That shyt really made me mad, I am not happy at all

When I first saw him I was like "can you please help me get married?" And he was like "yes Insha'llah" then later on after the session I asked him if he wanted me to sit there and wait while he goes and brings some girls

And he gon ask me "for what?" 😒


It seems like the only reason why he asked me that is because the other guy was there and he was trying to prove something like "you see him asking me to help him find a wife look at how pathetic he is"

Smh... I felt so ashamed

I hate asking people for help, but when I do then that means that "i really need it"

Smh, he shamed me and he completely embarrassed me

I don't even think he knows

I'm never asking him for help again

Allah knows best how I feel

They both humiliated me

May Allah make them know how I feel, and may He...

Allah is Al Muntaqim

Now even though both of them humiliated me and shamed me very much does this mean that I am going to stop going to that Masjid and stop going to Jummuah over there?


Going to Jummuah is an obligation, from Allah

I have to do it! I will still keep going. I will still keep getting knowledge from them and shake their hands

I'm just not going to ask them to help me get married anymore. Because I don't want them to shame me anymore and make me feel like a stupid dckhead

I was really expecting for him to really help me. He is an older fellow and Allah has given him a lot of wisdom. I thought he was going to be able to see how much I need his help if I ask him

I thought wrong

Part of being wise is not only being introspective. It also involves knowing how other people feel. I thought that maybe if I ask him to help me get married he was going to be happy and rush to help me find a woman I can marry

Rather he just said "Insha'llah" with a smile 😊 and then later on when I asked him he was like "What?? 😕"


He can't help me get married. I can't help myself. Only Allah can Help me. And He is the best of those Who Help

My glasses are always off while I'm in that Masjid. And my vision is really really bad. So I'm not really able to look at a girl really good from a distance and see how she looks, I mean I could, but I don't want to be wrong

Marriage is a really big step, and the girl that I choose to marry I want to be with her forever, I don't ever want to get a divorce. So knowing this, I really thought that he was going to put more consideration into helping me find a spouse

I just feel dumb and stupid, because I asked. I will never ask again. I HATE asking. I've always hated it, and I always will

Because when you ask other people you end up being let down. This is why you can't depend on other people for nothing

If you want something done right you have to do it yourself

I am new to Islam. I accepted Islam shortly before my brain aneurysm which was like 3 1/2 years ago. There's an entire process for marriage. You can't just walk up to a girl and say "hey I like you let's get married"

There are prerequisites and many things need to be fulfilled before it can be finalized

I may not know the entire process but ik it's there

I don't want to get married to a girl who I think is not cute and then end up regretting it later on

And there are plenty of attractive Muslim females over there. And most of them want me, and I want them back too. But he has not facilitated a way and made it easier for me to get married

Keep it a bean, I don't really mind being single but, it's boring

I'm sexy as shit, and I'm really good with females and ik how to make them smile. I have so much love to give, I just don't want it to go to waste

Allah has made me with so much love I can give to females, but it's just like "idk how to find her

And I only want ONE. I only want to marry one girl, even though it's permissible for me to have more than one wife I'm not going to be able to handle it, maybe in the future Insha'llah. But as for now I can only handle one

Allah shows me many things and He makes me experience much, I want to be able to share it with my wife, I can't keep all of it to myself, it's too much and it's too amazing!

And ik that if I share it with her she won't tell anybody else, because she will be Muslim and I will trust her.

I'm never lonely. I always have Allah, and He is the best of Company

But Allah, is not like me. I cannot see Him, I cannot speak to Him

Allah is my very close friend. But this Friend of mines He is different from me

Other creations have partners. Angels are so many and they have each other. Even the animals have partners. Me? I have nobody

I don't like being alone.

May Allah Help me

I'm going to be feeling like this for the whole week. Alone and ridiculed 😔

It's cool. I'm not gonna cry over it or anything, cuz I ain't no btch.

It just sucks...

