Chapter 5


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MY FOOD!” Jason yelled out as he rushed to where Christy dropped the tray.

He knelt down on the cafeteria floor and picked up the morsels of chicken wings. Jason then began eating it. The kids in the cafeteria were watching the fight between Christy and Samantha as well as Jason eating the chicken wings on the floor. Jerry saw the dismay of his friend and quickly ran to his aide.

He crouched down on the floor next to Jason and put his hands under his armpits and tried to pick him up.

It’s over bro! Just let it go.” Jerry said as he struggled to pick his friend up.

Jason began to sniffle. Bits of chicken wing were all over his face, as well as barbeque sauce.

It can’t be!” Jason yelled out. He was in total disbelief.

The whole cafeteria was in an uproar. Some of the kids were looking at the fight between Christy and Samantha, and others were watching Jason on the floor as Jerry tried to pick him up. Synquetta also flew from her seat to the fight, but the guards were already there holding Samantha up by her shirt collar, the two girls were on the floor.

SHE’S PREGNANT!” Synquetta yelled out as the guards lifted Christy off Samantha. Shay ran to the scene and grabbed Synquetta and hugged her. Since she was an upperclassman, this was not her lunch period. She was just going to the bathroom when she saw the bedlam in the cafeteria.

It’s okay!” She said as she held onto Synquetta.

The other guard ran to where Jason was on the cafeteria floor. They bended down and began helping Jerry lift Jason up off the floor. Jason began struggling and kicking his feet, he did not want to be picked up.

ALLAH IS THE RESTORER!” He yelled out as he prostrated in front of the chicken wings on the floor and began praying.

One of the guards extended his hand to grab Jason’s shoulder to stop him from praying.

NOO!” Jerry yelled out to the guard.

Just let him finish.”

The guard stopped, after about half a minute Jason finished. He got up off the floor and walked to a cafeteria table to sit down.

The other guards and the staff took Samantha and Christy out of the cafeteria into Ms. Mickens office. Jason had his head down on the table, he was contemplating on how hungry he was and how Christy just dropped the tray like that.

Shay came up to Jason at the table and stood over him, she had her hands on her hips.


CHRISTY BOUTA GET SUSPENDED BECAUSE OF YOU!” Shay continued to yell at Jason.

Jason still had his head down, and his eyes were closed.

I miss my chicken wings.” He calmly said.

That’s all you’re thinking about?” She asked him.

Your wife just got into a fight because of you, and you’re over here thinking about some damn chicken wings!”

Them jawns were barbequed.” Jason calmly said.

Shay reached over to grab Jason by his neck to stand him up.

Go in there right now and check if she’s alright!” She said.

WHY SHOULD I?” Jason retorted.

Because she’s YOUR WIFE JASON!” Shay said.

Jason turned his head in denial, he was still angry about the chicken wings. He finally agreed and turned around and began walking to Ms. Mickens office, where Christy was at.

Bae you okay?” Jason said to Christy as he walked in. She was sitting inside the principal’s office waiting for Ms. Mickens to call her in her room. She had her arms folded across her chest, her long black hair was messed up with her lips twisted. She didn’t even look at Jason as he came in.

You okay honey boo boo pie butt?” Jason asked again.

Don’t talk to me Jason!” She said without looking at him.

What’s wrong baby?” Said Jason.

Jason, why would you let that girl lay her dirty head on you?” She turned to him and said.

Jason thought for a minute. “Bae...”

I didn’t even know frfr... I was sleep!” Jason said.

John then appeared hovering in front of Jason and erupted in laughter. “GOOD ONE BRO!” He said while laughing.

Really Jason? You expect me to believe that? You’re so stupid I swear!” Said Christy.

Jason reached over and began to caress Christy’s long black hair. “Please bae, I don’t want you to be mad at me.” He said.

Christy quickly slapped Jason’s hands away and shrugged him off. “DON’T TOUCH ME JASON!” She said.

Jason withdrew his hands and looked at her shocked. “Why are you acting like this?” He asked her.

She didn’t say nothing, she just kept her arms folded across her chest while pouting her lips. Jason reached over with his hand to grab her head, then he turned her around to face him.

Are you... Jealous?” He asked her.

JASON IDC OKAY!” She yelled out.

You don’t care about what? You don’t care about me?”

No Jason... I don’t!” She said.

Jason then moved his hand from her head and placed it on his stomach. “But I’m pregnant bae...”

