⚠ Monday

I start with the name of Allah

You fuckin faggots can't seem to understand English. I'm not gay, bi, none of that shit. I'm straight. I. Love. Vagina. You fuckin fags are everywhere!

Put your trust in Allah, the One Who never dies

Unto Allah belongs everything that is in the heavens and everything that is on this earth

Therefore Allah alone is in charge of our affairs

He does as He pleases

Allah's plan is better than our plan

The concept of Tawakkul is mentioned in 42 different places in Quran

Yeesssss! Just finished my Isha Salah. Now if anything happens to me and I die I will go to Jannah 😄

That faggot ass fat ngga on the bus be plotting on me

Yesterday after school when I got on the bus that mf was praying that I would sit in the front of the bus with him but I saw him and sat in the back of the bus, fuckin faggot

He fat as shit

To be fat and be a faggot is the worst combination

Scary ass ngga, he ugly as shit

His head big as shyt. That jawn look like a oversized bowling ball

I have no problem beating a faggot ngga df up!

Ima beat da shit out of one of these faggot nggas!

Btch... you're a ngga just like me!

Df, you think I'm going to be hesitant?


Btch ima kill u before u kill me!

Or before you do some gay shit around me, FUCK U!

These Ritz crackers good as shyt

Fuckin these jawns up

Cdfupp 😂

This reminds me of this porn video I was watching couple days ago

Btch how df is you gonna break into MY house, try to steal MY stuff, and I catch u n shyt

And when I tell you that I won't call the cops on u or do anything if you suck my dck

Then that btch gon be reluctant to do it n shyt

Talking about some "oohh yeah you gotta little dick CRACKER"


Df. Btch ik I gotta little dick, but that mf still in your mouth tho right?

OK then!

The one who remembers Allah constantly is alive

Dhikr brings about peace in the grave

The reason why we pray is to establish dhikr of Allah

No matter what his sins are, this is a person who is always turning to Allah

Indeed Jannah is barren, but that's why we are doing our good deeds

The Prophet SAWS has rights over us

What is love?

Love is an old English word that goes back to a Saxon word, and it relates to being pleased with

Our word "believe" is related to love

Because you believe in what you're pleases with

Things that your heart accepts are things that you believe

Love is a seed that's nurtured, and it's nurtured with knowledge of the beloved

The more you know about the Beloved, the more you love the Beloved

One of the descriptions of love they say it's friendship on fire

"I'm crying tears of blood for you"

Tears of blood are real

They (gays and lesbians) both go against the natural disposition (fitrah) which Allaah has created in mankind – and also in animals – whereby the male is inclined towards the female, and vice versa. Whoever goes against that goes against the natural disposition of mankind, the fitrah.

-You faggots go against the natural disposition of mankind. God created "Adam and Eve" not "Adam and Steve"

Nobody likes a faggot 😞

People write the worst poems when they're in love but it doesn't matter

One of the reasons why we were given Sharee’ah is to protect property

Because "things" are important

It's an amazing thing to know what something means. It's a great gift

That God gave to human beings

His disbelief is his disobedience

Allah is greater. Which means I am not

I'm thinking about that girl from the barbershop a couple weeks ago

She was washing my head

Her hands were soft as shit

Me and her share something special

I can tell by how soft her hands were that she is the girl for me

I love her and I want to marry her

Don't fuckin try to tell me how I'm feeling

This girl is something special!

Don't try to dissuade me from marrying her, you're standing in the way of true love, I'LL KILL YOU BTCH!!

Wanna know how ik that she is the girl for me?

Because her name was "Love"



⚠ Tuesday

Good Morning

I gotta start my assignment today

I'ma go to school and begin working on it

I'ma save it both on my flash drive and I also have a cloud ☁ storage in which ima save it on

Better to be safe then sorry that's what I always say!

-😑no u don't

I like the dark better then the light

Black is my favorite color

-That's why you black as shit

-u look like a black ant 🐜

I fuck more btches than you

-noo you don't

Btch yess I do you ugly as shit

You look like me n shyt


Btch I'm going home

I'm hungry as shit

I gotta little dick

Yess! Asr finna come soon and I didn't fart yet!! 😄


All praise be to Allah!

The Lord of the Throne

The ultimate inheritor

The king of the Day of Judgment

The One Who does not need

The Creator of all

The... "Ppfffffffftt" 💨

Darn it!

