⚠ Thursday

I start with the name of Allah

This shyt stupid 😞

I'm not able to log in

That Septa lady bad as shyt, she hella pretty, I bet she gotta fat butt

I wanna marry her


I'll kill you btch. Don't stand in the way of true love

Fasting is going great!

I'm not even that hungry frfr

Fasting conditions you

I'm still trying to memorize this Surah, I've been on it for like three weeks now, but I don't care how long it takes, I'M GOING TO MEMORIZE IT!

When I say that I'm going to do something I put my heart in it and I DO IT

Cdfupp I can't belive I said that shit!

Wtf is wrong with me??

Never make fun of or mock a Muslim individual, male or female

Them nggas is protected by Angels n shyt

And Angels love the Muslims n shyt

I remember once I tried to make fun of Michael Jackson lol, I said a joke that goes along the lines of .....______

I can't say it, but a couple friends were around me so I said the joke and everybody was laughing, I was feeling proud of myself, for making fun of this ngga Michael Jackson

Btch I went home and went to sleep I had a mfn nightmare n shyt 😱

Somebody was choking me and I was underwater and I couldn't breathe!

Btch I woke up, I thought that the nightmare was over btch lo and behold I was still in it!

I had woken up and everything was dark, the whole room was dark I couldn't see shit

Then some mf appeared in front of my face and said "BOO!! 👹"

I was like "OHH SHITT!" 😨

I woke up and fell down from my bed, btch I peed on myself

I'm never making fun of Michael Jackson again, or any other Muslim

Finna break my fast, fasting was light today

I can't wait to go to the House of my Lord tomorrow

Insha'llah I won't die

Any woman who gets married without the consent of her guardian her Nikkah is not valid

Allah knows that it is easy for men to manipulate women

So he put a guardian in place to protect her honor, her dignity

In marriage this is good, outside of marriage this is evil

Children if your parents take your phones away from you it is only to protect you, and they have every right, no one else loves you more than them

They don't want you to fall into the humiliation that we see today in everyday society

Allah is testing us

This is part and parcel of life

I am a Muslim, I love Allah and His Messenger

When we speak to the opposite gender it must be formal

I'm thinking about that girl from SEPTA

She hella pretty, and she got great hair

I love her

May Allah bless the entire SEPTA

May Allah sustain them!


I woke up with a morning oak tree

Every Muslim should be certain about Islam but they should also have a sense of fallibilism about their understanding of Islam

"My understanding is the only understanding, it is the only correct understanding"

That is the height of arrogance

I believe in what I'm doing and I believe in the four Madhabs

Because they were made up of sound methodological principles

So that made sense to me

I like Denzel Washington, and I really wanted to watch that video

But soon as I saw the cross I clicked right out that shyt

I'ma horny little fucker

I gotta cum in you btch!!!!

I don't care about the repercussions!!!!!!

I don't care about the consequences of my actions btch I just know i gotta nut in you


I nutted

bye ✈

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

I be making the ugliest faces when I nut

I'm ugly as shit

Today's Friday, finna do these workouts as a form of expiation for my sin of watching porn and masterbating

And then I will take a shower, make Wudu and pray Fajr

The workouts be hard af 😕

I be tired as shit

But Fajr be soooo easy 😊

I lovee FAJR!!

Allah is the only God and He is the only One Who is deserving of worship


⚠ Friday




I loooveee Fridaayss!!

Going to the Mosque today to worship my Lord Allah Azzawajal 😊

I can't look at no girl's ass today

Today has to be perfect!

The Angels are vigilant today 👀

They're vigilant on all days but TODAY!

They on they job today

May Allah bless me today

May Allaah grant me every goodness

May Allah protect me, may He give me long life

May Allah bless my mother, may He forgive her for all her sins and give her long life

May Allah bless my father, may He forgive him for all his sins and grant him long life

I love my parents

May Allah bless that kid. May Allah give him long life

May Allah make him successful in whatever does he does

I just took a dookie, I had to wipe thrice because today's Friday and it's the best day of the week, the Angels are watching

Allah is the only God

Not gonna look at her ass not gonna look at her ass not gonna look at her ass 🙈

-look at her ass bro!

WHERE?? 🙉👀


That uglyass ngga Iblees made me look

This is me ⤵⤵⬇⬇


I'm at Jummuah, I love it here! I love my life! I LOVE BEING MUSLIM!!

May Allah bless Adam, he helped me find my shoe, he is a pious Muslim

I feel accomplished ☺

I feel so good that I think I'm going to fast on Monday just like my master Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

I'm going to fast to gain the reward from my Lord

I'm making the intention now!

