according with his eternal knowledge.

Pandora be lying cdffupp. When you thumbs down a track.

I will get the punishment of Allah, but Allah knows that I will not be able to handle his punishment so his mercy will be on me first.

May Allah's mercy be upon me.

Allah created mankind so that they can know the creator through the creations.

Man cannot change the destiny that Allah has predetermined for them.

YOGTO- you only get tested once

he oneness of Allah is the one most important theological principal in Islam

267-765-1515 PPL

34 is the opposite of 40, 40 is so practical.

Sometimes I wish Allah could not see all the sins I do *sighs*

6 wins but 5 is in 6 the clearest

6:33am 55%

Allah is not attributed with love because love is weak

725 is so bright and sweet

One cannot say "God is right, even when he is wrong" because Allah is never wrong, he is completely infallible.

1:25 is... Allah knows best.

2:33pm 100%

325 is a fukkin G

❌ohhhhh ok, Allah is nowhere.

45 < 35 63%

You cannot thank God without thanking the people.

My signature is going to be only an A

420 is a fat mf. He cool tho

I couldn't catch the 5:35pm prayer but I caught 536 smhh

When you wake up the first thing on your mind should be Fajr.

8:55pm 55%

636 is bad

Allah is in control always, not just sometimes. Rectify your intentions bruh

Luck is the belief that something happened by mere chance and not by the eternal will of Allah.

Being a true Muslim involves submitting and not worrying about anything as Allah does all the work and not acting amazed or surprised. But that is impossible because Allah is so amazing and surprising, so really nowadays there are no true human Muslims.

The difference between luck and good fortune is that good fortune is being endowed with abundance by Allāh. And luck is non-existent because nothing exists unless Allāh creates it

8 is good, it is in the middle.

Than- comparison Then-time

Prayed, took a nap, woke up at 235pm.

Frfr Christianity is a protuberance of Islam.

❌735pm blowing

❌the shaytan exists, but he is not nearly as powerful as the Almighty Allah.


❌Allah loves us all and he creates each one of us differently.

❌It is a very big sin to have a heart like a stone.

❌933 is disgusting af

We feel we create our children because we have many similarities with them, Allah actually creates us and we share no similarities.

One cannot see Allah in this life because he has no form, we are only able to see forms.

Friday is the best day.

933 is absolutely vile eeew

❌Friday is when Allah is most generous to you because Friday is the best of the Seven Days.

44 is =33

1225 1233 1255 Friday going to the Mosque

It is an obligation to believe in Allah and his messenger.

There is nothing in Islam that contradicts the sound mind.

Allah makes things change, but he does not change.

326 is just bad

336 is bad

819 & 933 are opposites

819 933

Surely Allah is not an automaton. Because an automaton would be a creation and Allah shares no similarities with the creations.

The Quran is clear cut proof, it always has been and it always will be. It is the eternal Kalam of Allah. Islam is the religion of all the Prophets.

Yesterday was 02-17-17. It was a Friday, a lot of crazy shyt happened to me that day, for Friday is the best of the Seven Days, it is the day that the signs of Allah are clearest to you.

I stopped jotting down most of the crazy things that happen to me, it is so many I just figure what's the point? You know?

The good deeds of a Non-Muslim will only benefit them in this Dunya. Embracing Islam is an obligation.

I cannot pray for you if you are a Non-Muslim, I much rather pray for the sinful Muslim.

If it happens then Allah eternally willed for it to happen that way and he has eternal knowledge of it.

Allah knows me better than I even know myself.

It does not make you dirty, you are just unable to pray.

Allah's knowledge does not have a beginning nor an ending.

His eternal will makes him pragmatic.

Allah said in the Holy Quran that a child is not held accountable for their sins until they have become pubescent. Their good deeds are recorded.

❌I'm a hypocrite bruh, look what I sent this ngga Alhaji " Yo bro anything you need I'm here for you, remember man, always pray and avoid the sins. "

Allah's oneness is maybe the single handedly most important theological concept in Islam.

Allah is not abstract, his attributes and names are.

616 is soo bad

933 is worse than 616 They are brothers

622 is just a little bit good



Staining oneself with urine is the biggest reason why people get tortured in the grave.

