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There was silence on the phone. Ahna said nothing and Cindy said nothing. I could imagine Ahna’s dumbfounded expression over the phone.

After what seemed like forever, Ahna finally spoke.

Let’s talk at home. Where are you now?”

Cindy sighed. “The hair salon.” She said.

Is Vague with you?” She asked.

Cindy sighed again. “Yeah, he’s right here.”

She then handed Vague the phone. “HELLO MOMMY!” He said.

Vague honey look, I want you and Cindy to come straight home okay?”

Yes mommy.”

We’re gonna talk about this when you guys come home okay.”

Yes mommy.”

Do not say anything to trigger Cindy in any way because she’s upset with you right now, okay?”

Okay mommy, but she started it! I told her that I didn’t wanna come and she forced me to.” Vague said.

Okay Vague, it doesn’t matter who’s fault is it or who started it. Just come home, and we’ll work it out okay.”

Okay mommy.” Vague said, then they hung up the phone.

She handed the phone back to Cindy. As she was taking it she looked at him and said.

Oh, so now it’s my fault cause I forced you to come huh?” She hissed at Vague.

I told you multiple times, that I didn’t wanna come.” Vague said back.

I urged you to come, I didn’t force you to. Nor did I force you to stick your tongue in some random girl’s mouth.”

She’s not just some random girl. Her name is Clarissa and she’s an aspiring model.”


Cause I wanna be with you.” Vague said.

Mhmm... whatever.” Cindy said and started the car.

Vague relaxed back in the car as she drove. “You’re not jealous are you?”

Cindy scoffed and sucked her teeth. “BOY BYE!”

As they drove home the car was silent. Neither of them spoke, Vague was eager to ask her but he didn’t know how to go about it. He sat quietly and starred out the window as he thought about it. He then swallowed his fear and decided to ask her.

So are you... expecting?” He asked.

The question was strange and bleak. It was audible, but she still acted as if she didn’t hear him.

Well...” He said.

Cindy responded by turning the car radio all the way up. The music blasted through the speakers. Nicki Minaj – Bed of lies. Vague almost jumped out of his seat.

THIS IS MY SONG!” He yelled out and started singing along.

Cindy held her hand over her mouth and tried to cover up her smile and stop herself from laughing.

About ten minutes later they arrived home. Ahna told Vague to go upstairs to his room while she talks with Cindy. At first he detested and refused, but then Ahna told him to go in the backyard to have a cigarette and a few bottles of beer. He was compliant. Then both Ahna and Cindy sat on the couch in the living room. Cindy then explained to Ahna all that occurred at the hair salon. Afterwards, Ahna called Vague in and made him kiss Cindy’s feet and apologize.

Later on that evening, around the beginning of Maghrib time. Vague went to the bathroom to make Wudu for prayer, but Cindy was already inside using the toilet.

Use the one downstairs!” She yelled out as Vague knocked.

Vague ignored her comment and came in anyway. First, he made Wudu then he made Wudu.

Make sure to wipe thoroughly when you’re finished, cause I’m finna eat your butt soon as I’m done praying.” Vague said.

Then he headed out and closed the door behind him.

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