Today while I was smoking weed and getting high at the train tracks I wanted to jump in front of an oncoming train and end my life

But then... While I was walking some random dude said to me As Sallamu Alaykum. Then I immediately remembered Allah

May Allah bless him and make all of his dreams and wishes come true, and may Allah grant him long life

I will continue to pray for him forever. Because he is a pious Muslim and he has attained Taqwa

Now that I think about it... I'm selfish af

There's a civil going on in Syria and nggas is dying in Rohingya and I'm sitting here sulking and crying cuz I can't find a wife to get married

I'm making Dua to Allah like "please Ya Allah, let me please find a wife to get married"

I should be asking Allah like: "please save all those suffering worldwide and ease their pain

My priorities are messed up. I only care about myself and my happiness. I'm selfish af. May Allah forgive me

My purpose in life is not to be happy. It is to establish Deen in my life and onto others. I can be happy in Jannah Insha'llah

But as for now I have a mission!

I can't help it though 😟

I want to get married. I want a beautiful wife. I want to have children. I want to cultivate my seeds. I want to be happy Ya Allah

May Allah give me a beautiful wife and make me happy


May Allah make me happy and may He help all those suffering worldwide. Allah can, He has that Power.

I love making girls happy, I love making then smile, and I'm really good at it. Why did Allah make me so good with the opposite sex if I was going to end up being Alone? 😕

I'm so confused. May Allah open my doors

May Allah bring answers to my life

If Allah wants for me to not get married and be happy and just focus on making other people happy then gladly i will do it, without even a thought

But I highly doubt that's what He wants

The Prophet PBUH had NINE WIVES!

And he was happy, and he established Deen

He did both! I can too

I can be happy!

If I get a wife, ima be cheesing like 😁

My happiness, your happiness. As long as somebody's happy

The most important of all is the happiness of Allah

Ya Allah, I call upon You. I worship You day and night. You are my Lord, and I will never associate partnership with You

Ya Allah You have guided me towards Islam, and I am grateful. I thank You Ya Rabb.Ya Allah You know best.

Ever since I came into this Religion I have tried my hardest, to be the best that I can be. I used to fornicate but I stopped, I used to have girlfriends but I stopped, I used to lie but I stopped. I stopped all my bad habits for the sake of You, because I wanted the rewards that You promised me. I wanted to be accepted by You.

I love You Ya Allah. You are my Lord. I seek guidance from You. Please tell me what You want me to do so that I can get closer to You. Show me something...

I can't sleep

I'm thinking about that Muslim girl in the black that I saw in the school cafeteria


Good morning

I woke up feeling like shit

I'm still single

I'm still ugly

I thank Allah for waking me up though

I'm finna do my Fajr prayer, but I still have a bit of time

I'm j8st going to lay here and think about how ugly I am


After so much time being alone I'm thinking that the reason why I'm still single is because I'm ugly

I'm an ugly piece of shit!

My self esteem is gone! I had gathered so many self esteem points, I was all the way at level 25! Now I'm down to level 3

I feel terrible. I feel like a waste. What is my purpose in life? Why am I alive?? I'm just taking up space

I just... need a reason to live you know? Something to wake up for. Just something. After Allah of course. Allah will always be my reason to keep living

But it would just be nice to wake up in the morning next to a beautiful girl and place her hand on my chest and be like "it's beating for you bae"

But I can never have that. 😣

-wow, all that cuz you couldn't get married? You acting like there won't come another Friday


-i know that you're acting like a three year old. Get it together and STTOOOPPP BTTCHHIINN!!


It's something that I'm not doing right. I'm not praying hard enough. I have to pray harder and ask harder.

"Please Ya Allah let me find a beautiful wife that can help me cultivate my seeds and increase the Muslim population. PLEAS E YA RABB.

I do not want to sin. Fornication is among the major sins. I won't do it, I will not succumb. If I am ever pressured into doing that I will just take my own life


As much as I want to get married I just have to be patient. Allah is Saboor

I've been patient for so long though, I ain't got it in me anymore. I am weak


I'ma nobody in this world. No one would even miss me or notice that I died

Why did I even have to wake up?

Time to do Fajr

I fulfilled my Fajr prayer. And I am still in a state of Wudu. If I kill myself and die surely I will go to Jannah

This ngga Danny prolly thought that I was gay

I told him "put my number in your phone bro" he was like "no I'm cool" cdfuuppp

I don't want to watch any more Islamic lectures on YouTube about being married and making your wife happy and being a good husband or none of that stuff

I just want to watch lectures about the Mercy of Allah and going to Jannah

I'll get married in Jannah Insha'llah

I wish Prophet Muhammad SAWS was still alive today...

