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Vague subtly shook her hand away with his head and looked away to the side.

It’s just... My Religion. It forbids me to do that.” He said.

Oh, what does it forbid you to do?” Cindy asked.

You know... penetration.” Vague said.

Cindy stared down, she was defeated. She knew that there was no way that Vague would forsake his Religion for her.

Well... maybe.” She said.

Maybe what?”

Maybe there’s another way.”

And what would that be?”

Um... close your eyes.” Cindy instructed.

Vague didn’t question, he did exactly as he was told. His eyes were closed and he slouched back on the couch. After about ten seconds Vague began to feel Cindy’s hands delicately on his lap. She caressed the zipper with her fingers. Vague began to get stimulated. Cindy was able to notice. She began to tug on his zipper and loosen his belt.

She reached inside his pants with his zipper and pulled out his hard, throbbing dick. Veins were all over it. Cindy was amazed at the sight.

OMG!” She said.

She spat saliva on his hand and rubbed his dck with it. It grew longer and erected more. Now it was pulsing like a heartbeat. Cindy then laid down on the couch, she opened up her mouth wide and slid his cock inside.

She gulped, sucked and rubbed it with her hand. She then pulled it out of her mouth and slapped it on the side of her cheek. She gazed up at him.

You can open them now.” She said.

Very slowly, Vague opened his eyes. A big smile was on his face.

His nostalgia and reminiscing was done. Vague was still laying down on the kitchen floor. Bianca was standing directly over him, she was putting on her tiny tank top. As Vague laid down there on the tile kitchen floor he contemplated about kicking Bianca out and telling her to leave like he always does after they were done. But for some reason as he looked at her, he realized he just couldn’t do that. She meant more to him now for some reason and he just couldn't. Vague got up and walked over to where Bianca was standing at the kitchen, he kissed her on the cheek, as he held her by the waist from behind.

I love you.” He said.

I love you too.” She replied.

For a long minute they both just stood there.

What do you wanna do now?” Vague asked her.

Can we go to IHOP?” She said.

Vague gave her a wide smile.

Yeah, but first we gotta do something.”

What do we have to do?”

Vague led her over to the couch and they both sat down. He placed his hand on her lap and looked at her in the eye.

Do you really love me?” He asked.

Yes, of course.” She said.

Then we have to get married... today!”

Bianca was appalled, he couldn’t believe what Vague was saying.

But Vague... I’m already married.”

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