Prophet Ibrahim (AS)

The Friend of Allah

  • When they decided to leave there was a ruler named "Namrud"
  • People used to worship this king Namrud
  • He ordered soldiers to bring Ibraham forward
  • When they bought him forward Namud then asks him " who is the one that you worship?"
  • Ibraham answers "I worship the one who can give life and death"
  • Namrud quickly tells his soldiers to bring in two servants that were sentenced to death
  • Namrud orders the soldiers to kill one of the servants and sets the other one free
  • Namrud tells Ibraham "see, I give life and death as well"
  • Namrud thought that this made him like God
  • Ibraham looks at Namrud and starts thinking "this man is a fool, there's no point in trying to argue with a foool. So the best thing for me to do is to ignore that, now let me attack him on something that I know he won't be able to talk about"
  • Ibraham looks at Namrud and says "Okay okay. My God is the one who brings the sun up from the east, if you can bring it up from the west then I will worship you"
  • He was defeated completely, Namrud had no response. He was a disbeliever.
  • Namrud normally kills people that even talk back to him, but he had heard about Ibraham. This young man was thrown into hot fire and he walked out unharmed. He was scared of him
  • So he tells him, "look, get out of my city, get out of this country, don't let me ever see you again"
  • Ibraham took his advice and left immediately
  • Ibraham then migrated from Iraq to Sham
  • Sham today is made up of a few countries, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan. Those areas together, that entire region put together is called Ash-Shaam
  • While he was going there he stopped at this place called Harran
  • In Harran he thought, let me stop here and call these people to Allah
  • When he got there he found that the people there were worshipping stars
  • These people, they did not worship idols, they worshipped the stars
  • Ibraham thought, let me bring these people into sense
  • As the night fell and the stars would appear Ibraham would look up and say "This is my Rabb!"
  • "This is my God!"
  • But he did not really mean it
  • He was only using it as a way to get to Allah
  • The people would look at him and say, "Yes yes, he is one of us."
  • When the star vanishes he would say "hey, where has that star gone to that I was just worshipping"
  • " I don't like those things that vanishes, because if it vanishes then what am I to do? It is weak"
  • "If I have a problem now then I have to wait till the following night to call out to it"
  • The people went back to themselves and started saying "yes, this man is speaking sense"
  • Ibraham then said " Look, I found something bigger than the stars"
  • He sees the moon and says "Ok, this one is much bigger then the one we had just now, I think this might be my Rabb"
  • When the moon set he said "Unless my Lord guides me then I will surely be among those who have gone astray."
  • " Because I cannot worship this, it is now gone"
  • At sunrise the sun appeared
  • When the sun appeared it was shining
  • These people, they worshipped the stars, not the sun or the moon
  • Ibraham wanted to show them that there is something bigger then the stars, the moon, and there is something bigger than the moon, the sun