But... the intention has to be made to fast the next day between Fajr and Maghrib, so making the intention now would be rather pointless

Mhmm 🤔

I KNOW!! 😃

I'm going to make an intention, to make the intention, on Thursday sunset!

Df, "Thursday" sunset, I'm dumb as shit

I mean Sunday sunset

I'm clearly not using the brain that Allah has given me

Finna pray Asr now

I already made Wudu, I didn't fart!!

Wallahi I didn't

Leaving Jummuah now

Insha'llah I won't fart again



I wouldn't lie to you!

It's haraam to lie

I'm home! 😄

I been farted 😞

I farted omw over here

Multiple times actually

With every step I took I farted

Like "pppfft" "ppffttt" "ppffffffff"

It was a rhythm

Or a hip hop beat

A trap type beat

She bad as shyt, I nutted in her mouf

-whoo ??

Lol.. mom dukes


You ugly as shit

You look like Morpheus off the matrix


That's her name! Oh shit!!

I was thinking about her, I was wondering like "Wtf is that btch name?" 😕

That's the girl off the porn video where the dude was like "I'll give you $40 to spread your buttcheeks" 😂

She was like "that wasn't our arrangement"

Cdffuupp. I gotta watch that video again


I woke up with a morning oak tree again 🌲🌴

I need to plant these seeds of oak trees

I need to find that Karlee Grey video

That btch been on my mind all day

Show your tits Karlee

I love you

I nutted.

Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah

Next Friday I'm not going to Jummuah at that Masjid or any Masjid, until me and my father move out this one bedroom apartment

Nor am I going to upload anything

I'm tired of helping people and they refuse to help me. "I-DO-NOT-WANT-TO-STAY-IN-A-ONE-BEDROOM"

Since we're all playing dumb, I can play dumb just like yall

I hate those who are ungrateful

Help out the one who is helping you

I'm gonna delete everything about Religion on my website, I've already done enough!

I'm tired of giving a helping hand to those who won't even stretch out their fingers to help me

Two grown ass men can't stay in the same room. It can't happen!


I love my father, and I wouldn't want to live with anyone but him. But my father is a "MAN". I am a "MAN"

I can't even stretch out my legs

A single room tho??

It's not possible!

Since when have you heard two grown ass men sharing the same room??

And this ngga be snoring!

I'm going to the library today and deleting everything about Religion

Since we all wanna play dumb I can play dumb just like you


⚠ Saturday

When my father first bought me to this country I was 6 years old, and my older brother was ten, at that time all three of us was sleeping in the SAME ROOM

And that happened for years on end, but it wasn't really that bad cuz at that time I was only a small kid and I wasn't really that grown

Now... I'ma grown ass man, 23 years of age, and I'm TALL AS SHIT!

You want me and my father to share the same room again, IT'S NOT POSSIBLE!

Allah is the Knower of all things, and He is Just!

He knows exactly what to do and He will do it

I repeat:


Because I'm tired of helping people out and they refuse to help me

Two grown ass men cannot stay in the same room, the same bed together!

In 1998 they beat and killed a homosexual to death, just for the fact that he was gay

-cdffuupp 😂

-serves that gay ngga right, fuckin faggot


I was just playing

Why df would you kill somebody just because they're gay?? 😕

That gay ngga can repent, he can change

He can get married and have children and his children can grow to be really pious Muslims

Don't just kill him cuz he's gay wtff

Have hope! Yes, homosexuality is wrong, it's disgusting, it's vile

But you don't know the type of person that gay ngga can be, he can be a devout Muslim, a pious worshipper of Allah SWT

He can be like Michael Jackson

Not saying that Michael Jackson was gay, cuz he wasn't!

Michael Jackson was a honorable descent human being, nothing was wrong with him!

10am need to hurry up, so I can go to the library and delete all this shit

The Hidden Keyboard Shortcut for Images in Your Browser: S+Right-Click. Take a second to hold down the "S" key and right-click on any image on the web.

Are you talking about saving pictures from internet explorer? In IE 6 (and maybe earlier versions) in internet options - advanced tab, under multimedia, you could check "enable image toolbar". This would show a little box in the corner of pictures, with options to save, email, and print.

It's only me and my dad, this shyt is sad

Yo bro I got some bud, you trying spark up?

This ngga gon talk about some "now?"

-😑naaww tomorrow btch.

I asked this otha ngga like "there's this girl that I like can you please go tell her for me that I want to marry her

He gon talk about some "now?"


