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Everything went still and quiet. We both came at the same time. No more yelling, no more crying. The only thing that was audible was our heavy breathing. The only thing that was audible was our heavy breathings. They sort of mixed together in unison pattern. She inhaled, I exhaled, she inhaled, I exhaled.

Her legs were still wide open as I laid on top of her. My dick was still warm and wet in her pussy. My head was buried on her shoulder blades. I wanted to kiss her cheek but I wasn’t able to find the energy to do so. I was weak, she held me.

You did it.” She said with a smile and rubbed my head.

As soon as I heard those words my heart sunk. I suddenly regretted everything that I had done in the last 30 minutes.

How could I? To a married woman. I felt sick to my stomach. I knew that the consequences of my iniquities would soon descend upon me.

I rolled over to the side from on top of her and gazed up at the ceiling.

What did I do?” I asked her in between heavy breathing.

She rolled on top of me and put her arms on my chest, then she looked at me and smiled.

As if you don’t know.” She said.

Why are you smiling?” I asked her.

Her smile widened, she chuckled a bit. “Because...”

I’m so proud of you.” She said and brushed her hand across my upper chest, she fondled with the hair on my chest.

I kissed her forehead and asked her. “Why are you proud of me?”

She laid her hand down on my chest. “Because, you did it.”

I wanted to ask her what I did, but somehow I already knew.

I sighed and stroked her hair with my hands.

How do you know?” I asked.

Because I can feel it.” She said.

I continued to stroke her hair as I gazed up at the ceiling.

Are you happy?” Bianca asked.

I didn’t know how to respond. I certainly didn’t want to lie to her. She placed her chin on top of my chest.

I love you.” She said as she looked deep into my eyes.

I wanted to say it back. I tried hard to. But all I could think about was Cindy and Al’ahna.

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