I gotta fast tomorrow!!!

All the scholars of Islam would also agree that missing a prayer deliberately until its mandatory time expires is the greatest sin by unanimous agreement

Greater than murder, greater than drinking wine; greater than Zina, greater than cruelty to your parents

Do we see it that way?

Shaytaan comes slowly, but eventually he’ll get you

Whenever people attack Islam, in the long run it benefits Islam

Not gonna get a chance to fast on Monday😢

Gotta wait till Thursday

May Allah forgive me

I’m anxious to make up my fasts

All these night prayers I be doing...

That’s only one act of worship

Fasting is another great act of worship

Fuck Doordash!!

I still remember how they treated me

This ngga J. Cole hot

He said “Distorted self image we set up to fail”



May Allah bless Steve

May Allah make him have long life

May Allah avert him from every trouble and make all his dreams and wishes come true

So this is what happened:

My sister has my check, and she not trying give it to me

I need that shyt to buy some food n shyt for fasting

So she’s stopping me from doing an act of worship, for the sake of Allah

So I cussed her out. I was like “YOU DUMB FAT UGLY BTCH!”

Why did I cuss her out? Because she’s stopping me from fasting, one of the greatest acts of worship

So I got mad 😡

But it was for the sake of Allah

So I got angry for a legitimate reason

I wouldn’t get angry if someone likes steals from me or something, no. I would easily forgive

But once you get in the way of me and Allah

That’s where the line is CROSSED!

I’m easy to forgive

Allah doesn’t say “don’t get angry” or “don’t be mad”

Nooo... but where is your anger coming from

If it’s for something petty or small then don’t get angry

But Allah is not small. No, He’s God!

So I have every right to get angry, and I’ll do it again! DF

Some people... 😂 lmmaaooo

I remember what that Imam said last week in the Khutbah when I went for Jummuah


Cuz some people be like “May Allah forgive me...”

Then they go ahead and do the Haraam deed

That’s what i used to be doing

When I’m bout to fornicate I be like “May Allah forgive me”



That’s not right man

My seeking forgiveness is in need of forgiveness

That Khutbah was great

That Imam was great. May Allah bless him

“Qi” is a word?

🙎🏾‍♂️yes “the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine.”

It’s Allah

Allah is the only life force

But... is He “Qi”


No. Because that is a word

And a word is a creation

Allah cannot be likened to the creation in any way

But He does have “Life”

He is “al Hay”

But... Isn’t that also a word?

🙎🏾‍♂️Don’t think about it too much bro

🙎🏾‍♂️Your feeble mind cannot grasp Allah’s Existence

Df you trying say bro?

🙎🏾‍♂️I’m trying say your mind is weak. It can never comprehend Allah

You’s a btch bro!

I love my brother Nouman Ali Khan

Allah is mandating on Himself to accept your repentance

It is acceptable for those who did something very evil, disgusting, despicable

Out of overwhelming emotion

Temptation, anger

Some emotion overtook them, and they got overwhelmed and they acted out

This is “Jahala”

Maybe your anger is a form of Jahala

Maybe your temptation is Jahala when you refuse to change the channel when something filthy comes on

These are all expressions of Jahala

Allah says “For the one who did something despicable when their emotions rose then right after they go and turn back to Allah immediately”

When you do a sin you feel dirty, you feel disgusting, you feel angry at yourself

💡I stuck my thumb in her butt!

💡how could I?

💡I feel dirty, I feel disgusting

💡And right after I sniffed it 👃

💡That shyt STTAANKK!!

💡I was high. May Allah forgive me

Real Tawbah is when you make a conscious decision that you’re not going to be violating Allah’s commands consciously

💡I wasn’t conscious! I was high out my mind. That’s why I stuck my finger in her butt and sniffed it

That doesn’t mean you’re an Angel, you’re gonna make a mistake every once in a while

So when you do make a mistake, immediately you catch yourself and immediately you turn back to Allah

Then Allah says “Those people Allah will turn back towards them”

“Those people their Tawbah is acceptable to Allah”

This is an important note for you and me. We’re never gonna be free from Tawbah because we’re never gonna be free from sin

There’s always gonna be stuff that we’re embarrassed about that happens in a course of a day

The real people of Tawbah are the ones that can recognize the sin

Some sin or another will make its way into our lives

But with Believers when something bad happens, when some flaw happen

The idea of immediately catching yourself, immediately turning back to Allah

Allah says “those are the people that Allah will accept”

Allah is fully aware of where you stand

You know when you stand before a judge and you try to plead your case. The judge may not know all the facts

So the defense attorney can try to come and give facts. Allah says “Allah already has all the facts”

Allah is Aleem. He already knows

So you’re not going to be able to give an argument that is wiser

Allah is Wise enough

I pray that Allah puts us in the habit of making Tawbah regularly

Not just when you go in the Masjid and everybody else is making Dua

But you start making Tawbah when you’re driving and you see something that you shouldn’t have seen

💡not even driving. WALKING!