840=555 555 better though

1111 cannot equal 555 1111 is Angel Jabril

The Prophet's wife name when he received revelation was Khadija

Angel Gabriel is the angel of revelation.

❌ I did everything before I blew, peed, put blistex on, that hoe still said 4:25pm

❌Allah is a magician No he is not! That's blasphemy

❌We think it's Allah's flaws but Allah makes no flaws, he is absolutely perfect.

❌Bruh, 533! 534 Now 536😧

The only solution is that we don't exist. We have no attributes, Allah is the one to give us attributes.

Allah is 100% good, and he creates all, but that does not mean that all is good, in fact there is more bad than good in the world.

If you don't know it mitigates the weight of the sin a little bit but you will still most likely get punished.

❌I ain't trying hold wudu again for the next prayer so I gotta fast for a little bit lol.

❌True contrivance is only owned by Allah.

Angel Jibril also came to Sister Mary.

742 55%


I can't wait to get up in the morning and do Fajr.

Having varieties and choices kills us.

336 is pure evil.

❌The little break between Asr and Maghrib really helped out today 2:56pm

This ngga ain't stop smoking smhh. 1033am 55%

Have you ever been penetrated

Got home at 533pm

725pm 77%

All 124,000 Prophets had the same creed, Islam.

I will never talk bad behind somebody's back.

0 neutralizes and turns everything into 5

Prophet Jesus will come down when the whole world knows that Allah exists and Islam is the true religion.

"puts hands on head" CHIINAAKE!

I hate happy endings and I hate sad endings.

Allah is not an "is" because everything that "is" is a creation, and Allah shares no similarities with the creation.

Only Allah has knowledge of all.

Certainly he is the most perfect.

The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi wa Salaam said "ALLAH!" even the assailant caught him off guard and tried to kill him.

Spring is the best season. He will be born in the spring.

Got on the 21 bus at 12:25pm 02-24-17 Friday

Paradise is a place that exists now

There are creatures in paradise that don't exist now in this Dunya

The best enjoyment in paradise is seeing Allah.

The Muslims will see Allah without having a shape, being in a place.

The believers will see Allah in paradise, but Allah is not in paradise.

This is obligatory to believe Seeing Allah in the hereafter means to see him without resembling the creation. This is something we cannot imagine

Paradise is everlasting Hellfire is everlasting

The blasphemers will not see Allah because they will not go to paradise.

Paradise and hellfire have beginnings but no end.

His knowledge encompasses everything.

To him belongs the dominion.

Allah is not attributed with injustice. He is not questioned for what he does, rather the creation is questioned.

We seek refuge with Allah

Whoever Allah has guided there is no one who can misguide him.

Your family, your money, your deeds Your family and money will return, only your deeds will remain

Pray in a low voice

The one who's last words are "laila ah illaha etc..." will enter paradise

The Quran is my Iman.

Nut is called "meni" in Islam

Half of the religion is purification

02-25-17 Fajr fell at 525am, woke up exactly at 633am. Did it as soon as I woke.

33 is so much better than 25

Which is a bigger lie, someone saying that they know when they're going to die, or somebody saying that they know Allah.


3:36pm 77%

33 is the second best.

Bro, 663 will kill you

633 is better than 533

The devil is with the isolated one

When a wolf goes to attack a sheep he goes for the isolated one

If you are with a Muslim you are less likely to sin

Among the Muslims there will be disagreements, but there will only be 1 saved group, among 73 sects.

There are people who disguise themselves as Muslims, but they are not and will ultimately go to hell. The Prophet said this.

Our creed never changes.

Since we share the same creed than you are my brother.

If somebody does not have the same creed as me they are not my brother. Even if that person is biologically related to me.

We remain strong by teaching people the correct knowledge

Our agenda is to only defend the creed of the Prophet.


Teach people. Everything else is extra.

The greatest humanitarian deed is to save somebody from going to hell.

Because when I close my eyes I can see beautiful paradise, and when I open them I have to see all your ugly faces.

Allah hu ahnam

Keep it a bean I just wanna eat

How many people here believe in God? Raise your hand How many people believe in Allah?

Islam will be victorious with or without us

This ship does not need you for it to sail.

Wasup bae, I can't wait to eat your butt when I come home. I want you to fart in my mouth.

*just starts screaming*

Don't be scared of 33, he a ugly mf indeed but he means well.

