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What is it?” She asked as she looked blindly at the toothpaste tube.

Mom, don’t you see it?” I said then shook it in my hands and flashed it.

She forgot to put the damn cap back on the tube! And she always be doing this mom! This is not the first time, she’s a whore. I HATE HER!” I screamed out.

Ahna immediately reached out to grab my arm and led me out the room.

Okay, come on honey. Let’s not wake Cindy up.” She said as we walked down the hallway and into her room.

She closed the bedroom door and sat me down on the bed. Then she gently placed her hand on my lap.

Vague.” She said.

Cindy’s your wife now okay? You’re gonna have to learn to put up with things like this.”

Yeah, I know mom. But it just really bothers me you know? She does this EVERYTIME!”

Vague. Your father was a heavy smoker, how do you think I felt about sleeping in the same bed with him for all those years with that stench on him?” She said.

I didn’t like it, but I learned to live with it because he was my husband and I love him.”

Sometimes in life you have to make adjustments accordingly for yourself and others.”

I sighed and looked down. “Yeah, I know mom. But it just really bothers me you know? She does this every time.” I said.

Well, why don’t you just talk to her about it?”

I want to, I really do. But it just seems so small and trivial. I don’t wanna be a nag.”

Ahna sighed and looked at me. “I agree, it’s small. Subtleties matter in a relationship, and they’re all over in a relationship between husband and wife. This is just something that you’re going to have to learn to put up with, or talk to her about it when she wakes up.”

Now, go downstairs and make yourself something to eat and your wife too.” Ahna said.

Yes mother.” I weakly said as I got up and left the room.

I wasn’t really hungry. So I just decided to make some oatmeal and an omelet for Cindy and Ahna. First, I went out back to smoke a cigarette. Afterwards, I came back in to make the meal. Then I bought it up the stairs to Ahna’s room first to give it to her, then I went in my room to give it to Cindy.

Cindy was still sleeping, I didn’t want to wake her up. So I laid the tray on top of the table next to the bed where she was sleeping.

The soft thud woke her up.

Hey honey, good morning,” I said.

I made you some breakfast okay?”

I gave her a good morning kiss on her forehead.

She smiled, then she yawned, “Thanks bae.” She said.

Just let me go brush my teeth first then...” As she began to get up I held her hand and sat her back down.

Wait... we need to talk.” I said.

What is it?” She replied.

It’s the toothpaste tube. You never put it back on. That really bothers me.”

You’re not a child Cindy.”

She sighed. “There’s a reason why I do that Vague.” She said.

What could possibly be the reason?” I asked her.

She folded her arms across her chest. “You’re right.”

I’m not a child. My little nieces and nephews act like that.” She continued.

But what could be the reason though?” I asked again.

She sighed deeply and looked away from me. “You’re such a boy.” She said,

Tell me!” I demanded.

I’ll let you figure that out on your own Vague.” She said as she got up from the bed.

A few hours later after I prayed Dhuhr, me and Cindy went to the park for a picnic. She had on a white T-Shirt and yoga pants, which greatly complimented the entirety of her firm, eloquent backside.

I caught a little ten year old boy looking at my woman. His name was Jake, he was dressed in a New York Yankees baseball uniform.

HEY!” I yelled at him.

He turned to face me.

I see you looking at my btch ass, I know that jawn fat. If you wanna fuck her you gotta pay bruh!” I said.

The boy gave me a funny look. “I’m just playing with my dog mister.” Jake said.

Sure you are, that’s what they all say.”

Ummm...” Jake retorted.

You got some money?” I asked him.

About three seconds later a Golden Retriever ran towards Jake with a red frisbee in its’ mouth. They both walked away.

Later on that evening me and Cindy were laying down on the bed. The TV was on, she was reading a magazine.

So... tell me.” I said to her.

She put the magazine down and looked at me for a long minute, then sighed.

I wanna have a daughter Vague. Or a son.” She said.

I smiled and looked away. “How are you going to take care of a child when you can’t even take care of my drugs?” I said to her.

I gave you eight kilos of cocaine and 10 lbs of marijuna, that shit is all gone! Besides... I don’t even know how to make babies.” I said.

I then pulled out my erected penis and shoved it deep in her bootyhole from the back, I began stroking. When I was ready to ejaculate I pulled out my dck from her bootyhole and into her vagina. Then I proceeded to cum...

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