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Time quickly went by. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Cynthia was now six months into her pregnancy. Her stomach was now relatively big and protruding, though that was not the only thing that had grew in size. Though she had already admitted it to herself weeks ago, Vague was still denying her the obvious fact.

Once, she was struggling to put on a pair of jeans that she normally did not have a hard time putting on. She asked Vague...

Babe, am I fat?

The question seemed obscure but concrete, manifest but hidden, easy to answer but hard to decipher.

Vague didn’t know how to give a proper reply. So he just stared into her eyes without blinking, he gulped.

Bae?” She said again, snapping him out of his daze.

You look as beautiful as the day I married you.” He answered.

Cindy grunted as she struggled to put the pants on.

Then why are these damn pants not fitting?”

Vague gulped again as he thought of what to say.

Uhh... It’s your butt bae. That jawn grew fatter. You know I been hitting it from the back all crazy like...” Vague said and stuck his tongue out of his mouth like a serpent.

Cindy sat down on the bed and rested her chin on her palms and sighed.

But we haven’t had sex in weeks.” She said.

That was also true, and it was another thing that was bothering him. Due to the doctor’s orders and he exponential weight gain, Vague hasn’t been intimate with his wife in weeks. The deprivation of sex had done a number on him. His carnal needs needed to be explored. He didn’t want to cheat on her but he had urges, he had temptations. After all, he’s just a man.

But worse than the fear of cheating, he had a greater fear of sinning. Even though he knew that he had done it multiple times in the past before, but he didn’t want to return to his old ways. He’s been going to the Masjid more frequently and listening to Khutbahs. He’s also been praying and repenting more. But still, he was just a man. He decided to call Bianca over.

The phone rang once and she picked up.

I wanna see you.” He said.


Because I miss you.”

You drove me out your house and called me a chicken head." She said.

I know, I’m sorry boo.”

Bianca relented, she sighed. 25 minutes later she was outside of Vague’s door.

Vague opened the door and hugged her, he held her hand and led her in. He sat her down on the couch and placed his hand on her legs.

I’m sorry for calling you a chicken head bae, I’ve just been sooo lonely.” He said and started rubbing her legs.

Mhmm...” Cindy replied.

She didn’t know what to say but she was enjoying his warm touch.

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