Naww... next week

I asked this otha ngga, I said "yo bro you know where I can get some bud?"

He gon talk about some "oh I don't smoke bro"

😑 df???

Btch I didn't ask you if you smoked or not, I asked you "do you know where I can get some"

And the only reason I asked you us cuz you sold some to me last year so wtf is u talking about??

Nggas be on some funny shit

I don't even give a fuk

Valerie Kay

It's hard to make up my mind as to which porn video I am going to ejaculate to

Hmmm... *choices choices* 🤔



I nutted 😐

Time to take a shower and make Wudu

My life revolves around prayer times

You do not have to go to Jummuah in order to be considered Muslim

Are you sinning? Yes

Is it a major sin? Yes

But nonetheless, you are still Muslim!

I'm not going to Jummuah at that Masjid or any other Masjid again because I don't like the way that they treat me

The Religion of Islam is good and perfect, but it's just the members of the Religion who are not

They make being a Muslim look bad, they make the entire Religion seem like you shouldn't follow it

They have dissuaded me completely!

I'll just pray Zhuhr at home

I hate my life! I'm not happy about my living condition at all. I hate this shit!!!!

The first opportunity I get I'm buying all this weed and get high af!!

Ima get high till I die!

I wanna die!

Fuck the world and everything in it

Insha'llah I will die soon



⚠ Sunday

There are 200 billion stars in the milky way galaxy

Modern cities are a testament to some of the greatest accomplishments of human civilization

Think of the galaxy as a city of stars

Our sun is just one of the 200 billion stars

Each galaxy is different, but it turns out there is a pattern

There are two types of galaxies

The first type: Eliptical galaxies. They appear as large balls of stars, and no matter what angle they're viewed from they always appear as rounded

The other type is spiral galaxies

From a distance a spiral galaxy looks like a frisbee

The Milky way is a spiral galaxy. When we look up in the stars at night we're really seeing our place in the universe

You will need to get out of the Milky way to really see what it looks like, we don't have a way to do that

But we can look at other galaxies and see what they look like

Islamic knowledge is not the only knowledge out there. Is it the most important? Yes. Will it benefit you the most? Yes. But there are others

After this I'm going to watch a video about the female mind and how it works

Because btches be confusing

I be like 🤔

It takes light 100,000 years to cross our galaxy

Wtf, how df is learning about the galaxy going to benefit me in any way??

I'm finna just watch videos about the female mind and how it works

Because I def want to get married in the future and learning about the female species as a whole will make me into a better husband and u can be able to choose my spouse easier

God willing

If it's not the looks or the money then it's the feeling. "How is this guy making her feel?"

-Ok well I definitely don't have any money, and I'm definitely ugly as shit

-so I have to make them btches feel good

-but..... how???

Women they need certain feelings when they're with a man, and that's how they actually make up their mind as to whether or not they're attracted to a guy

She needs to feel right about someone

She's hanging out with a guy, having a great time, they're enjoying each other's company, she's laughing, she feels good when she's with him, that's enough of her to feel attracted

You definitely need to take care of the basics

Looks are nowhere near as important as you think

Money is nowhere near as important as you think

This is great news guys!

-why is it great news?

Well it's great news because it means so long as we can work out how to create the right emotions with a woman when we're with her she's gonna want to keep seeing us, she's gonna want to keep spending time with us

It's all about the emotions it's all about the feelings, making sure she feels great when she's with you


-How do I get that btch to suck my dick and bust it open for a real ngga??

-That's really all that i care about

-Quite honestly

What is it that women actually respond to?

Here's the golden question to ask yourself. Are you offering women genuine value from their perspective?

-uhh... no!

-ima offer her this dckk genuinely!

-take it or leave it hoe!

Or are you trying to get something from them?

-yes, I want what's between her legs, underneath her naval

1. Physical attractiveness

However women don't view physical attractiveness the same way as men at all

For women the way she evaluates you when she first sees you includes all sorts of factors that your mind will never think of or would value a lot less than she does

Your body language including your tone of voice and eye contact

Your health and fitness level

Your perceived social status, how many other women already wants you

-I do not have a social status. I'm an ugly duckling btch would you want an ugly duckling for a pet?? OK thenn!

Your genetics as displayed by your face and body

-wtff does that mean??

Initial attraction is the beginning

A woman just has to find you somewhat appealing for some reason when she first meets you for you to have a chance with her

-btch how do I get her to suck my dickk????