💡Shyt, I was once walking I saw this girl her ass and titties were out! May Allah forgive me but I kept looking. Not just once, or twice. But again and again!

💡May Allah forgive me

When you’re listening to something you shouldn’t have heard

💡 That ngga Cole said “I JUST POURED SOMETHING IN MY CUP!!”

💡May Allah forgive me

May Allah bless Nouman Ali Khan

I learned a lot...

I be overwhelmed with emotions sometimes. That’s why I fall into the sin of fornication or any other sin

But it’s all...



May Allah forgive my transgressions

I don’t give a fuk!!

Fb be sending me notifications like: So and so marked herself safe during... whatever


I don’t even know that btch!

That btch can die!


“O You who believe, have consciousness of God”

What is it that you’re planning for tomorrow?

There’s no doubt about it

Whether or not you’re prepared you’re still going there

Nobody can argue with the fact that they’re going to their grave

May Allah bless my brother Shakur

I wasn’t trying be stingy or anything with my cigarette, all I had was one

I gotta keep that for myself. I mean I love you for the sake of Allah bruh. But if I ain’t got it... I ain’t got it

Rick be stingy as shyt with his cigarette smhh

I’m never stingy with anything... If I got it... you got it

Oh well... Back to Yasmin

May Allah bless Yasmin and our 53 children

At this age our friendships are of the utmost importance. Especially when we’re young

Our friends sometimes become more influential than our parents

Who you choose to be around...

“You are what you eat”

So if you eat healthy, you’re going to be healthy

If you eat unhealthy, you’re going to be unhealthy

Very simple right?

What happens if you drink poison on a regular basis? Just a couple sips for breakfast

You might not die right away cuz you’re just taking a couple sips

But what are you doing overtime to yourself? Internally

You’re killing yourself really, you’re killing yourself

You should pick out your closest companion to be the exact image you want to be

Because the Prophet SAWS said “you will be like your closest companion”

We start to actually morph into the people that we’re closest to

The Prophet SAWS understood psychology before there was a thing called psychology

And he’s saying “You will be on the way of your closest friend”

Be very mindful of who you choose as your closest companion because that’s who you become

You’re not passively intaking. You’re actively intaking

I need you to understand

There’s no such thing as I’m just looking

Whatever you look at it’s like you’re swallowing it

Because the eyes are a window to the heart

That’s the way Allah designed it. You can’t look at something without it affecting your heart

Same thing with the ears. Because the ears are an inlet to the heart

Does that make sense?

Please find friends that you would want to become

Do you guys feel me? Or you don’t feel me? You feel me?

💡I feel you bae

And I’m telling you this because it’s in your best interest. I don’t get anything, depending on how you furnish your home it doesn’t change my home

Because even the Prophet SAWS is not held accountable for the results

So what about me? I don’t know nothing

I’m just trying to help you. But you have to go there alone. Your mom can’t go with you, your friend can’t go with you

So it’s really all about how you build your own home

I grew up in the Mid-West, I grew up in Wisconsin so I understand

💡 that’s where bae is at! Now I just have to find out her social security number and I CAN STALK HER!!

👸🏻no, Abdul

🙎🏾‍♂️no bro

We take better care of our body than we do our soul, even though our body is passing away and our soul is not

Your soul doesn’t actually pass away. It moves from one place to another, and then to another

And then guess what? It lives on forever

Like Forever with a capital “F”

That’s a lot of time

There are certain things that you should never say to a depressed person

The problem with you and I is that we give unsolicited advice

No. 1: if you’re having a conversation with a depressed person don’t ever tell them to “look on the bright side”

He’s depressed. “Brother, look on the bright side”

If he was able to look on the bright side do you think he would be depressed?

That’s the whole problem, HE DOESN’T SEE A BRIGHT SIDE!

💡That’s what I be telling myself when I’m depressed

💡I be like “look on the bright side bro, at least you’re not dead”

💡 then I start looking for ways to commit suicide... In a subtle manner

💡so far I got Cyanide pills. But idk where you can purchase them from

When you say to someone look on the bright side you’re also judging them

You’re insinuating to them that they’re not grateful, you’re not a grateful person

💡I’m a very grateful person! I just wanna die! Blow my fukkin brains out!

💡I can be grateful and still be dead

It makes it a lot worse, even though you might have the best intentions it makes it worse

No. 2 “Be patient”

This is very dangerous

He died of suicide? Why? Because he was depressed. And all the Muslims are telling him “be patient... be patient”

If someone has cancer do you tell them to be patient? Or do you tell them to go get treatment

No. 4 “just snap out of it”

As if there is a button that you push

This is very insensitive

Especially if you have never experienced depression. This is very insensitive. “Just snap out of it”

And No. 5 “there are people who are suffering more than you”

Why are you depressed? “There are people in Yemen who don’t have food to eat”

Does that mean that I’m not suffering?