I would ask him "hey Messenger of Allah could you please help me get married, I am not able to find a spouse"


Because he is the Messenger of Allah and he is wise and he knows that if I ask him for help he will surely help me. And he would not make me feel stupid for asking

I wish the Ummah today could emulate his characteristics

Keep it a bean, I do not want to get a girlfriend. Ima end up getting a girl, get that hoe pregnant, cheat on her, then break up with her

And she is going to be heartbroken. She will make Dua to Allah against me so that I can die and Allah will respond to her Dua because whether you're Muslim or not if you are being oppressed and you make Dua to Allah He will answer you

And that is mental oppression. I'm going to be oppressing her mentally

The definition for oppression is "prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control"

If I get that poor girl pregnant and break up with her and she will have to be stuck with raising that baby by herself is that not "unjust treatment"

And while she's laying in her bed late at night and I'm somewhere with another girl having sex she's going to be calling out to Allah like: "Please kill this ngga for me God cuz he ain't shit"

And i'ma be with the other girl killing it from the back and just when I bust a fat ass nut i'ma get a heart attack!


This is how Allah works. He gon kill me!

I don't wanna die Ya Rabb. I just want to experience life. I want a beautiful typewife, I want many children, I just want... to smile "😁"

The Prophet SAWS loved marriages, and he loved to attend marriages. He even got some of his companions married. Including Julaybeeb.

I wish I could wake up and be Julaybeeb. At least he was married

If my father Ibrahim AS was still alive today and I ask him to help me get married he will. I will ask him to help me find a wife just like his Sarah and do you know what he will say

He will say: "I will find you someone better!"

Tomorrow's Monday!

Insha'llah that Muslim girl in black with the fat butt and ear phones will be at school tomorrow

Insha'llah I will marry her

Insha'llah she gon lemme fuck

Insha'llah I will impregnate her


Shaykh Ahmad said that consummation does not finalize marriage. What finalizes it is a marriage contract

Shaykh Ahmad is truthful. He never lies

May Allah bless Shaykh Ahmad and may He bless Shaykh Sayf and give them both a long life full of joy and happiness. AAMEN!

I'm not trying to sound like a girl or get all soft n shyt. Ok I'm 23 years old, I am no longer a small child. I'm able to take care of myself, and I desperately want to get married. I.want.a.wife

That is what I want. I just feel crappy and shitty because I know that she is out there for me and I really thought that I was going to find her and marry her on Friday at Jummuah but I was not able to. The signs were there and everything. I really thought that day was gon be it.

Why can't anybody else see how bad I want this?

I'ma end up sinning and falling into hellfire

May Allah protect me

Before I wasn't trying to get married because I was living with that btch Salamatu Tunkara and my baby brother and sister and I wanted to focus on my school and see if I can really do it

Allah made me get all A's in all my classes. He has showed me that I'm on the right path

And Masha'llah I am no longer in that dirty stinky btch house and now all I want is to find a beautiful wife and give her all my love but I am not able to

Before when I wasn't looking to get married there would be all them Muslim girls waiting for me at Jummuah every Friday so I could tell him that I want to marry her

Now they are all gone. I can't see none of them. I was looking for them so I could choose one and marry her, but they were nowhere to be found, for like four weeks now they've been missing

I'm thinking like "where y'all at?" I'm sorry for before, I want you now

This is Allah telling me that I missed my opportunity when I had it

I could get it before but I didn't want it, now I want it and i cannot get it cdffuupp!

It's sad really

You ever seen the movie Coming to America? That's how I feel

I came to this country 17 years ago when I was six to find a wife and marry. And I thought... But I thought wrong

Now I just feel stupid for even getting my hopes up

I was all planning in my head how me and her will be together forever and the many things that I would do for her

But "Her" does not exist

I want to be able to lay in the bed next to her and explain the attributes of Allah to her, that's what I really want Ya Rabb


I'm sorry. For only thinking about myself, for being selfish. I just want to give. You have given me so much, I can't possibly keep all of it to myself. It's too awesome. You are Too Awesome! I love You and I need You

Give me a wife Ya Rabb, if not in this world then in the Akhira

Tomorrow's Monday! I can't wait too see my baby in the black dress in the school cafeteria tomorrow 😁