Why does that always happen 😞

THINK of the future, but LIVE in the present

The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The martyrs are five: those who are stabbed, those who die of a stomach disease, those who drown, those who are crushed by falling walls, and those who die in battle for the sake of Allaah.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari,

Look at those who die by drowning, or by fire, or who are crushed by falling walls. Are these not frightening things? But that does not indicate that they are bad, rather the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) called them martyrs (shuhada’), which is the utmost honour. The way in which a person dies does not indicate that he is bad, but Allaah in His wisdom decrees that some people should die in this manner. Perhaps that is in order to raise them in status in Paradise, or to expiate for some of their sins, or for some other reason that we do not know.

We ask Allaah to guide you to good deeds and positive thinking.

Roszay babymom look like a fatass walrus!

Roszay babymom look like a fatass male human being

When you die people will remember you for the good words you used to utter

They will remember you because you made them feel good

It is a sign that we need reformation ourselves

A "Companion" is someone who met the Prophet SAWS, believed in him, and died as a Muslim

Seeing him in a dream is not enough

The Tabireen is the generation that came after the Prophet Muhammad SAWS

Oh naw I'm trippin, they not really boxers

I was proclaiming that my "boxers" produced a foul odor due to the many residue of semen stains that's on it, but naaww

They not boxers!

They're "brief boxers"

I'm trippin!

It's my "brief boxers" that has residues of semen stains on it

Them jawns STINKK!



Allah doesn't repeat a point in the Qur’an except to affirm the importance of it

Ok so knowing this... How many times does Allah repeat Himself as being a Merciful and Forgiving Lord?

🤔... a lot

That's how many... a lot!

We have to follow the Sahaba

We need to understand things in the way that the Sahaba understood them

They were the ones who helped the Prophet SAWS

They were the first to support the Religion

They saw the Qur’an being revealed

They were there when the Ayat was being revealed

Who is your Shaykh? Who is your teacher?

Their teacher was not Abu Hanifa, or Imam Maalik. They learned from the Prophet SAWS himself

They have a really deep understanding of the Qur’an

I farted again

I been farted

My Wudu been nullified, keep it a bean

The scholars differed as to when the time for doing ghusl on Friday begins. The majority (including the Shaafa’is, Hanbalis and Zaahiris) were of the view that it begins from dawn on Friday. This was narrated from Ibn ‘Umar (may Allaah be pleased with him).

To sum up, this hadeeth (“There is no prayer after Fajr prayer and there is no prayer after ‘Asr prayer”) is specific; if a person offers a prayer for which there is a reason, then it is not prohibited.

Okkk..... 💡

Like the "prayer of repentance"

It's permissible to pray it at times when the prayer is forbidden


I once fukked the shit out this one girl, dark skin jawn, her name was...

Actually I can't say her name cuz she might have said her Shahada and secretly converted to Islam n shyt 😕

Trying keep it a secret

She could be like Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was a damn Muslim!!

But anyways...

This btch

I mean "girl"

I fucked the shit out her

At the back of a school bus

I had to take my shirt off and put it over that btch mouth cuz she wanted to be all loud moaning n shyt

I fucked the shit out her!

And afterwards I came to my senses like "oh shitt! I just committed Zina! I need to go home and pray to my Lord Allah Azzawajal and beg Him for forgiveness"

But it was after Asr time, and I had already done the Asr prayer 🙁

Also I remember once, a couple times actually

I smoked weed and got high af, and afterwards I realized...

"Oh shit, I just smoked weed I'm high af, I need to go pray to my Lord Allah Azzawajal and Beseech Him for forgiveness"

Imam Ali ibn Abi Taalib said that knowledge is better than money

Cardi B gotta fat ass!

-Who you think gotta fatter butt. Cardi B or Nicki?

"shrugs" don't know, don't care! Both them btches dirty

Alyssa Milano gotta fat ass

You know that btch off "Charmed" she gotta fat ass

-who else?

You know that btch off that movie..


That one movie!

What's that shyt called

It's like hunger games


The btch off there, she gotta fat ass!

-noo she don't!

I ate her butt 😐

-you love eating butt don't you?

naw I love to eat pussy. I ate ur mom pussy couple times. Her shit taste like coconut juice


-btch you look like coconut juice

-you ugly as shit in the face

-you look like Tarzan's gorilla dad n shyt

-what's that ngga name?


-btch you look like Kerchak!

Loving the Sahaba is a sign of eemaan

Hating the Sahaabah is a sign of hypocrisy

Because Allah loves those who are just

Finna pray Isha in a little bit

Can't wait!

Gonna pray Isha and go straight to sleep, gotta wake up early tomorrow morning

Tomorrow's Wednesday, so I gotta wake up early to do my morning workout and pray Tahajjud Insha'llah

And I have class tomorrow! I gotta make sure that I get a good night sleep 😴

Just prayed Isha. Good night!

