What is piety


What is piety

At-taqwa which is piety is fulfilling the obligations, all the obligations, and avoiding the prohibitions, all the prohibitons, all the prohibitions. The first and greatest obligation is to believe in Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Followed by the prayers, fasting, and the like. Blasphemy on the other hand is the most enormous serious sin. Allah will not forgive the accountable person who dies in a state of blasphemy. However Allah may forgive whomevem He wills among the Muslims for sins such as lying, stealing, drinking alocohol, and accepting and using the money from usurious gains. Hence, those people who die as Muslims are divided into two groups:

  1. The Muslims who die in a state of belief and piety, they will have no torture in the grave or in the hereafter

  2. Those Muslims who die believing in Allah but committed enormous sins. For example they have left out obligatory prayers or obligatory fasting or have drunk alcohol, or committed adultery or have eaten pork. Allah will forgive some of these Muslims. These sinful Muslims that are forgiven on the day of judgment will enter paradise with no torture, but they will have a rank lower than the pious people in paradise

Other major sinners among the Muslims will be punished in hellfire for sins that they have committed, then sooner or later they will enter paradise and stay there in forever.