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I then grabbed her hand and led her to my black Yamaha. I climbed on top and turned the engine on and began to ride. Cindy wrapped her arms around my waist and laid her head on my back. I don’t even think she knew where we were going, and she didn’t ask, She trusted me, she trusted her husband.

We rode past our old college, Delaware County Community College. Cindy went there for all of her college years. Rather than four, she only went there for two and she got her degree. I had received a full scholarship to play basketball at the University of Pennsylvania (UPENN). Which is an Ivy League School. I accepted it, but after the first year I started to feel lonely. I didn’t really have any friends there. My only real friend was Cindy, but she was at DCCC while I was over at UPENN. I didn’t like being away from her. We dated for nearly all of our high-school years and I’ve gotten really close and used to her. So I returned the scholarship and I transferred over to DCCC to be with her.

The Masjid was flooded with many people, as was expected. Today was Friday, the Day of Jummuah. I parked my bike next to some cars then got Cindy down and we both went inside. I then walked with her to the back where the small office was at. The head Shaykh was there, Shaykh Gilles.

As soon as he saw me he smiled and opened his arms to give me a big hug.

As-Sallamu Alaykum brother!” Shaykh Gilles said while smiling.

I hugged and greeted him back. “Brother, I would like to marry this girl.” I said to him.

Shayk Gilles looked at me, a wide smile went across his face. He took my hand and shook it.

Masha’llah! He said.

Shaykh Gilles then led me and Cindy into the inner office where all the proceedings could be done.To my surprise, Ahna was there standing.

Ahna, what?” I began to say.

I knew this is what you was going to do. Al would’ve wanted this,” She said to me.

Then she walked out. Shaykh Gilles called in two male witnesses into the office, then we began.

After about 30 minutes it was all over. We were officially married, and the marriage contract was printed out. I told Ahna to take Cindy home and settle her in, she would be living with us now.

I stayed at the Masjid from Dhuhr until after Maghrib. I prayed for my sins, and I prayed for Coretta.

When I got home Ahna and Cindy were sitting down at the living room table talking. I called Cindy up to my room. When she got in I closed the door and pushed her against the wall.

Where the fuck are the drugs?” I growled at her and said.

After the marriage was consummated, the following morning I went in the bathroom and I found the toothpaste cap was off, The following morning the same thing, and then the next morning the same.

I called Ahna down. “MOMMY!” I bellowed.

She opened the door and waltzed in.

What is it honey?”

I want to divorce this dumbass bitch!”

Sweetheart why?’ She asked.

Then I showed her the toothpaste tube.


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