So you just gon hit it and quit it right? What about us? What about what we’ve built? What about little Muhammad?” Jason playfully said.

Christy quickly covered her mouth with her hands and tried to stop herself from laughing.

You is so stupid I swear!” She said while trying to stop herself from smiling.

You really don’t care about me though?” Jason asked her.

Christy didn’t say anything. She still cared and loved Jason, but she just didn’t want to let him know.

Look bae, I’m sorry okay? I’m sorry for making her lay her head on me. I’m sorry for getting you in trouble. I’m sorry for being stupid! I’m sorry for...” He began to say.

Okay, you can come in now honey.” Ms. Mickens called Christy into her office.

Ms. Mickens was an averaged size African-American and Caucasian lady. She had short, curly blonde hair. She had a few freckles on her face. When Jason looked at her she completely illuminated. She was so pretty and beautiful to Jason. He immediately stood up.

Ms. Mickens, I just wanna say! This is completely my fault. I take full responsibility. Please don’t punish Christy, it’s me. I’m the culprit. Take me to jail!” Jason said as he turned around and laid flat down on the floor with his arms around his back.

Okay Jason, no need for that now. Please stand up. We won’t be taking anybody to jail. Go to class and let me handle this okay?” Ms. Mickens said to Jason.

Jason agreed and stood up off the floor. “The power is in your hands Ms. Mickens.”

BUT ONLY ALLAH HAS ALL THE POWER!” He pointed upwards and said.

Okay honey, go back to class now.” Ms. Mickens said.

Jason then sat down on the chair and folded his leg and placed his hands on it calmly.

I will be sitting here waiting for my wife.” He said in his father’s Liberian accent.

Jason no, you cannot do that sweetheart, please step outside and go back to class, you can talk to your wife after school okay?” Ms. Mickens said.

Yeah just go back to class, I’ll talk to you later.” Said Christy.

You gon text me?” Jason asked.

Yeah, I’ll text you.”

You promise?”

Yeah bae, go back to class.”

Pinky promise?” Jason stepped closer to Christy and held out his pinky finger.

Christy wrapped her finger around Jason’s pinky and smiled.

I would kiss you right now but the principal of the school is standing right here and that would be inappropriate.” Said Jason.

Yes, it would. Thank you for realizing that Jason.” Ms. Mickens said.

Jason then walked out of the office into the hallway, then he began going to his fourth period block, “Ms. Sisko” for Social Studies.

Ms. Mickens carefully directed Christy into her office, she sat down and folded her arms across her chest. Ms. Mickens also sat down, she took off her glasses and looked at Christy.

So tell me what happened today at Lunch Christy.” She said.

Nothing happened.” Christy replied.

Why did you get into a fight with Samantha?” She asked.

Christy didn’t say anything. She turned her face away from Ms. Mickens.

Christy, you are one of our best students, I was not expecting this type of behavior from you. Now please tell me, what made you get into a fight with Samatha today?”

Christy sighed, then she turned to face Ms. Mickens again.

She was laying her ratchet head on my husband, I didn’t like that so I beat her df up.” Christy simply said.

Ms. Mickens sighed. Then she put on her glasses again and pulled out the Student Handbook and laid it on the table, then she flipped some pages and pointed to it.

This is the Student Handbook. And right here it says that we have a no fighting or violence policy. Now I’m sorry Christy but...”

Christy cut her off. “I am not sorry for fighting and beating Samantha up, I’ll do it again if she does that. But I am sorry for getting into trouble and breaking the rules.” Christy said.

I know you are honey.” Ms. Mickens said.

Normally the regulation for this type of behavior is a suspension for five days. But considering that this is your first offense I’m only going to give you three days. You can come back on Friday. Now Christy please, you’re going to have to learn to control your anger and handle these types of situations better. Violence is never the answer, I’m sure that you know that. I know Jason is your husband and you may get jealous if other girls try to approach him, but this is high-school honey, that’s always going to happen. You’re just gonna have to learn to live with it and not resort to violence.”

Christy sighed again and unfolded her arms from across her chest. “I know Ms. Mickens, and I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” She said.

I know it won’t honey. Now get your stuff and head to class. You can finish your day today but as of tomorrow your out of school suspension begins. I will have to notify your mother about this okay?”

Christy nodded her head and began to get up. “Okay Ms. Mickens, thank you.”

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