Again, implicit judgement

The first thing that He created was The Pen

And He told it to write everything that will come into existence

Allah knows best what it looks like

💡So the first creation was the Pen. And the first revelation to the Final Messenger was to “read”

Allah wrote down everything 50,000 years before He created the heavens and the earth

💡the Day of Judgement will also be for 50,000 years


It’s a done deal. What you will get is already written down

Umar ibn Al Kathab was able to conquer the Persian empire

Yusuf AS is the son of Yaqoob

Yaqoob AS had 12 children

Yaqoob AS had another name also, and that is Israil

So when we say Bani Israel the children of Israel, we are talking about the sons of Yaqoob

And when we talk about the 12 tribes we are talking about the tribes that are the descendants of the twelve sons of Yaqoob

Firawn made Bani Israel the slaves of the Egyptians

Nothing can fill an empty heart but Iman

Those gods divert them from the worship of the true god

Islam is sent to liberate the minds of the people from those false gods and call to the worship of Allah alone

Many of us don’t realize that we are living in a time and a place, in a society where there are many other types of false gods that prevent us, that hinders us from the worship of Allah SWT

We always also need to prioritize worship to Allah SWT

From the Seerah we learn that our Religion is not just about theology, but it’s also morality and ethics

It’s not just good enough to believe in Allah. We need to strive to be better in our actions

Morality is not defined by a majority vote

“Oh my uncle, if they were to put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand I will not stop preaching”

The goal is never just to be accepted by society, the goal is never just to live a comfortable life

💡Well that’s what my brother told me Shaykh, when I told him I’m Muslim he said “why df can’t you just be like everybody else? I just wanna have a place to live and food to eat”

Migrating for one’s Religion is one of the greatest acts of worship

The two are not the same

Is it so easy for you to abandon your own Muslim brother? What a shame

The Quran is a way of life not a history book

In every language one of the most abused words is “the mother”

The one who doesn’t have any regard for the womb of the mother has no regard for Allah

Just like motherhood is sacred, marriage is also sacred

Allah called it “a heavy contract”

This is a very heavy agreement, don’t take it lightly

When you say that to a woman you put her in a kind of emotional prison

The penalty fits the crime, in Allah’s Law

If they say that to a woman that man has to fast sixty days, “60”. Two consecutive months

People say things in anger. Then two hours later they pretend like it never happened

This is a game some people play. They’re abusive, then they pretend like it never happened

Allah will remind you. Verbal abuse inside of a family is not light

You think that these words that you say are not being recorded?

Only Allah decides what is Haraam and Halal. If you take that into your own hands then you better make up for it

💡Well that’s what Salamatu Tunkara used to be telling me Mr. Nouman Ali Khan. When I used to live with her I would sometimes go out and smoke weed, then I would come back and stand up in prayer she’d be like “ALLAH WILL NEVER ACCEPT YOUR PRAYER. YOU’RE GOING TO HELLFIRE!”

This is not a small thing. We have to be careful about the things that we say and do

It’s very important to understand Trump is not the government, he is “the head of the administration”

This commission is an independent body of academics

We are a civilization that’s had an incredible impact

We’re a civilization of producers. The stars are ours

The navigational stars have Arabic names

We named those stars, our community

The first Turkish empire was the Seljuk empire


This btch is not gonna win Wallahi!

Teyana Taylor and Kehlani 😵


Both them btches bad! I’d put my dck in they mouth and stroke oh so vigorously!

I’d put my dck in Kehlani pussy from the back while Teyana Taylor sucking on my balls

I’d put a marshmallow on top of that btch buttcheeks and lick it off

The people of Aad were humongous people. Gigantic people, very strong, very tough and very smart

Nobody could stand up to these guys

They were the superpower, they took over much of the land

And because they are very smart, they were very civilized

💡Well I think... They weren’t civilized at all

💡Because how can you be civilized if you spread corruption and pick on those who are weaker than you?

They started to fall into the trap that rich nations fall into

And that is using your money for pride and arrogance

They had pillars all over, and if you looked at it it was like a golden city

They were a very proud and arrogant nation. And they were the first individuals after the flood, after Nuh AS.

From the progeny of Nuh AS. They were the first individuals to start to commit Shirk again

Allah SWT sends a Prophet to them. His name was “Hud”

They rejected him and they rejected his warnings

If you refuse one Messenger than it is as if you refused them all. Because all the Messengers came with the same message

Just because you have the power doesn’t mean that you can go and destroy everyone else under you

You have to have mercy and compassion to the people

But the people of Hud AS they didn’t care

💡Df is that smell???

💡My room STINKS!!!

Allah is the One Who created you and everything you possess

Pride is the mother of all diseases

The only one who deserves to have pride is Allah SWT

“So now if you want to plot against me all of you get together and let’s see what you are going to do to me”

“When you come you will see what will happen”

“Allah will destroy you just as you come”

So they didn’t come

Asr fulfilled!

