June 1st, 2018

Allah is God. He is the Controller of everything that exists. Allah shares no similarities with the creation. Yes, the creations exist, and Allah also exists, but that is no similarity. Shaykh Ahmad said: The terminology is the same, but not the meaning, so what does this mean? Let's break it down. What do we need to exist and to have life? We need a body, soul, organs, etc... Allah does not have any of these, but yet He is still alive. Allah is not in need of these organs and instruments. Everything that is NOT Allah, is in need of Allah. We all need Allah, whether we like it or not. We need our Creator. This is because our Creator is perfect, and He has no flaws, and He can do anything, there is nothing that Allah cannot do. We are in need of someone like that. Because we are not able to do anything. Except by His Eternal Will.

Allah is God, He is the One who responds to the caller. One might think that since Islam is the only Religion than Allah will only respond to the supplication of the Mu'min. This is far from the truth. Shaykh Ahmad said: Allah may respond to the call of the one who is oppressed, whether that person is Muslim or not. Allah encompasses all, but he is not all, not even a little bit, He has NO SIMILARITY WITH US. There are some people, and may Allah protect us from such blasphemy, who says that "God is love" or "God is light" and the like. This is blasphemy. Because it is likening Allah to His creations and belying what was revealed in the Qur'an. Love and Light are creations. So how can God be these things if He is clear of resembling the creations? May He protect us.

Allah is Merciful, oh so merciful. There are 100 parts to the mercy of Allah, he sends one to mankind so that we are kind to another and mothers are kind and merciful to their offsprings, and the other 99 of His Mercy He saves for the believers in the Akhira.