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I was too late. By the time I screamed out she had already dialed the number. She put the phone on speaker as she held it up with her hand. The phone rang a total of four times, and then Ahna picked up. She sounded tired and her voice was groggy.

Hello... Cindy.” She answered.

Hello, yeah, Ms. Ahna?” Cindy said.

Yes Cindy, what’s wrong?”

Hello yeah, Ms. Ahna. I’m calling to lay a complaint on your son!”

Why are you yelling?” I said.

Ahna sighed deeply. “Tell me what happened honey?”

Vague’s a hoe and can’t be trusted!” She bellowed through the phone and hung up.

She then threw her phone on the passenger seat and folded her arms across her chest. She then angrily began to talk to herself. About fifteen seconds later her phone began to ring. Cindy immediately picked it up and held the phone to her ears.

Tell me what happened Cynthia?” Ahna said.

Cindy spent the next 15 minutes angrily explaining to Ahna what took place. As she was talking Vague subtly reached with his hand and tried to touch Cindy’s long, silky, black hair.

She quickly slapped his hand away. “DON’T TOUCH ME!”

Cindy turned her head and continued to talk to Ahna on the phone.

And he always be doing this. I don’t want to bring my daughter into this world with a father like him!”

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