Now I can die

There’s a difference between asking and begging

I never beg. I may ask you, but I never beg

I only beg Allah, because He is the Only One worthy to be begged

Classical example: I sometimes ask people for a cigarette, but I don’t beg

“Yo lemme get a cigarette bro!” -THAT’S ASKING

But once you get on your knees and raise your hands up, that’s begging

Also... I would never take lessons or learn from someone who doesn’t practice their Deen

That’s what this bul at the homeless shelter tried to do, he tried to teach me about Tawhid n shyt, but HE DOESN’T PRAY!

You can’t teach me shit!

Fulfill your obligations first, then try to school me

Salah is the first act of worship and THE MOST IMPORTANT!

You can live in a cave your whole life, never learn anything about the attributes of Allah or any Islamic knowledge

But if you pray and fast, I guarantee you that you will earn Paradise

🙎🏾‍♂️what about Zakath?

How df is you supposed to give Zakath if you live in a cave??

Just sdfup bro

You gained absolutely nothing from it except that you complained about Allah SWT

And Allah was willing to hear your complaint the whole time

“Live however you want to but just know that one day you’re going to die”

“Love whoever you want but just know that you’re going to be separated from that person”

Either they’re going to die first or you’re going to die first

“Do whatever you want but just know that you are going to be granted whatever you have done”

When you complain you make yourself vulnerable and weak

I have no patience whatsoever

I couldn’t even wait 10 minutes for my fish sticks to be done in the oven smhh

May Allah grant me patience, He is As Saboor

The Owner of patience

Jinns are of three types:

One type flies through the air

They can go huge distances that would take us hours or days to travel

The Jinns of this type which flies can cover these distances in the blink of an eye

Another type comes in the form of snakes and dogs

Another type is based in one place but it travels about

This is the one that seems it wants to irritate us, wants to frighten us, wants to come into our lives

Any evil Jinn is referred to as a Shaytaan, and they are the shayateen

Shaytaan eats with his left hand and he drinks with his left hand

You get shayateen from mankind and you get shayateen from Jinn

The Jinn has the power to transform matter into energy

And take that energy in the speed of light, and then bring it back to the way it was

We don’t have the power to do that, but some of the Jinn do

The Jinn can and they do fall in love with a human being

One of the ability that the Jinn have is to possess human beings

I’m hungry as shyt

I’m always hungry

I gotta talk to my sister tomorrow about cooking me some African food

She prolly not gon do it tho...

She prolly still mad about me cussing her out the other day and calling her a “dumb fat btch”

Wasn’t my fault. It’s the Shaytaan’s fault

One of the Jinns possessed me

Naw... what did Nouman Ali Khan say yesterday?




I was overcome with emotions, that’s why I called her a dumb fat btch

I’d stick my tongue in Teyana Taylor’s coochie and lick that shyt like a cat drinking milk from a bowl

Then ima tell Kehlani to ride my face while Teyana Taylor sucking my dck

I’d fuck a baby into both those btches then flee the country before they get a chance to put me on Child Support

Naw... They both richer than me df

Them btches got millions!

I ain’t even gotta dollar to my name

I’d put they ass on child support df

I’d tell Teyana Taylor to squeeze my nipples and tell Kehlani to fart in my mouth


Cdfup 😂

I would ostracize that btch fanny hole

I don’t even know wtf “ostracize” means but I would do that shyt

🙎🏾‍♂️Ostracize- “exclude (someone) from a society or group.”


I’d stretch Kehlani pussy out like a fukkin...


Latex glove n shyt

I’d put my finger in Teyana Taylor’s mouth while I fuck Kehlani in her butt

I’d fuck Teyana Taylor’s kneecaps


I’d fukkin....

Spit in Kehlani mouth then I would tell her to kiss Teyana Taylor

I’d fukkin...


I gotta get my fukkin life together



I don’t do shit bruh!!

All I do is smoke weed and play Scrabble n shyt

I’d put my tongue in Teyana Taylor’s buttcrack and pee inside Kehlani mouth

Wtf no I wouldn’t do that, that’s just disgusting!

I’d rub vegetable oil on both them btches naked bodies then set them on fire

I’d fukkin... suck the breast milk outta Kehlani’s tittles then spit it in a cup and tell Teyana Taylor to drink that shyt

🙎🏾‍♂️only lactating mothers can produce breast milk bro

I’d lactate my whole dck in Kehlani’s pussy and tell Teyana Taylor to record that shyt

Then ima fuck Teyana Taylor and tell Kehlani to record that shyt

I wouldn’t wanna give all the attention to Kehlani and “OSTRACIZE” Teyana Taylor

😝 you like how I did that?

