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They both walked into the living room.

What’s that smell?’ Cindy asked.

The marijuana stench was prevalent in the air. Vague started to sniff the air, even he could smell it. He ran to the kitchen and grabbed the Febreeze Air Freshner from the cabinet. He then sprayed it all around the kitchen and in the living room. Cindy lifted her hand up to cover her smile and laughter, Vague emptied the entire can as he sprayed around.

Afterwards, he grabbed Cindy’s hand and led her to the couch and sat her down. He then went into the kitchen and pulled out the macaroni caserole that Ahna had made a few days ago from the fridge and he put it in the oven to heat up.

When it was done Vague reached up the cabinet and grabbed a single glass plate, he put some of the casserole in it. Then he grabbed a glass cup from the same cabinet and poured some milk in it. He then took both the glass plate and the glass cup and bought it to Cindy in the living room, he sat it down on the table and slumped down next to Cindy on the couch.

Cindy picked up the plate and began to eat. Vague stared at her as she dug her fork in the plate and pulled out a morsel of food then put it in her mouth.

Where’s yours at?” She asked Vague.

Vague then grabbed a fork and dug it into the same plate that Cindy was eating from.

This is mines.” Vague said.

What’s mines is yours and what’s yours is mines.” He added.

Cindy smiled. Then she dug her fork into the plate and continued to eat. Vague did the same thing, they both ate together. As they ate Cindy lifted her gaze up a few times to stare at Vague. She did this repeatedly, after the first couple times Vague caught her.

What’s wrong?” Vague finally asked.

Cindy shook her head from side to side and continued eating. After a while, she lifted her gaze up and quickly looked at Vague as he was eating. He caught her again, Vague dropped his fork on the table and looked at her.

What is it?” He asked again.

She paused for a minute. “I want you to take me Vague.” She said.

Take you where?”

Take... my virginity.” She said.

Vague opened his mouth halfway in shock. He couldn’t believe what he just heard.

You want me to what?” He asked.

I want you to take my virginity and fuck a baby in me.” She said.

Vague stared at her for a minute, then he cleared his throat. Then he looked down at the table.

Why do you want me to do that?” He asked.

She blinked as she looked at him with a sullen expression on her face.

Because I trust you and I know that you will make a great father.”

There was a short pause. “You don’t want to do it?” She asked.

I do, I’m just... scared.” He said.

Cindy reached over with her hand and grabbed Vague’s earlobe and rubbed them.

Awww... why are you scared baby?”

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