Chapter 6

The Make Up

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What happened? Did you get in trouble?” Jason asked Christy.

She didn’t reply, she held her books up against her chest and continued walking without turning to look at Jason.

Bae what happened? Why aren’t you talking?”

It was 2:35pm. Jason, along with all the other students were all at the front of the school. Some were getting on the bus, some were walking home, while others were getting in their cars to drive home.

Christy swiftly turned around to face Jason. Her long black hair was still rumpled and messed up from the fight earlier.

I’m suspended because of you Jason!” She said and turned around and continued walking.

How is it my fault?” Jason asked as he reached to grab Christy’s hand to stop her from walking.

Christy shrugged off his hands and continued walking. Bus #55 was parked at the side entrance of the school, getting ready to pull off.

YO BRO, YOU NOT GETTING ON?” Abdul stuck his head out the window of the bus and yelled out to Jason.

Nah bro, I gotta handle something with Christy real quick. I’ma holl at you tomorrow bruh.” Jason said back to Abdul.

Ard bro, Sallamu-Alaykum!” Abdul said and stuck his head back in.

Jason was about to say Sallamu-Alaykum back to Abdul, then he saw Christy going inside Shay’s Pink Mustang. Jason ran to the car and opened the backseat door and stepped inside and closed the door. Shay and Christy both turned around to look at Jason.

Where are we going?” Jason asked.

Nowhere boy. You finna get off my car so I can drop my sister off.” Shay said.

Why I gotta get off?” Jason asked.

Because Jason... You’re not welcome here.” Christy said.

Jason reached his hand over the passenger’s seat and began to massage Christy’s shoulders.

I’m sorry for making you mad baby, please allow me to make it up to you.” Jason said as he caressed Christy’s shoulders.

I love you so much boo, you’re so beautiful.” He said and kissed Christy on the cheek.

Awww!” Shay held her hands over her mouth and said.

Christy began to smile, but Jason wasn’t able to see, as he was in the backseat and Christy at the front.

I don’t want you to make it up to me boy.” Christy said.

I want to though bae. I wanna make you feel good.” Jason whispered in Christy’s ears and said.

Christy gave a wide smile. Now Jason could see.

Mhmm... Whatever.” Christy said, then she reached in her bag and pulled out her pink iPhone and got on Google Maps then showed Shay the screen.

This is it. It’s only like $25 to get in.” Christy said to Shay.

She took the phone and looked closer. “They got shots of Henny there?” Shay said to Christy.

Yeah girl, that’s where my mom used to be going.” Christy said.

What ya’ll bouta do? I’m in!” Jason said.

Both girls turned around to look at Jason and began laughing.

Bye boy! We bouta get some drinks. Ain’t you supposed to be Muslim?” Christy said.

Jason laid back on the chair and sighed.

Allah will forgive. He is Affuww.” Jason quietly said.

Christy looked at him and slowly shook her head and frowned.

Just go home Jason.” She said.

No. I wanna be with you.” Jason said.

Why?” Christy asked.

Because you’re my wife, and I wanna make sure that you’re alright.”

Christy dropped her head and began to blush. “Okay boy, but you gotta stay in the car while we go in.” She said.

Why I gotta stay in the car?”

Shay turned back to look at Jason. “Because... You ain’t got no I.D. And you’ll need one to enter.”

So how’s Christy getting in?” Jason asked.

Because I got her a one.” Shay said as she went in her bag and pulled out a fake I.D. with Christy’s picture on it.

Jason snatched the I.D. and looked closer at it.

Eeewww, why you look like that?” Jason said.

Christy and Shay began laughing. Christy took the I.D. from Jason. “Bye!”

Can you get me one?” Jason asked Shay.

No. I don’t even like you!” Shay abruptly said.

Why don’t you like me?” Jason asked.

Cuz I don’t like the way that you be treating my sister.”

Who your sister?”

CHRISTY! I don’t like the way that you treat her.”

Well you have no business involving yourself in it. So why don’t you just shut up and...”

Christy cocked her head back and erupted in laughter.

I don’t have to do anything boy. And watch who you talking to.” Shay said.

Jason stretched out his arms as he sat in the back chair and smiled.

I know exactly what you need girl.” Jason said.

Shay sucked her teeth and smacked her lips. “I don’t need nothing boy!”

Yes you do, that’s why you so grumpy all the time. You need some of that good D.” Jason said.

Shay smacked her lips. “BYE!”

I can’t give it to you though, but I know the perfect candidate.” Jason smiled and said. He was going to hook Shay up with Abdul.

Shay sucked her teeth at Jason and smacked her lips again. “Whatever boy!” Shay said as she started the car and put it in reverse.

Shay started to drive through the neighborhood to go into the main street. As she drove by a local corner store Jason yelled out “STOP!”

Shay immediately stepped on the brakes.

Why?” She asked.

Can you please go in there and get me some cigarettes?” He asked Shay.

Christy instantly turned around and put her hands on top of the passenger seat.

Cigarettes? You smoke cigarettes now Jason?”

It’s not a big deal. It’s just...” He began to say.

Yes it is Jason! Don’t you know that stuff can kill you?” She yelled out and said.

Jason shrugged. “We all gotta go someday.”

Christy crunched her face as she looked at Jason and gave him a disgusting look.

But Shay agreed, she took the money from Jason and went in the store and came back out holding three singles of Newports. Jason took the cigarettes from her and pulled a lighter out of his pocket and flicked it on. He lit the cigarette and took a quick and heavy drag. Christy turned her face away from him and didn’t look, she frowned as she looked away.

Jason... What have you become?” She asked.

Jason took another drag of the cigarette and blew the smoke from out of his nose.

I’ll show you what I’ve become.” He said then he turned towards Shay.

Take Christy home!” He said.

But we’re going...”


Shay didn’t question. She instantly made a U-TURN and began driving towards Christy’s block. It wasn’t that far from where they was at.

I’ll show you exactly what I’ve become!” Jason said as he began loosening his belt.

A few minutes later, they pulled up to Christy’s street and Shay parked her pink Mustang next to the curb.

GET IN THE HOUSE!” Jason yelled to his wife.

Christy immediately opened the passenger side door of the car and rushed in the house, Jason opened the door on his side and followed behind her without closing his door. His pants were falling off his waist. Jason entered the door of Christy’s house and closed the door behind him.

Christy’s eyes were full of fear as she stood against the wall. Jason slowly strided towards her. Christy’s legs began to tremble.

Don’t hurt me daddy please.” She began to plea and said.

Jason unhooked his belt completely and threw it to the side.

I’m finna show you what I’ve become!”

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