*The four things that make her fall deeply in love with you*

1. High internal value

It means that you have high self worth and you show it in all of your actions

Real genuine self worth is "I'm not better or worse then anyone else, I'm just awesome

In your own reality you are amazing, you're not better or worse than anyone else

Your value is independent of their value

She will think about you what you think about you as demonstrated by the way you behave, not by what you say

Your real internal value automatically increases when you actually believe in it and you act upon it

Stop trying to convince women to actually like you and start encouraging them to convince you to like them

Why? Because if you truly value yourself then you will have specific things that you need in a woman and you want to see if she has them

-she just gotta know how to suck dick and she gotta be a freak in bed

-that's all!

You're just trying to see if she's a good fit for you, and it's attractive because most guys the one she rejects has no standards at all, they're not really looking for anything specific, and she feels special if she meets your specific standards that don't have anything to do with the way she looks

-😕She ain't gotta be a model or summin like that. I can easily put a brown paper bag over her face. It's not difficult. You know when you go to the Chinese store and you order your food and they put it inside a brown paper bag. Just take the food out and put the brown paper bag over her face

-that's all!

So anytime you catch yourself doing something or saying something just to get a woman’s approval, notice it and stop doing it immediately

Take every insult you get from a woman as a huge compliment

The next time a woman gives you a hard time just give her a genuine smile

-that btch Savannah with the glasses in the first grade used to say I stink

-she used to be like "EEWWWW STINKY!"

-And she told the whole class. Nobody wanted to be my friend

-how df am I suppose to take that as a compliment?

Get her talking

Your job is to keep the conversation going and get her to talk as much as possible

-I'm horny


-that one porn star? What was her name? The one that was in the pawn shop and the guy was like "I'll give you $40 to spread your buttcheeks"


that's wassup

Xvideos now has an app, that's very convenient

I swear all you finna get is nut btch!!

I put that on my life!!

fuck you btch fuck you


I nutted

Eeewwww wtff is wrong with me?? I can't believe I watched that shyt

Is that what I really like??


-I should've bookmarked that video, I'm gonna watch it again after my Isha Salah tonight

-my life revolves around prayer times

She can only be attracted to men that let her convince them to like her and don't feel the need to convince her to like them, and that's you now



Ask her open ended questions that allow her to talk more

-well btches do like to talk 😕

Instead of those interview yes no questions

-Ok soo..... instead of asking her have you ever suck dck before I can ask her like: "would you rather suck dck or eat pussy?"

-instead of asking her do you like a certain sex position I can ask her like: "would you let me put my finger in your butt?"

-that will get her to talk more

-cuz that's all she wants!

Find out what makes her unique

"What's your favorite thing about yourself?"

-have you ever swallowed semen? And if so then what's the largest quantity?

-I'm only asking you because I got hyperspermia, which is a rare medical condition

-the quantity of my seminal fluid exceeds 5.5 ml

"What's something special about you that I wouldn't know just by looking at you?"

-can you do a split on the dck? 😐

Give her approval that makes her feel good

So when she shares something personal you never wanna put her down, even if you don't like what she shared or you disagree with it don't be rude

-I was on the phone with this btch once she started telling me about how her mother was a prostitute and a stripper, and that's how she would pay the bills and keep the lights on

-"Did you learn any tricks from your mother?"

Always just say "that's interesting" and move the conversation to a different topic

-damn bae your moms used to be on the corner, that's crazy, that's interesting

-my favorite position is doggystyle what's yours?"

If you disagree with her about something simple or silly you can definitely disagree without being disagreeable, but what I'm saying is when she's sharing something about her life with you u definitely don't wanna react negatively to that, because it can really hurt her feelings

- "aww baby I'm sorry that your mom was a prostitute and a stripper" -hugs her lightly

-rubs her butt

This is not the time to disagree with her when she's sharing deep personal stuff with you

2. Internal Strength

Your ability to say no to her when necessary, stand up to her when necessary, disagree with her when necessary, and leave her when necessary

As unromantic as it sounds if she knows at a deep subconscious level without you telling her, that you have the ability to walk away from her and be just fine, she will like you much more

If you disagree with a woman let her know, especially if you really like her

I just farted

-look bae I disagree with you, I believe that if we add a third party in our relationship it will only solidify our bond and what we share

-it will consolidate our relationship. I really like you baby and I want this to work between us, let's just get another girl and include her in our relationship

-Think of our future

-think of our life together


Respect her view and opinions also

If you see her flirting with other guys don't react. From now on all other men in the world are like her brother to you

-😞df... no btch. If I catch that hoe flirting I'm grabbing her by her hair and dragging her on the floor and taking her to the next room DF!!!

