ISIS are NOT Muslims

Stop listening to the media's portrayal of these murderes as "radical Islamic terrorists". There's no such thing. One cannot be a terrorist and be a Muslim at the same time, it just does not work like that. Murder is the second greatest sin, it's "blasphemy, murder, and fornication". If one is a terrorist than obviously they are a murderer because they are either killing others or killing themselves, or both. All these terrorists you see they are all apostates, meaning, they were Muslims at first, but then they left Islam by committing blasphemy, they most likely had a blashemic belief. Because if they believe that Allah will forgive them for committing such a heinous crime, then obviously they are not Muslim. Suicide and murder are both major sins in Islam. If you ask any truly knowledgable person if ISIS are part of the Muslim community then they will answer you no. Now Donald Trump talking about how Obama does not even want to label these ISIS terrorists as such. Really? My reply to Mr. Trump is that Obama is SMART, SO VERY SMART. Because obviously Obama has sense enough to not label these terrorists in association with the Islamic community in ANY WAY whatsoever. Islam is a perfect religion, to be a Muslim is to be a pious slave of Allah, God of all. Piouty can only be achieved when one does all the obligations and refrains from all the sins. So obviously if one comitts a sin as heinous as murder . Than obviously they are not a pious slave of Allah, and if you are not a pious slave of Allah than you are not Muslim.
Allah knows best...