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I then waltzed in the kitchen to prepare a nice breakfast meal for my wife. I was going to make her an egg and cheese omelet with turkey bacon and buttered toast on the side. When I was done making it I brought it for her upstairs. She said that she didn’t have an appetite so I force fed it to her as she laid on the bed. After she got dressed and left for work I realized that I had the whole house completely to myself. So I did what any rational boy would do: I got out the baby lotion and turned on the laptop watch some porn. Before I could whip my ding a ling out to initiate the masturbation process a thought manifested inside my head.

I decided to call Bianca over. Bianca is Winston’s cousin, I often fiddle with her on dry days like this. She came over within 20 minutes, dressed in some black leggings and a tight white tank top. We smoked a few blunts together and drank some bottles of liquor and then I had my way with her. Afterwards she made me a bologna and cheese sandwich and I drove her out the house.


Later on when I was laying in bed with Cindy she asked me what I did for the whole day.

Nothing.” I replied.

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