Naw frfr tho them btches pretty as shyt, I wouldn’t fuck them, I’d make love to em

There’s some girls who just be ugly as shyt and I just wanna fuk them in they butt and call it a day

And than there’s the pretty btches who I wanna kiss they feet and make love to


I fuck pretty btches in they butt too

Df you mean, nobody’s excluded

No one is ostracized n shyt

May Allah bless Mr. Mike and grant him long life

May Allah give him all forms of goodness

May Allah bless his wife and children and guide him to Islam


He made some bomb ass Mac n Cheese with ground beef

Shit was slamming 😋

I’d put my tongue in Kehlani’s buttcrack and lick the dookie out the crevice off her bootyhole!

I fukkin hate my dad, May he be cursed in this world and the next

This ngga... Smhh

My mom right... When he found her. She was on the streets, in the poorest village in Sierra Leone

She was dirt poor! She didn’t have shit!

Not even clothes on her back...

So he married her and took her in. Then he started beating her, abusing her! Calling her all types of disparaging names n shyt

Then he made her a mother, and he STILL PERSISTED ON BEATING HER AND ABUSING HER

When he bought us to this country he used to be telling us like “your mother is a celebrated prostitute. SHE’S A BITCH AND A WHORE!”

I was only like six. I ain’t know what he was talking about. I ain’t even know what a “prostitute” was. I’d just look at him like 😐

Why df would you say those things about the mother of your children??

You should’ve just left her in the streets, if you was gon do all that!

The womb of the mother is SACRED!!

I hate him. And I will always hate him

For the way that he treated my mother

I don’t have any respect for anybody who doesn’t show respect to women

Let alone your wife... The mother of your children. Smhh

I will never forgive him. NEVER!

Because he killed my mother, and he killed me

And my brother!

Because if you continually abuse and oppress someone it’s like you killed them

And he was the one that made my brother into an atheist!


He fukked all of us!

But Allah will question him on the Day of Judgment

And he will have NO RESPONSE!

Then Allah will send him to the deepest part of Hellfire. With all the blasphemers. Because that is where he belongs

Allah is Muntaqim. Which is exactly why he took his dck away from him. So that he won’t have any more children.


May the curse of Allah and the Angels and all of mankind be upon him

Fukkin bastard!

Hate that ngga yo

And then when he saw me the other day he gon say “young man, you have to pray to God for forgiveness”

The nerve of this ngga

Next time I see him I’ma poke his fukkin eyes out with a tree branch

I’m not going to do any more night prayers until I fast one full day

I’m not going to single out one act of worship over another

With prayer the Prophet SAWS would link with Allah

In the authentic Hadith in Saheeh Bukhari and Saheeh Muslim:

Abdullah ibn Shakir (ra) he said that “I entered upon Rasullullah SAWS whilst he was praying, and I saw that his beard was dripping wet as if a bucket of water had been poured on his head. And his beard was dripping wet from crying”

Crying from fear of Allah Azzawajal

“Oh Allah You are the truth, and Your Promise is true”

“And upon You I have put my trust”

This is how our Prophet SAWS praised Allah Azzawajal

💡I’d stick my tongue so deep in Kehlani’s fanny hole, and I would tell Teyana Taylor to scratch my back with a spatula

This is how his heart connected with Allah SWT

The fear of Allah is not something that would cause you to run from Him, but to Him

Taqwa is inadequate when used only in the context of fear

The greatest way to love Allah is to show Him that you fear losing that love

Choose fellowship with God daily

Try and learn what pleases the Lord

In the beginning there was Allah, and nothing was before or after Him. And His Throne was on water

He wanted a creation to know Him. So He created a creation

Allah SWT created the Angels and then He created the Jinn kind

Very interestingly He created afterwards the Binn kind

Binn were on the earth, and on the earth they created chaos and havoc and so on

So Allah sent the Jinn to deal with the Binn on earth

So the Jinn came in and they dealt with the Binn

They overcame them and overpowered them and destroyed them completely

“Ibliss” was the head of the Jinn

Muslims will always be under pressure

Our values, what we believe will not be what the majority of the people believe

We can redefine what’s right and wrong

Things, values change

Norms change

💡”Things change people change feelings change too, never thought these circumstances would’ve changed you” 🎧🎵

PND - Come and see me

Shyt hot!!

It doesn’t matter what age we’re living in. What Allah said is wrong will always be wrong no matter who’s offended by it

The problem with being Muslim is that you’re always going to stick out

You will never be normal

He still wants good for them, but he will never endorse their behavior

When Allah says it, it’s true

People are sleeping, the Quran came to wake people up

We have to stand by our kids and not allow that kind of bullying in school

Our ease is not an excuse to ignore the hardship that’s going on around us

I want to learn more, more, more, more, MOOORREEE!

Gaining more knowledge is like a breath of fresh air

I’d stick my tongue so far up in Kehlani’s fanny hole. It’s not even funny

Wanna know a secret...