The prayer times are blessed, pay attention to them.

Nggas want me to stop praying. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

Sometimes I just stop what I'm doing and think about how Allah is so great.

We have to remember that Allah knows best always. Not just sometimes, ALWAYS.

408 is another one. I just don't know what it is though. Allah knows best.

625? Allah knows best

Your opinion is wrong. If your belief is different from mines than I don't want anything to do with you. You are the shaytan

The best month is April. The worst month is February.

He did not say it in English or any language in the world but I was able to understand perfectly.

Thermal coats

Avoiding one small sin is more rewardable than praying 1000 optional cycles

Used the bathroom exactly at Dhuhr time

The worst of the 5 prayers is Dhuhr It's not bad, it's just disgusting af.

33 is NOT DHUHR. 33 is better. 33 is the best. After 55

33 is all the Prophets

Nina gon grow up and have a fat ass

All the Prophets had beautiful voices

It is he who creates the change but he does not change

There's a reason why God did not create Adam and Alan

The Prophet's first two sons died.

The value of education? Education has no value.

633 bus reached

We cannot forget that 90 is so good.

36 is among the worst

The angels don't even know what's written on the guarded tablet

Just because you have an abundant amount does not mean that you should waste.

69 & 96 is bad

635 is among the best

5:33pm 32%

❌Understanding Allah is understanding he DOES NOT CARE BRUH! DO YOU!

Please Allah let tomorrow's MAGHRIBbe at 555pm

Today was so good. Alhamdulilah 03-1-17 Allah's signs are getting stronger

❌With Allah is my final destination.

Allah does not act or do actions because you see that will be similar to the creations and he shares no similarities with us. He simply wills for things to happen. No creation can will, only Allah is capable of doing that.

1140 is something, very great. I just don't know. Allah knows best.

Everything in 11!

The main reason why Allah gave us eyes is so that we can close them and refrain from doing any sin. THIS IS THE MAIN REASON.

11:55am 77%

Bus reached at 1140 Friday 03-3-17

Angels are creations We cannot grasp them with our hands

He did not create them because he needed helpers He created them to show his power

They are more in numbers than the jinns and the humans


The Prophet said that this nation will be divided into 73 groups, 72 will be in hell.

All that the slave does is acquire the deeds, but Allah creates it eternally.

Prophet Muhammad was from the the tribe of Quraysh

Any numbers that match is the best This is why 33 is so good 66 is among the worst of the best

A church is not the house of God, it is the house of the shaytan, the devil lives there.

Face, hand, hair, feet

Allah can never be ingratiated.

This ngga C was testing me, he dropped me off on the bridge and was like "ard bro"

This is among the easiest of questions to answer. ALLAH HU ANAM!

5 is all the Prophets, 6 is solely the shaytan.

Bruh right now it's 16 degrees, it's cold as shyt. I am under Tayamum right now. Wallahi if I take a full body shower and pray my soul will enter paradise with no objection. And I will also enter paradise in this world. NO QUESTION. Allah will never lie to me, Allah loves me 100%

The devil feels fear, but not Allah. Allah is not attributed with feeling anything, certainly not fear.

Blessings are much stronger than sins.

Just because something is unlikely does not mean that it's impossible.

He will have lots of dandruff on his head.

How can you commit blasphemy so openly and freely?

Lol Damn bruh, your shyt got strong af outta nowhere. I put that shit in my room my pops was like "what's that smell, I can smell it from outside." lol

You don't need life to exist, but if you have life than you have the latter

11:00 is the best hour

I would not use the word "capable" when referring to Allah. It is better to say everything happens according to Allah's wills. For sure we do not know what Allah willed for us so we should say In shaa' Allah.

Allah is free to will whatever Allah desires

Allah exists for all the creations.

We are always in a state of incertitude.



People that are always happy is living a lie.

Now that I know that Allah exists, everything will change.

Your certitude is unsubstantiated

Allah's promise will certainly come true.

94 is so good.

Any number with 4 is good

The creations has beginnings and endings, but Allah doesn't.

77% 6:40

Become a Muslim first, and then pray.

Allah is the most grandiose.

I wish to get back on the impetus that Allah has set for me.

Christianity is like a blue whale in the ocean, Islam is like all the 7 seas x5

11 is the best number, it can do the most

We don't like change, except when it comes to our technology.