These comments are not an accident

She wants to see how you're going to react

You demonstrate your internal strength by not reacting

So you're not jealous of other men ever, or at least you don't let her know you are

Remember that you are the cause of your emotions, not external events or the environment

That is the rare internal strength that women crave, you are the cause of your emotions, the external world doesn't affect you as much

-I disagree. If I am with a girl, and me and her we are married together and she's my wife, then everything she does is going to have an effect on me someway somehow, therefore I disagree 👎

If you're not asking me questions then you're not really paying attention

It's not about what you say but how you say it

It's not about getting her to have sex with you, it's about creating an environment and an opportunity where she wants to have sex with you

There are five prerequisites

1. She needs to be attracted to you

She needs to feel desire towards you

2. She needs to feel safe

She can't think you're a serial killer who's gonna murder her

-ima murder that pussy

3. You need to physically escalate

you need to touch her at some point if you want to sleep with her

Touching releases oxytocin

Which is a hormone that's also released during orgasm

4. You need to be in a place where sex can happen

Like a bedroom, or an airplane bathroom

-or the back of a school bus

Or a broom closet, or a porter potty idkk

-😂This ngga said a "porter potty"

"idkk I don't judge" cddffuupp 😂😂

Even if a woman really likes you she may not sleep with you because she's afraid of being judged

She might be afraid of her friends judging her, she might be afraid of you judging her

She might even be afraid of judging herself

Never judge a woman for being sexual, that's just incredibly lame

Women are sexual creatures, and even more sexual then men

While conditioning a woman might take some time, it would be vital to condition her right from the start if you want to manipulate her mind in the end

To do this make sure you give her little rewards whenever she does something that you like

Then punish her by ignoring her or paying more attention to other women whenever she does something that you do not like

Manipulation technique #2 Jealousy

As far as mind manipulation goes jealousy is a necessary evil

This means that you have to make the woman you like a little jealous and wait for her to compete with the rest of the women that you are showering your attention on before making your next move

Manipulation technique #3 fractionation

This is the grand-daddy of all mind control and covert seduction techniques and is reputed to make women fall in love in as little as fifteen minutes

Using this technique you make a woman go through an emotional roller coaster by making her associate you with positive feelings

At the same time you make her emotionally addicted to you

Just like how women are addicted to soap operas

Tory Lanez The New Toronto 1 & 2

1. Makaveli

2. New Toronto

3. Woods

"I know you're selling but you need to cut the pricee, I get that pack and run that btch like Jerry Ricee!

4. Other Side

6. Round Here

8. Lord Knows Pt. 2

10. Them Days

13. Wraith Talk

14. DopeMan Go

"i dropped outta school couldn't pass the SAT's, now I got two bad btches passing me the weed"

16. LICK x Drive You Crazy

17. Dancin

"she wanna fuck me but she know I'm too expensive"

19. Bartenders and Spenders

22. Anyway

23. Talk To Me Nice Fargo Season

"Don't you know that we got plenty choppers? Any bitch inside my kitchen cook like Betty Crocker"

I trust my father with my life, he knows what's best for me, whatever he says or tells me I agree with it because that's my father, my father is me, and I'm my father

He knows me the best because he has already gone through what I am going through, he knows exactly how I'm feeling, my father is me and I'm my father

I'm slow to catch things at times, I'm slow af, but when I catch it, that shyt be hitting me!

Like that btch on the bus who thought I was gay!

She gon get up and go to the front of the bus because I wouldn't talk to her

Damnn btchh! You must have a really itchy throat, or you must be congested like a mf!

That btch kept coughing n shyt trying get my attention n shyt df 😕

And when I didn't budge she automatically jumped to conclusion like 😵 "this ngga gay!"

Cdffuupp 😂

She was cute tho

Her ass was fat

Actually I don't really know for sure but I just assume that it was, because she was a whore

And you know whores be having fat booties

I gotta remember to go to the library on Wednesday, they gon have some trick or treat candies!


May Allah increase the knowledge of Mufti Menk and may He give him long life

How does he know so much??

The knowledge that this guy has is freakin incredible!


One day I'll be a better Muslim then him, one day


This new xvideo app really makes life more easier

I love Nina Rotti

I wanna be the best! 😄

That can't happen. I can never be the best. But ima definitely be ☝ there!

Not going to do workouts this morning, next morning or the morning after that

I'm just gonna pray Fajr, cuz that's what really matters


⚠ Monday

Can't wait to go to school today

Mfs think I'm joking or kidding or sum shyt