Do the smallest deed... THE SMALLEST DEED

And then ask Allah for something, anything. And He will do it

Yesterday I was walking on the street, and I saw an empty soda can, then I picked it up and threw it in the trash

Then I corrected my intention, I was like “I did that for the sake of Allah”

Then I made Dua: “Ya Allah please help me get a cigarette today”

And like five minutes later I found three dollars laying in the street! And I used that to buy some cigarettes

But... Don’t ask Allah for that, that’s Haraam

But the point is... You can do the smallest good deed, and Allah will take it into consideration

Yes, He will. He is the Most Merciful, and He is Shakoor

But first you have to be Muslim.

And you have to pray 5x a day

And you have to give Zakath

And you have to fast in the month of Ramadan

And you have to perform pilgrimage if you’re able to

But yeah... Don’t ask Allah for something like that. Don’t be like me

When I was younger I used to be making supplication like “Please God let that girl call me back, I wanna FUCK HER SOOOO BAADD!

But that was in my days of ignorance... Jahilya

But like if your mom or dad has cancer, or you’re going through any difficulty

Do a small deed... Then ask Allah, and He will do it! Yess!

And the smallest deed that you can do is embracing Islam

How hard can it be to say “lā ʾilāha ʾillā llāh muḥammadun rasūlu llāh”

The smallest things mean the most to God!

I gotta go see my PO on Nov. 6th at 8am

I gotta make sure I go to that shyt

I ain’t trying go back to jail bruh

The most beloved people to Allah are those who are beneficial to others

Why? Because you amplify the attributes of Allah to other people

You serve as a vehicle of Allah’s love to someone else’s life

You bring them joy on the inside, you don’t just smile at them, you give them reason to smile

All of those things always connect back to an outstanding reward

If you amplify love to people than you will receive more love from Allah

Whenever you show kindness to others Allah will never allow you to show more kindness than He will show to you

God consciousness is the stepping stool to the sense of excellence

“Taqwa” is observing the Sight of Allah upon you in a way that would deter you from compromising that love

“Ihsan” is honoring the Sight of Allah upon you in a way that would encourage you to do extra good deeds to earn that love

You don’t just wanna love Allah, you want to be in love with Allah

Inshallah I’ll wake up for Qiyaam tonight

An Angel has no choice but to obey Allah

When you say “Subhan’allah” you are praising the perfection of Allah

“How perfect is my Lord and may He be praised”

Always keep your tongue busy with this expression

💡I’d stick my tongue 👅 so far up Kehlani’s fanny hole! It’s not even funny

Why would you keep on trying if nothing makes you happy anyway?

All of this make you feel even worse and you get caught up in a vicious circle

Suddenly you find yourself living in slow motion

You feel as though you will never be happy again

There is a part of you that wants to make things right

In the end you choose to be in your comfort zone where no one asks any questions

Low self esteem and the lack of purpose become unbearable

Either two things can happen: You either decide to get some help, or you attempt suicide

💡Depression is real! Don’t let nobody tell you otherwise

💡That shyt hurts. And the worst part about it is nobody feels your pain but you

💡I don’t wanna kill myself and I don’t wanna die. I just want the pain to go away

You’re doing so good baby... Suck that dck just like that

Gosh you’re gorgeous!

Lemme see your beautiful eyes when you sucking this dck baby

That shyt nutted quick!

It was a spontaneous combustion

That shyt not even funny no more bro

I’m sick!


The only things that keep my dead heart alive are: The worship of Allah, constant ejaculation and marijuana

I often make jokes and try to laugh, but frfr... I’m hurting

I feel like this place isn’t for me

I just wanna...


There is nothing that stimulates you more than visual images

There is no nation that has passed except that a Messenger has been sent to that nation

Sometimes teaching is done through punishment

I thank Allah. That shit could’ve been a lot worse... But it wasn’t! Therefore...

All praise is due to Allah

The quest for knowledge begins with an empty stomach

May Allah bless my brother Russel

He made some bomb ass Chicken Alfredo



Knowing Allah is knowing that you do not truly know Him, and you never will

We only know Him by His names and attributes, His Holy Book and what he has revealed through the blessed lips of His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

In the Quran... The attributes of Allah that are mentioned most are the MOST VITAL

Like for example... His Mercy.

After almost every verse what does He say? He makes mention of His Mercy

“And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, full of Mercy”

That’s what is most important


If you give someone beneficial advice and they do not take it then leave them!

You can’t change anybody, and you cannot force anyone to change

The Messenger of Allah SAWS, his only job was to deliver the message, the truth

But if the people choose to accept it or not... That’s up to them

Leave them!

Some people are stubborn, they refuse to change

God will deal with them... Certainly He is Able


Losing hope in the Mercy of Allah is tantamount to Shirk

Because the minute that you worship God the way you want you’re not worshipping God, you’re worshipping your own whims and desires

We need guides which take us to God

You can’t do it by yourself

There is a lot of emotional fatigue in the Muslim community

The Muslims are very unsure and uncertain about the future

The woman is not like the man, and vice versa

Islam teaches you how to live a simple life

So if you one of those people who like to be extra all the time, this Religion ain’t for you

Actually... no.