Cursed be the one that says Allah does not exist

Allah is the only one that is peerless

He exists whether or not you believe it or not. You get rewarded for acknowledging his existence and punishment for denying it.

No angel came to me, I didn't receive no revelation, Allah did not appear in my dreams or anything. What Allah does for me he promises to do it for all of mankind. 5:33pm 55% Im bouta blow, on the bus now going to the train station

❌Because if I am not doing it for the sake of Allah than why am I doing it? Yanee like...

Something about 721

Allah is the only living that does not have or need a partner.

Nobody knows how Allah will test us, we just know that he will. Nobody knows how Allah exists, but we know that he does.

If it's a know sin and one denies it, he blasphemes

Blasphemy is not forgiven by Allah.

Praying puts order into my life.

The creator does not have a beginning or end, the creations does.

You cannot say "all the creators" because there is only one creator, Allah.

Allah is 100% immutable.

Cab #11 8:11

Stop relating Allah to the creations. Use the creations to liken to themselves.

Everything else you can do worse except for blasphemy, that is the absolute worst.

The existence of Allah is evident

The existence of Allah is not abstract, his names and attributes are sure

We'll start with the name of Allah. Now Allah means the one who has the power to create, to bring from nonexistence into existence. Only Allah has that kind of power

If you don't have nothing better to do than PRAY

It is blasphemy to think that Allah cannot do something. Even when this something is not mentally possible then it's best to say this thing is not mentally possible. As opposed to Attributing weakness to Allaah.

If one resembles the creation he'd be weak to whatever the creation is weak to.

Aameen wa feek. So make sure you say the Shahadah and stay away from things you don't understand and also avoid debates.

He does not exist in a place but he exists.

It is obligatory to believe that the greatest joy in paradise is seeing Allah without him being in a place or direction. This is impossible to imagine.

We don't believe in mother nature, rather we say Allah is God of all and he controls all, including the weather.

For the sake of Allah I would do anything.

Islam is the religion of all the Prophets

You must utter the two testifications of faith with your tongue

Prophets are the best of the people.

Prophets are intelligent, trustworthy, and beautiful

Prophets may commit small sins that do not show low character.

Prophet Adam eating from the tree was a small sin.

Moses and Jesus both received scriptures, these scriptures though have been tampered with over time.

Allah favors all the Prophets above all Humans, Angels and Jinns.

It is obligatory to believe that all the Prophets were truthful, trustworthy, intelligent, beautiful.

It is blasphemy to mock any of the Prophets.

This ngga at the Mosque annoying af bruh, always sitting next to me talking about some "SALA LA" And he keeps saying that over and over again.

One is not considered a pious if he eats while he knows his neighbor is hungry.

Each receives his own sustenance

If a calamity hits you, be patient and thank Allah.

Praise, thank, humbly ask.

Sleep did not break the Prophets' Wudu.

The 22nd of March Fajr is going to be at 555am 10-13-17

5 is all the Prophets, including Prophet Muhammad.

7:33pm 77%

3:55pm 65%

Allah is attributed with Patience, it is he who is the most Patient.

Oh shyt, 240pm

Allah does not laugh because he shares no similarity to the creation, but this shyt funny af

My pop is #66. My stepmom is #69



Caught the 8:19pm Isha prayer 03-12-17 Sunday This shyt came outta nowhere. All the days before Isha was at like 7pm

Your mom is a celebrated prostitute

This supernatural show got blasphemy written all over it. All these mfs is going to hell, writers, directors, actors... Etc

How can one ask for forgiveness if the sin has not been committed yet? Ask forgiveness for the intention.

Everybody gets their own sustenance.

Refrain from using the word feels when referring to the creator. And yes Allaah everyone will get the amount of sustenance Allaah willed for them to get before they die.

You don't have to do it but if you do it once then you have to keep on doing it

Baarakallahu Feek. May Allah reward you

Allah does not "feel". It is he who causes others to feel, because He is the Creator of everything.

Came to the tracks to blow and the college is closed

The meaning of Allah is the one who has the ability to create, to bring from non-existence into existence, Only Allah is capable of doing that.

Giving up is the worst of the Haram deeds

You don't have to do it, but if you do it once than you have to always do it, and if you don't it is blasphemy.