I'll give you $40 to spread your buttcheeks

don't decline my offer!!

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

I come to my senses after I ejaculate

I be like "eeewwww wtff is wrong with me?? I can't believe I just watched that shit"

Then a few hours later I watch the same thing all over again smhh

I got hyperspermia

It's a rare medical condition

It causes the emission of my seminal fluid to come out in large quantities

Aproximately 5.5 ml

My morning woods don't be morning woods, they be like "morning oak trees"

Morning "king size bed"

You're not going to enter Jannah through your actions and deeds

Through His Mercy Allah will grant you happiness in this Dunya

Honesty begins with honesty towards your Maker, by worshipping Him alone

And The Prophet doesn't have to say Wallahi. He doesn't have to, but he says Wallahi. "The value of Dunya in the Sight of Allah is less, is lower than that dead disgusting goat"

What Dunya? What Dunya causes a person to wish suicide? Why because someone was proposing to me and someone rejected them, it just didn't work out


but... I wanna cultivate my seeds 🌱


The number one priority in our life, the number one that we should fulfill their rights, our parents, according to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

The whole world stops when your mom says "give me a cup of water"

"Would you please forgive me if I was a millisecond late getting you that cup of water?"

Seek forgiveness from your parents

Had our parents not forgive us, Wallahi we will be doomed in this life and the Hereafter

No matter how Religious we may seem to be

Younger kids who are going through puberty are stubborn and angry


Forgive, and your reward is with Allah SWT

We seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves and the evil of our bad deeds

And the worst thing is the computer. All this Facebook, get off Facebook, I'm giving you good advice. Get off Facebook, get a life!

You decide what you want to do with your life

This incredible technology which took millenias to develop. This is what we use it for?

The worst of all bully is when you are bullied by your own people

Suddenly all this love which was invested transforms into the worst and bitterness of hatred

In the tenth year of his Prophethood his uncle Abu Tallib died

Two months later his wife died

I remembered to change my boxers briefs! Alhamdulillah!! 😄

This ngga Iblees wanted me to forget to change them

He wants me to have a stinky dick


My shyt gotta be clean! It gotta smell good always, why? For your mom. She don't like stinky dicks

-Who?? You talking about my mom?

No wtf noo

I'm talking about this ngga Ibliss, his mom

-oh ok, cuz you always talking about my mom!

Bruh, wtf, no I don't! I would never talk bad about your mom. I love her ☺



⚠ Wednesday

Good Morning

I already nutted last night so I didn't nut this morning

South Africa's economy is struggling

Republicans control 2/3 of state legislatures in the US

I may forget to change my boxers briefs, I may forget to do my homework, I may forget the name of that girl, but I will NEVER forget to put on deodorant!

Because if I stink or smell bad, then people is gon look at me like 😞 "eeww that's that stinky Muslim boy"

Thus they will be dissuaded from joining the Religion of Islam, because of my foul odor, they gon think that Islam is a Religion filled with stinky nggas

Islam is not a stinky Religion. We all smell good Wallahi!

Two things that I will never forget:

1. To put on deodorant

2. That I'm fasting. So I accidentally drink water or eat something forgetting I'm fasting

😂cdffuupp! Who df is going to forget??

You gotta be like a beginner or something!

I mean, it's cool if you forget, there's no sin on you, but I mean like... COME ON!

I farted

But it's cool tho cuz I already did my Fajr

My life revolves around Salah

Allah is the only God

Only a novice will forget they're fasting

Only a noob!!

That ngga Michael sound gay af

From my class

He sound like a bitch

Islam is based on bashfulness

What they're doing is actually tarnishing the reputation of Islam

What's wrong is when you come and do it in public

I just took a crazy dookie!

Now I'm finna watch some porn

Now I am going to proceed to watch some pornographic content and masterbate 😐


I'm only gonna watch some porn after Salatul Isha

My life revolves around Salah

Why? Because they want fame, and fame seekers usually end up in hell

This is totally against Islam and it is not befitting for a Muslim

Part of yourself is your beastial nature

Those that don't listen to their intellect are like animals

The idea of human beings resorting to the beastial element in itself is a capitulation

the action of surrendering or ceasing to resist an opponent or demand.
"the victor sees it as a sign of capitulation"
an agreement or set of conditions.

Hunger and craving which is the essence of desire overwhelms the intellect

So they begin to want things that are harmful for them

This is why they're worse than animals, because an animal will only take what it needs

That ngga Michael from class is a fruitcake bruh

Fuckin fagg smhh

It is part of human nature to defend yourself

When you fall, your reaction is to put your arm out

You don't fall on your face

That ngga Michael from class sound like an eleven year old white girl

Michael "from class"

Not Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson sounded like an average male human being, nothing was wrong with the way he sounded

But this ngga "Michael from class" sounds GAY AF!!

