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Before I could have time to process and register in my head what I’ve just seen in my dreams, I hurriedly went to the bathroom to make Wudu and prayed Fajr. This wasn’t the first time that I’ve seen Al’ahna in my dreams, it was a regular occurrence.

After I was done praying I went downstairs to make breakfast for Cindy. I knew that she would be waking up soon and she would be going to work.

Ahna was heading out the door when I went down, she had on her all white doctor’s robe, I assumed that she was going off to work. She also worked in the medical field like Cindy, but she was a neurologist at UPENN, and a licensed brain surgeon.

Okay honey, I’m leaving. Be back at 4.” She said.

Then she closed the door and went out. She always tells me that “she’s leaving”, or “I’m heading out”. Rather than just “I’m going to work”. I started to think about that and then the door swung open. It was Ahna, she was holding an empty 4 Loko can of beer.

Vague. This is the last time I’m telling you.” She said.

If you want to smoke weed and drink beer with your friends, that’s fine! I’m not detesting. Just please don’t do it in my car.”

Before I had a chance to say something to my defense she slammed the door shut and went back out.

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