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His name was Jonathan, he was fun and all but he didn’t really stimulate her as much as Vague did. Plus the huge age gap between them left a major dent in their carnal life.

Jonathan was 85, Bianca 21. He was her old college professor. She only agreed to marry and sleep with him because at the time Bianca was struggling much with his class and her other classes. So she coerced Jonathan into marrying and sleeping with her, and he agreed to help Bianca pass all her classes.

Jonathan didn’t want to marry Bianca at first but he was old and lonely, and Bianca was young and beautiful. Things have changed now, ever since Vague got in the picture she is no longer attracted to him in any way, but she doesn’t want to hurt him and leave. Bianca just wants to have her life again, a life with Vague.

Let’s go to the carnival.” Vague proposed.

It comes once every year in the town that they were in at Delaware County. The carnival always come in the Summer time because that’s when kids are out of school so it renders more customers. This year it was going to be held right by a Wells Fargo bank. They were the ones sponsoring it, they always sponsor huge events like that.

The carnival was only going to be in town for a few more days, so Vague figured that they should go.

Okay.” Bianca responded.

But let’s smoke first.” Vague added.

After they were done eating they went to the back of IHOP to smoke a blunt and cigarette. Afterwards, they got on the motorbike and went to the carnival.

What flavors you want?” Vague asked Bianca.

They had arrived at the carnival and were at an ice cream truck. Vague was ordering a single sundae for the both of them.

Coconut and strawberry.” Bianca said.

He finished making the order and placed it. The ice cream man then gave him one sundae mixed with various kinds of flavor in a plastic bowl.

The man then handed Vague one sundae mixed with various different kinds of flavors in a plastic bowl.

Where’s yours at?” Bianca asked Vague when he handed her the bowl of ice cream.

This is mines.” Vague smiled and replied.

We eat from the same bowl. What’s mines is yours and what’s yours is mines.”

Awww...” Said Bianca.

They then began walking to a nearby bench close to a ferris wheel. They both sat down and began eating.

A kid with a white Philadelphia 76ers hat and a matchig white shirt and trousers, he looked about eight or nine. He walked up to them as they were seated on the bench and held his hand out.

May I please have some?” The kid said.

Bianca immediately dug his spoon into the ice cream bowl and pulled out a huge morsel of ice cream. He then gave the spoon to the small boy.

Here you go!” She said.

The boy put all of it in his mouth and gobbled up the entire spoonful of ice cream in one bite.

Would you like more?” Bianca asked the boy.

He looked at her and smiled, then he shook his head.

Thank you.” The boy said to Bianca and Vague.

Vague and Bianca both looked at the boy as he ran to his friends while laughing.

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