The essence of mercy is in the womb

The womb is derived from an attribute of God, and this is what women have that men don't have

Did I do my prayers already??


Yes I did, because I always do them and I put prayer first always

And I intend to fast tomorrow

That ngga Michael from class sound like a bitch 😕

He ugly as shit all short and stubby

His head big as shyt

His head look like a fatass Roszay babymom

His head look like a watermelon 🍉

He ugly as shit sounding like a 12 year old white girl 👧

Change that ngga name from Michael to Michelle

I'ma refer to him now as "Michele from class" so as to avoid any confusion, cuz I don't want nggas to think I'm talking bout Michael Jackson

Cuz Michael Jackson was a pious Muslim. He used to pray Tahajjud!!

This ngga Michelle from class gotta big ass head looking like a fatass skittle

His head big and small at the same time

He short as shit with that bigass head!

Looking like a bobblehead

When you remember Allah your heart comes to life


The human mind is very inquisitive

If you abstain from insulting others than Insha'llah it will have a greater impact

Don't be a person who will not accept correction or some form of rectification

You like someone you love someone, you see someone on the street, of course it's haraam, but just to make you understand

This ngga Michelle from class is a fag

You don't believe in God that's your problem. You'll probably commit suicide in five years, because you don't have any purpose in your life

The higher you go the pettier things can get, because you lose a sense of perspective from way up there

648 is "!-!-!-!"

The Qur’an is teaching me that success has nothing to do with wealth

Pluralism is the existence of two or more identities

Tolerance is nothing more than allowing the existence

Fear of Islam has become more and more prevalent in everyday discourse

The United States is a nation that will never tolerate antisemitism

40% of Muslims support terrorism worldwide

Tolerance is the acceptance of the multiplicity of voices

When we start to define ourselves against irrationality we diminish what it means to be a Muslim American and we problematize the notion of having a Izza as an American Muslim

There is absolutely nothing that I worry about, everything is great, God is going to take care of everything

Freedom is a package deal

Any imaginable action, the reward of it in the end depends on your intention

Religion is the essence of worldly solace

If you want happiness in this world you need to bear patience

Two grown ass men can't stay in the same room together 😑

Df, I need "P-R-I-V-A-C-Y"

That ngga Michelle from class gotta big ass small head looking like a baby bottle pop

Roszay babymom look like a fatass geiser roll!

Roszay babymom look like a fatass adopted son

This ngga Michelle from class strong as shit in the face, his face look like the arms of a heavyweight UFC fighter

This ngga, he's short and stubby, strong in the face, gotta big ass small head, sound like a 12 year old white girl, and he's gay, this ngga a total FRUITCAKE!

those are like the worst combinations

Have a strong ass face, have a big small head, sound like a 10 year old white girl


That ngga sound like a white girl 👧 who's on the verge of pubescence n shyt

We try to see Jannah through our worldly lens, and that's a big problem. Don't worry about the details of Jannah, just know that you're going to be happy

You're so beautiful, just let your light shine

These scarves to me are beautiful

You are the most beautiful woman in the world, to me

You dress like that because Allah commanded you to dress like that

We have to get rid of the internal contradictions and that will help spread our message

Allah cursed them and made their hearts hard

Allah's curse is linked to having a hard heart

There is nothing more dangerous of a punishment than Allah's curse

In the modern vernacular the hardness of the heart is like the Aids virus

The covenant of Allah is the Sharee’ah

If the Qur’an does not move us then we have a hard heart


⚠ Thursday

Good Morning

I be forgetting

This shyt not silk, I thought it was

My friend from the Mosque told me that it wasn't, i trust him

Because he's Muslim

*Damn, no baby
I'm kinda looking for her for you
For you to be my bride, and the mother of my child*

Insha'llah I will find a wife 👰 and get married soon!

I have to get married to a lightskin girl, a girl that has a much lighter skin complexion then I do

Why? Because I'm black as shit, so if my wife is darkskin like me then if I get her pregnant and she delivers nggas ain't gon be able to see the damn baby

The doctor gon be like: "PUSHH! PUSH OUT YOU CAN DO IT!"

Then when she pushes the baby out nobody gon be able to see it

I'ma be like: "Where the baby at?? Where he go? ALLAHU AKBAR! ALLAH IS GREAT!"


Then one of the nurses gon flick the light on and I'ma be like "oh there he go!"