God is omniscient and he oversees all.

No parent truly loves their children equally

❌The one who is always in a state of Wudu is safe. But they have to be Muslim, and they have to pray, in order for their safety to be guaranteed.

❌10:00am 77%

633 is so good bruh

12:33pm 77%

Your good deeds and sins are separate. Just like how light and darkness is separate

Is it sinful to say "I am the best Muslim living today."? - I never heard that

❌Allah makes everything work work in This Dunya

No Prophet ever told a lie a day in their life.

Every Prophet was trustworthy.

Every Prophet was extremely sharp mentally.

The sun comes in the east and sets in the west

At no time was a Prophet ever a nonbeliever


03-17-16 Friday Asr @ 4:33pm Leaving right after this prayer

8:52am!! 33 minutes after 8:19 I was blowing and I pulled out my phone, I ain't know shit.

5:40 77%

4:33pm 90%

Once Allah has guided a person no one can misguided him, and once Allah has misguided a person no one can guide him

It makes sense to Allah and that's all that matters.

✖Allah is very introspective(this is blasphemy)

There are no discrepancies between all the schools of Islam.

Java programming is for giving commands

Does pain purge sins? If a muslim stubs his toe for example and he is patient with that, some of his sins would get erased

It is not permissible to use the terms love or hate when talking about Allāh because love and hate are emotions.

3:33pm 65%

Allah does not endeavor to do anything, everything just comes to him naturally.

There's always going to be a rational explanation.

Nectar can be tonic



Don't ever get too attached to something

Just because it is what it is does not mean that is how it has to be.

❌He does not get questioned rather he is the one who does the questioning. And if you Tell Allah that he was the one who willed it he would just send you to hellfire forever.

❌The creator cannot coexist with the creation.

Eternity is not something that us humans can understand face to face, tis something that has to be assimilated transcendentally.

Allah knows all.

It is blasphemy to mock any of the Prophets.

Allah is not in a place, and places are not within Allah.

the shaytan is 100% bad.

Prophet Muhammad is my master and I learn from him.

Last time was on Sunday 03-19-17

Allah does everything for me and I still disobey him, pitiful.

Arabic is a perfect language

Islam is a perfect religion.

7:35pm 55 degrees

The Prophet said the congregation prayer is 27 times more rewardable than praying alone

433! You can look at it.

Insincerity is doing the good deed to gain praise from the people.

I am not insincere. WALLAHI I'm not, Allah knows best.


Nat Cole Scott

There is nothing that I won't do for the sake of Allah.

Enforcing tax is Haram

Sometimes the Prophet would make a treaty with the non-believers and part of the treaty included that the non-muslims would pay a certain amount of money to the Muslim government

Allah cannot be delineated.

Allah is the world, the world is Allah. - blasphemy

Praise, thank, ask

Whoever is killed unjustly is a Martyr.

Revenge, vengeful killing is an enormous sin.

Rappers be so derivative

Hate becomes a reason for living when you've lost everything that you've loved.

May Allah bless Shaykh Gilles and allow him to continue giving me Islamic knowledge.

The mental proof of Allah's existence- every writing has a writer, every building has a builder etc...

To disrespect the Qur'an is blasphemy

55% 63 degrees

If you say that you are the best than Allah will test you more than anybody else.

Us Muslims are different from everybody else

Why do the birds need a plane if they can fly- Quavo



It's only me and 49 others.


If a person says they are the best than no one can object, except Allah.

❌This is all of Allah's work, Allah put all of this shyt together.

❌I know very little but what I do know is what matters. I know that there is a God with a name of Allah. And this God is the creator of all, and he is all Mighty and all Ruling.

❌You don't even have to say it and Allah still hears crystal clear

Idk what I want to be doing with my life, but I know I don't want to be working

Allah is the most merciful among his slaves, even the Kufars.

2 things are certain in life, death and Allah's promise.

8:42am 42%

If you die without doing your due obligated prayer you will go to hellfire forever!

The creator loves but his love is not like ours, for example we can love Shawn Mendes one day then overtime hate him. This is not like Allah's love, Allah will ALWAYS love Shawn Mendes.

My favorite porn star is Catalina Taylor, though I do like various others.

I will always love the creator more than the creations.