I been thinking about her all day


Good Morning

Phone sex mode: On

She wasn't there today, Insha'llah tomorrow


Good Morning

My sister really did me dirty. I asked her for help to give me some food yesterday and she said no

Mohammed Hoblos be like "Wallahi my brothers and sisters Allah created us for more

Damn he gave me a fat ass bag🔥

Cdffuupp 😂. That McDonald's funny as shyt. I go there everyday from class to buy Oreo McFlurries n shyt, keep it a bean I just be going there to see my baby that cute ass worker, she be eyeing me 😚

Today I went there and the manager dude could see I was plotting so he immediately came up and said "May I take your order sir"


Cock blocking n shyt

Naw she don't be behind the counter she be behind the register taking my order

She cute as shit

I love it there cuz the girls there always be putting a lot of Oreos in my mcflurry, just how I like it 😊

And she be putting extra love in it for me

I worship Allah alone with no partners

Allah is God and God is Allah there is no discrepancy

The only one who has the power to create is Allah. The only one who is able to take things from non-existence and make it exist only Allah has that power

You can only be reminded of something that you already know


Good morning

Woke up thinking about that girl from McDonald's

Her ass fat

She like me. She's nice and thick. I love her

I want to impregnate her and start a family with her

I love her


She gon act like she was up looking at the screen when I knew she was really looking at me

She thick as shyt. Her lips nice. I wanna put my dck in her vagina and stroke vigorously

I wanna tell her that I love her. I wanna tell her that I want her to be mines

I can't go there again today tho

I don't want the manager guy to call the cops on me. He gon get mad and cockblock again

That lightskin girl is my love. I want her

The other girl be putting that fake Hijab on 🤣 she funny as shit

She cute tho. I wanna put my dck in her and stroke vigorously as well

I wanna have a threesome with her and the lightskin girl

I'ma have my tongue down her throat while I'm hitting the lightskin girl from the back

I'ma be like 🤑

I wanna get some btch pregnant

Anyone. IDC! She just gotta be cute

I'ma get her pregnant then flee the country 🏃‍♂️

Then in two years I'ma come back and get a few more girls pregnant

Then i'ma flee again

This will continue to happen in a repeated process until I have cultivated my seed and fill the whole land with little Abdul mfs


I'm finna fuck a baby in this little btch

I gotta hurry up and get one of these girls pregnant

Life is unpredictable and anything can happen

I want my seed to remain on the lands to let nggas know, "ABDUL WAS HERE


Good Morning

I'm high horse

Df was that ngga doing breathing all hard n shyt, I couldn't even finish my test I had to dip. That shyt was getting awkward

😲That ngga was gay!!!!!

I'm stir fried rice

I'm not gay

May Allah make all of you burn in hellfire forever

Can't wait till Friday!

Insha'llah I'll find my wife and get married

Idk how i'ma go about it tho 😕

I'm broke as shyt

I used up all my money to purchase illegal marijuana to help soothe the pain of not getting married last week

I'm thinking about this girl from this mirning...

I go to sit down at my computer desk n shyt and 1 minute later she just gon get up and leave all walking fast n shyt 🚶‍♀️

Why would you just get up and leave like that?

I love you, I want you to stay...

She is the one for me. MY FEELINGS ARE TRUE!


Good Morning

May Allah Protect me

May Allah protect me as I embark on this perilous Journey

I am not able to see in the dark, but my Lord can

All of this is still the best case scenario

Never ever tell a girl how you really feel, if you truly love that hoe then don't tell her. Because once you do that is when it gets to their head and she feels like she can control you. BTCH YOU CAN'T CONTROL ME! ONLY ALLAH!!

I remember when I was in 2nd grade I told this girl Alicia over the phone that she is really pretty and that I like her

The next day atl unch in school she gets all dressed up and comes to sit next to me. Then she gon put the rest of the chocolate chip cookie in her mouth, and then she says "hey"

I'm thinking like: "umm hey btch. Why did you just eat all my cookie"?

That hoe really ate all my shyt. I was mad af

She only did that cuz I told her that I had a crush on her. If she didn't know that I liked her she wouldn't even have the audacity!

