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We smoked it during lunch break at the back of school, and I fell in love with it completely. He purchased one dime bag off him and now he was trying it out. Vague coughed, he coughed again and again. His eyes were bloodshot red.

This jawn got me floating.” He said.

He looked around, nobody was there.

I am Batman!” He exclaimed.

Then he took another drag of the blunt. His head began turning, he wanted to cough but he was able to hold it in. His head started to spin and the walls started talking to him. There were three walls in all, they were all parallel from one another.

Vague ignored them as they conversed with each other. He knew that it was all in his head.

He lifted his hand up and took another quick drag of the blunt. As he did this the doorbell rang.

COPS!” He instantly thought to himself.

But how could they have found his whereabouts? He was discreet with planting the drugs in the house. The doorbell rang again. Vague put the lit blunt on the tile bathroom floor and scurried out. He ran down the stairs and quickly opened the door, without looking at the peephole to see who it was. He already knew that it was the police and his fate was sealed. When he opened the door, standing before him was not a police officer. But it was Cindy. A young 15 year old Cindy Stone.

Hi.” She smiled and waved.

She had on a long blue dress and a sunhat, she was definitely dressed for the scorching hot weather. The first thing that Vague noticed about her was not the blue dress, nor the sunhat. The first thing that he noticed about her was her eyes. She had the same sparkling green eyes as Bianca, but there was a slight nuance. Bianca’s eyes were deeply green with lust and passion in them, whereas Cindy’s eyes were green with much depth. He could see the entire world when he looked into those tiny globes.

Then he noticed her subtle smile and perfect white teeth. She had on braces, but they did not conceal the radiance of her smile. She had those braces on ever since she was eight, and she got them removed when she was 22.

Vague relaxed a little, there was no more tension.

Don’t scare me like that!” He said.

Cindy chuckled a bit. “How did I scare you?”

Vague folded his arms across his chest.“Cuz I thought that you were the Jakes.”

Jakes” is a urban term that refers to “Cops”

Then he took a step forward and leaned over to hug Cindy, she hugged back. He looked down and saw that there was a small green basket planted on the floor next to Cindy.

Why would the cops be over here?” She asked,

Because of all the drugs and money that I’ve been laundering in this house. I thought they finally caught up to me, I was scared for my dear life.”

Well... why don’t you just hide all that stuff in my house?” Cindy said.

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