It is possible to be extra all the time and still attain the pleasure of Allah

Just don’t like gossip and stuff

And don’t wear gold

Some nggas like to be flashy and wear gold n shyt

Don’t do that. That’s Haraam


Allah is the only God

I’d take Kehlani and put her legs behind her head and make Teyana Taylor finger pop her with a bamboo stick

Steve funny as shyt 😂

He helped me fix the mop, I was like “thanks Steve”

He was like “no problem man, you’re my friend, YOU’RE MY FRIEND!!

cddffuupp 😂

Allah loves those who are unnoticed, Allah loves those who are obscure, Allah loves those people who are hidden

💡Obscure - not discovered or known about; uncertain.

💡Used in a sentence: “Jason’s mom tries to make her heavy weight obscure by wearing very tight clothes, but it manifests itself to me when we are about to have sex and she removes all her clothing.”

Some of the most beloved people to Allah SWT are the least noticed in our communities

This person just maintains a low profile, they maintain a sense of quietness and they maintain a sense of humility

This person is engaged in something else, they’re engaged in another type of pursuit. They’re not seeking their value from how other people see them

Everywhere you go there is music and this is a big challenge for our youth

Why are drugs prohibited? Are drugs good or bad?

What is it about drugs that make it so dangerous?

Exactly! They’re addiction

One aspect of music is that they’re addictive

Once it becomes addictive it becomes a distraction. It distracts you from your Lord

It awakens the animalistic desires that we have

Music brings us closer to sin because it’s an addiction and a distraction

It distracts you from the reality of life, it distracts you from your Lord

Don’t allow yourself to get addicted to something that distracts you

I like pushing myself to see if I can go above and beyond. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

But one thing that I never do... I never give up!

If you give up you’s a btch

No, you’re not just not a btch... But you’s a cold pussy

You ever seen a naked girl in the middle of Antarctica??

Well that’s what you is... A COLD PUSSY!

This btch Nicki Minaj was like “I liedd I liieeedd”


Btch... Why would you lie??


That’s not a valid reason. This btch is a liar and has incurred the wrath of Allah Azzawajal!

One man...

This man was a heavy sinner. He sinned and sinned and sinned! His whole life was just full of sins

So when he got old and was on his death bed he told his son... “Son, when I die cremate my body and spread it all over”

Why? Because he didn’t want Allah to resurrect him on Judgement Day and question him

So he died... And his son did just what he asked

He chopped his body up and cremated him then he spread him all over

So Judgment Day came, and Allah was able to gather up ALL OF HIS REMAINS

Then Allah asked him, “why did you do such a thing?”

The man had no response. He said “Ya Rabb... I was scared. I was fearful of this day”

Allah asked him “So you did all of that because you were scared?”

The man said yes

Then Allah said... “My slave. I have forgiven you for all your sins”

Why? Because he feared his Lord

Fearing Allah is a great act of worship

Why? Because it enables you to do what He has commanded!

Allah is al Jami (The Gatherer)

“Mom Fucks Retarded Son”


I don’t have anybody... Only Allah

But He... Is Enough.

Allah Suffices

Jack Parsons was openly a devil worshipper

He developed the fuel that enabled us to penetrate the stratosphere

Satellites could not have come about without this guy

In 1948 Jack Parsons. He had a dream where he saw somebody that he calls “Beliul Dajaal”

And he tells him “You are helping me”

Like I’m not making this up, you think I’m making this up? Wallahi I’m not making this up. You go look it up yourself

So where’s all this stuff coming from? Seriously, where’s it all coming from?

We’re in the age of The Dajaal. It’s just Allah knows best, when and where and what?

But... This it people, as far as I’m concerned it’s end game.

We need to prepare as much as we can

If you study where all this technology comes from...

All these scientists, they were all into black magic

This whole idea that “because it exists”

Oh... Why do we do it? “Because...”

Or why did we climb...

“What’s the tallest mountain in the world?”


Why do we climb Everest? “Because it’s THERE!”

What a stupid thing to say! That is so dumb to me

These are demonic slogans of this age. “Just do it!” Who made that one up?

💡May Allah bless Shaykh Hamza Yusuf 😂

Just because you have colleges and universities does not mean that you have education

The only thing that gets you in trouble are your nafs

He made them vessels for the truth

But first he had to empty them out

People wonder why everybody’s getting tattoos now

Tattoos are about the ego

DeChart said “I think therefore I am”

Now they say “I ‘ink’ therefore I am”

This is people on the spiritual path. They don’t want the pain of sacrifice and work, they want the finished product just there!