This ngga gay

A little amount will suffice


Good Morning

When I'm talking to somebody and they don't listen irdgaf. What I have to say is important and highly beneficial to you. If you not trying to hearken then that's on you

If you're talking to me and I'm not listening then frfr irdgaf what is it that you have to say, because I ALWAYS listen. So if you're talking to me and I'm not listening then what you have to say really doesn't matter 😞

I worship Allah alone with no partners


I can't be dating these girls, it will not be befitting for me to get a girlfriend. All of my time goes to the worship of Allah SWT. So if I get a girlfriend what will happen? She gon want me to give her all my time and attention.

No btch. I LOVE ALLAH!

-pulls on her hair while giving her deep strokes

-whispers in her ears "you're a good for nothing dirty whore and ur new name is Daisy"

-just got in the bus sit down next to old lady. Pulls phone out of pockets and calls girlfriend

"Hello wassup bae. Yeah I'm on the bus now, I'll be there in like ten minutes. I can't wait to get all up inside you. I can't wait to put this hard dick in you and stroke vigorously. I can't wait to inseminate you. Btch u finna get pregnant in a little bit. And after I cum inside u you gon get this dck hard again for daddy and i'ma cum all in ur mouth"

-the old lady sitting next to me gently taps me on my shoulder. "Excuse me young man, could you please keep your voice down a little please"

-i get up from my seat and stand up to face the lady "YOU SHUT DA FUK UP LADY! YOU DON'T KNOW ME!"

-punches her in the face

-the old lady dies


Finna go to Jummah

I gotta take a shit, but idk if I should hold it in cuz I'm still in a state of Wudu. And it is Sunnah to go to Jummah whilst in a state of Wudu

I sweat a lot

I'm at Jummuah and I saw this really cute girl sitting down. I wanna go up to her and be like "marry me" but I do not know if doing that will be permissible. This is the Masjid and angels are all over here watching like 👀

She cute as shyt

I love her

This girl sitting in the corner tho



I love you


Omw home from Jummuah. I saw this one lightskin girl with a FAT BUTT! I was starring hard like 👀

I want her to come back


Insha'llah soon I will get married. I'm not giving up hope 😁

Why I gotta be so ugly tho?

Naw keep it a bean I'm not really ugly

I fuck a lot of btches

Ima virgin. I'm celibate though. I do not believe in pre-marital sex

Except for that ho I peed in

I was like 7, she was babysitting me

Then that hoe gets on top of me and start riding me hard

She like: "cum inside me right now!"

I didn't know wtf that btch was talking about, I was SEVEN

But that hoe was persistent!

She kept saying "cum inside me cum inside me cum inside me"

So I panicked

I choked

I peed in that btch

Last week after I left Jummah I was feeling fukked up, distraught, despondent, sad af because I couldn't find a wife to get married to. I was thinking I was ugly af and nobody wanted to marry me 🙁

THIS WEEK!TODAY! I went to Jummuah, I saw my brother Shaykh Ahmad, and I saw Shaykh Sayf, he talked to me and he told me that he made Dua for me and i just have to be patient.


She funny as shit. It's all starting to unravel in my head now. That girl that I saw at the terminal at 69th St, she funny as shit. She gon dress up all nice n shyt with her ass looking fat and I KNOW SHE SAW ME STARRING She gon bring some gay mfs with her so she can see if I was starring at them gay mfs so that btch can know my sexual orientation n shyt



Btch keep thinking I'm gay. Ima put this long dck inside you and get u pregnant and fuk ya whole life up

I don't play that gay shit

There was this girl that came to the Musallah, she was bad af. She had a FAT ASSS!

Sike naw keep it a bean that jawn was just average size it wasn't that fat. But she was def pretty af. It was like three of them, I was starring at all them btches

All those "women" May Allah forgive me. Them girls was Muslims, they not no damn "btches" They are highly sophisticated, mature, intelligent young females

All you other Non-Muslim btches is btches tho

Keep it a bean, I like it better when I'm sober. I think and use my mind better when I'm not high. Whenever I'm high all I want to do is look at females inappropriately, eat unhealthy food, watch porn, and go to sleep, all in that order

When I'm sober I got my head on good, I'm able to tell myself "don't look at her butt, don't smoke weed, don't watch porn!"

