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She slightly moaned as she said this. She was struggling and grunting, I could tell that she wanted it, and I wanted to give it to her. Instantly, I turned her around and I drove my tongue deep into her mouth. She closed her eyes as we kissed, mines were open. My tongue danced and melted in her mouth, hers danced along with mines. I then forced my hand up her shirt and unbuttoned it, she wasn’t wearing no blouse. I then forced her shirt off and threw it on the ceramic tile floor. She moaned again as it fell down, her naked chest and cleavage was manifest. I passionately kissed her as I foraged around her upper body with my bare hands, playing with her cleavage. I drew my head back and withdrew her lip from mines, then I looked deep into her eyes, my mouth slightly hung open.

You’re a whore okay?” I calmly said to her.

She gazed back in my eyes. “Then fuck me like one.”

Say less.” I said, I was telling her that she was well understood and didn’t have to repeat herself.

I held her backside and the back of her head and gently threw her down on the white tile kitchen floor. She fell with a soft thud and moaned as she hit the floor, I fell with her. We began to wrestle as we were on the floor. My tongue licked her entire face. She sucked the bottom of my lip, we both started breathing heavily.

I started kissing and sucking on the side of her neck. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she moaned.

I love you.” I said to her as I continued to kiss and lick all over her neck.

No response came from her, just grunts and moans.

I love you bitch!” I said.

No response. I then got in a push-up position and opened up her legs. I whipped my dck out of my pants, it was erect and veins were all over it. She pushed my chest with her hand as I was about to slam my dck inside of her.

I wrestled with her hand and held and restrained it. As her hand was on my chest, I saw the ring on her finger, I halted. I remembered what the Imam said in the Khutbah at the Masjid.

Fornication is the head of the penis going inside the vagina. I didn’t want to fall into sin. So I turned her around and shoved my dck in her bootyhole!

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