“Talent is not an excuse for bad manners”

When you’re close to death, you forget about fear, and you have a good opinion of your Lord

Fear is only applicable when you are in the world and have the ability to disobey Allah

May Allah help Mr. Mike with his family emergency

I’m fasting today so my Dua will be answered

Oh shit, I wasn’t suppose to say anything. Lemme delete that

Allah is so pleased when someone wants to ask about him, that he comes close to him Himself

It’s as though they came and asked The Prophet SAWS

In other words you don’t even have to ask The Prophet SAWS. Or wait for The Messenger SAWS to response

“I” will give you the response

I’ll engage with you directly

Allah shows His intent, His want of dealing with us directly

That’s the essence of our Deen, we have a direct relationship with God

A lot of us have messed up in life, but that’s not an excuse to not have a relationship with God

You know you meet some people sometimes like “Allah’s not gonna answer my prayer bro like you don’t know, I’m super messed up”

Allah says “I do, and I will”

Allah says I will respond to the call of “The Caller”

He didn’t say the call of the Believer, the call of the Muslim, the call of the one who submits, the call of the righteous, the call of the slave, the call of the worshipper

He didn’t use any of those descriptions. He said the call of “The Caller”

Anybody who calls qualifies to be a caller

“They should try and make an effort to respond to Me too”

Allah wants to see us make an effort

And He didn’t ask us for much

They should believe in Me

💡Nouman Ali Khan gives the best tafeer of the Quran

💡May Allah give him long life and bless his children

💡I’m fasting so my supplication will be accepted

Lemme delete that...

Idk why I’m so pressed to pay my damn phone bill. It’s not like I call or text anybody lmaaoo

I don’t need a phone to call unto Allah. I just need.. To be alive

Actually I don’t even need to be alive. I can call unto Him if I’m dead

The Prophets are all dead in their graves, but they still pray and call unto Allah

Except for those who are in the heavens...

In the first heaven: Prophet Adam AS

Second heaven: Prophet Jesus and his cousin John The Baptist

Third heaven: Prophet Yusuf AS

Fourth heaven: Prophet Idriss AS

Fifth heaven: Prophet Haroon(the brother of Musa PBUH)

Sixth heaven: Prophet Musa AS himself

Seventh heaven: Prophet Ibrahim AS

And above the seventh heaven is The Arsh. The Throne of Allah

The Arsh is the ceiling of Paradise

Shyt was light

I’m back at it on Saturday

I’m going to mimic the fast of my master Dawood AS

Fast one day, break your fast the next, then fast the next

539 is !-!-!-!-!

Allah says “My believing servant will commit a major sin, and because of this major sin he brings upon My punishment in the life and on the Day of Judgement”

Allah is saying My believing servant committing a major sin. How does that work? Isn’t that a paradox?

Don’t we have a discrepancy here?

He has created us and He knows us

“If you commit a major sin it’s not the end of the world. You could still be My servant”

When you have faith that protects you from falling into sin

If I have faith I will not act in this way

💡We must all strive to be pious slave of Allah Azzawajal

I’m ready for u to shake ur fat ass btch

I want you to shake your titties in my face while I rub on ur booty cheeks

Btch as soon as I pull this dck out its over for ur life

That’s what I’m bouta do just now. Don’t worry ur pretty little head

That shyt nutted

It was a glorious and most Mighty Nut

Quite splendid indeed!


Btch what I tell you about shaking ur fatass head?


I’d take Kehlani and bend her over and stick my weiner in her butthole. Then I’d take Teyana Taylor’s bloody tampon and put it in a bowl of vegetable soup and eat that shyt


I should’ve put ketchup on that hotdog I made for breakfast

Next time

🙎🏾‍♂️say Inshallah bro

Inshallah next time I will apply ketchup on my hotdog


Because it’s only by Allah’s Qadr that I will have the ability to squeeze the ketchup on my hotdog

I’ll squeeze my dck so far up Kehlani’s fanny hole, that shyt will come out of her mouth

The earth spins at about 1,000 miles per hour on its axis

That is... Until Beatrice shakes her fatass head

Then that shyt spins at like 10,000 miles

Completely knocking it off it’s axis


The Prophet PBUH was known to hug and kiss and embrace his grandchildren all the time

Introduce children at an early age “who is their Lord” and “who is The Prophet PHUH”

Then create in them positive associations with the Religion

Because this is the time when the brain is most undergoing the most change

Which is this idea of early teens and teens and so forth

💡May Allah bless our youth

The chemicals and the steroid and stuff are affecting who they are, how they’re developing physically, and then psychologically they have the impact of culture and society on them

So what are the things they go through? Among the things that adolescents have a hard time with is perspective taking

They’re often one sided in their thinking

While that brain is under development who is there for them?

💡NOBODY! Classical example: When I was in my early teens all I was doing was smoking weed, fornicating, watching porn and all these other sinful deeds

💡Subconsciously I was just lost, trying to figure out who I was. But who was there to help me? Nobody, I thought it was going to be my father but what was he doing?

💡He’d call me downstairs and be like “Young man, your mother is a celebrated prostitute”

💡Completely oblivious to the fact that I’m going through all these changes and I need some help

💡His main concern was “his fucked up marital life”

💡Just because you have marital problems does not mean that you should ignore all your other obligations!

I need to get a haircut

My head wolfing!