It's like a voice inside my head that's only telling me to do good

But when I take that first hit and my cerebellum becomes polluted with marijuana, I lose all control

Suddenly that voice in my head that was telling me not to stare at her waist is replaced with "THAT THANG FAT!"

And ik that if I look my soul will go straight to hellfire and I try hard af not to look


That girl I saw at the Mosque today for Jummuah. I wanted to marry her. I found her very attractive

So I went to my teacher Shaykh Sayf and asked him to go tell her for me that I like her and want her. He said okay, he came and looked at her and told me "I don't know her, she's not regular here"


I told Shaykh Sayf thank you and I went back to sit down

I wanna fuck a baby into Bea Miller. She bad as shyt. I wanna impregnate her, cuz if I do then SHE WILL BE MINES FOREVER!

The only way to keep a girl with you forever is to get her pregnant. That's the only way that the two people will stay together.

Because a man is not going to abandon his own kid

Well... A Muslim man. Because no pious Muslim man will abandon his own seed

Btches out here getting pregnant by Jay and Derek n shyt cdffuupp

Haven't you heard "giving him pussy is not gon make him love you and having his baby won't make him stay"

Stop being stupid! Btch if I tell you that "I love you" after two days talking on the phone. Do you think I really mean it? U have something that I want, soon as I get it I'm 🏃‍♂️

I remember I was in 9th grade. I saw this girl at the mall, she was pretty as shyt. She looked like a dumb blonde but in actuality she wasn't really that dumb. She liked to read Shakespeare and Stephen King just like me. She was really into like her religion n shyt, she was a devout Christian, her pops was the pastor... I think.

But yeah, she was a blonde. But she was NOT DUMB. That btch was 13 in the 10th grade and she was taking all AP classes. That hoe was smart!

Obviously not that smart tho cdfupp, she let me fuck the first five days

Soon as I fucked I changed my number and never went to that mall again!


Good morning

How you?

-Chillin bro you good?

Yeah bruh, what you bouta do

-Finna do Fajr in a lil bit, wbu?

I'm so alone

The month of Dhul Hijja finna commence. I want to go to Makkah. May Allah make it easier for me

"You should insert your phone number in my phone"

I be angry as shyt when I'm having sex. "YOU GON GET THIS DCK RIGHT NOW CUZ UR A WHORE I FUKKIN HATE YOU BTCH"

Cuz girls be talking. Especially about other men's sexual abilities. The majority of females loovveee to talk about those kind of stuff

So if I'm having sex I have to ensure that I give that btch my all and that she is fully pleasured and that her lust is satiated completely, why? Because I don't want her to tell all of her friends that I'm not that good in bed or that I can't do much. May Allah protect me from that kind of embarrassment.

But if I perform well and fuck her lights out then she will tell all of her friends and they all would want to fuck me in return 😁

BTCHES IS DEVILS! BTCHES IS DEVILS! BTCHES IS DEVILS! But damn why the devil so beautiful?


I can't taste sugar so I don't really eat it, I do not consume alcohol, I do not eat pork, I do not drink soda, I do not sleep very much

I do eat Oreos, I do eat chicken, I do drink water and juice, I do remember Allah a lot

My life consists of practicing my Religion, listening to music, reading books, coding, smoking weed, watching porn, sleeping

I just took a dookie

Now I have to redo my Wudu since I'm bouta go smoke, I will not have to pick up trash on the floor as expiation for having done my sin. All I have to is repent and that is enough.

ALWAYS REPENT! Even if you did not commit any sin

The Messenger of Allah PBUH said that he repent 70 times, in another narration "100 times" everyday.

But he did not do any sins. So why would he need to repent?

Because it elevates your status

Aisha- "O Messenger of Allah why is it that you pray so much and give so much worship?"

"Shall I not be a grateful slave of Allah?"

Always be grateful and always ask for forgiveness

Look at yourself in the mirror. YOU'RE UGLY AND FAT!

But Allah is Kareem. He has given you life and gave you a mouth, ears, eyes etc...

Allah has been so Generous to you. The least you can do is be grateful

You might be ugly as shit but Alhamdulillah you're alive, your heart is beating, you have a home and family, and most importantly... You have a chance to do many good deeds that will cause you to enter Jannah!