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We were both laying in bed. Cindy was reading a magazine and I was reading a James Patterson novel.

You working tomorrow?” I asked my wife.

She continued to read the magazine. “Yes, but I’m calling off. I have to go to the salon to do my hair.” She said.

What’s wrong with your hair?” I asked.

Nothing.” She said.

I just wanna go regular again, I’m tired of this dye.”

Cindy has had that hair dye on for so long that I almost forgot about her natural hair. It’s straight, long and black.

I don’t even know why you got it in the first place. Natural looks way better on you.”

She laughed at my statement. “You going with me?” She asked.

I closed my eyes shut and pretended to continue reading my magazine, wishing that she never asked me that.

Uhh... I wish I could bae, but I can’t.”

Why not?”

I just can’t.”

She pouted and slammed her hand down on the magazine.

Vague!” She said.

I have to go to work.” I quietly retorted.

She looked at me with a straight face. “You work at home though.”

It was true. I worked for some Chinese company online, in which I have to write, develop and compile Java codes. And the codes are sent to the Chinese company and varrious other companies worldwide.

FINE! I’LL GO!” I said.

She sighed and her face lit up with glee. I agreed to go, but I was not happy about it at all. Going to the salon with her is always so boring. It makes my balls itch. I never liked the atmosphere there. I laid down sideways and put the cover over my body.

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