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I had her just where I wanted her, she was going to succumb. It was going to be a gradual process but I knew that she would do it. The first thing that I would have to do to commence the initiation process would be to get her wet. That is my specialty.

I smiled to myself as I rubbed her legs. Then I got up and moved very close to her as we were seated on the couch. I held her hands in mines and gave her a worried look. Then I lifted the back of my right hand to touch her forehead.

What’s wrong? Are you okay? You catching a fever?” I asked her with a worried tone of voice. She politely smiled and flicked her hair with her hand.

I’m okay.” She said.

Just got a lot on my mind.”

I moved closer to her on the couch and rubbed her legs some more.

Like what?” I asked.

Just you know... marriage and school. It’s really stressing me out.” She said.

Oh, you got married?” I asked her.

Yeah, recently, Winston didn’t tell you?”

I shook my head from side to side. I remember at one of the Khutbahs at the Masjid the Imam was talking about how fornication is one of the major sins. And the severity of it is doubled if it’s done to a married woman.

As I thought more about it I came into realization. I can’t possibly have any type of sexual intercourse with Bianca. Especially now that she’s married. Then I quickly shook my head and brushed off the thought.

There was no way that I was going to allow her marital status dissuade me from doing what I must.

I held out my arms and wrapped it around her and gave her a big hug.

CONGRATS! OH, I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!” I exclaimed while hugging her.

She hugged back and smiled.

Thank you.” She said while smiling and hugging me. As I was hugging her I slipped my index finger inside her buttcrack. Her body jolted forward a little bit from the sensation, but she allowed me continue. I slipped another finger down and went further and deeper. I could feel all the wet and sweat.

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