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I’m a stripper and my name is Penelope.” She repeated.

I cocked my waist back and gave a hard stroke. She yelled out and made a fist then put it in her mouth. Her cheeks turned red and black mascara was dripping down it. I rubbed her hair softly and stroked her cheeks with the palm of my hands.

What’s wrong baby? Why are you crying?” I asked her.

I looked deep into her eyes and gave another stroke. She yelled out.


I caressed her cheek and rubbed her hair again.

Please what baby?” I asked her.

At this point her entire face was covered with tears.

PLEASE GO DEEPER!” She moaned out.

You want me to go deeper baby? You love this big dck?” I asked her.

She nodded her head up and down while she bit her fist.

I cocked my waist back and gave another hard stroke. Before she had a chance to yelp out I clasped my hand over her mouth, then I laid on top of her and began to grind. She yelled out in pan and pleasure.

Every inch of my dck was inside of her, stroking and pounding. She wanted to scream but was unable to, my fist was still inside of her mouth. While I was on top of her I sucked and kissed her neck. As I was on top of her I began to whisper in her ear.

I’m going to inseminate you and you’re going to have my daughter and all my offspring! You hear me Penelope?”

She quickly nodded her head up and down. I pulled my fist from inside her mouth and allowed her to speak.

Cum all inside me and fill me up!” She softly said.

Don’t fucking tell me what to do!” I said to her and began to grind hard again.

Her legs spasmed and she screamed out, “PLLLEAASSEE!”

My fist was no longer in her mouth, I allowed her to scream out.

The more she screamed and pleaded out the more stimulated I became and the harder my dck got.

She tightened her pussy lips around my dck. I went deeper, she screamed out more.

SHUT THE FUCK UP!” I yelled out and exploded inside her coochie hole.

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