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Awwww.. Look at them!” Bianca said, referring to the small boys and little kids playing. She rested her head on Vague’s shoulder.

Why would you give him the whole spoon? You don’t know where his mouth’s been. For all you know he could’ve been eating dirt and dog dookie all day!” Vague said.

Bianca lifted her head off his shoulders and playfully punched Vague on his arm.

And I wouldn’t care!” She said.

The same small boy and a entourage of his friends came up to Vague and Bianca.

May we have some please.” One of them said.

It was a little girl, she was undoubtedly the youngest one out of all of them.

Awww.” Bianca said.

She turned to Vague. “Vague, go to the ice cream truck and buy them all a cone!” She exclaimed.

Vague frowned and drew a stern face. “But I need all that money to buy my alcohol and drugs.”

Bianca just looked at him with the same face that Ahna gave him when he left all those cans of beer in her car. Vague immediately knew what it meant and signified.

He got up and walked to the ice cream truck with the children. He purchased an ice cream cone for all of them. He then walked back to the bench where Bianca was at, he sat down.

Awwww... that was so sweet of you!” She said and pinched his cheek.

Vague waved her hand away.

You’re going to be such a great father.” She said.

Vague said nothing in reply, he just stared off into the empty space.

Vague’s arm was over Bianca’s shoulder and her head was rested on his chest. They both said nothing for a while as they sat on the bench, they were just enjoying the silence. All that could be heard was the sounds of the people yelling and screaming at the carnival, and the kids laughing and playing.

After about 45 minutes one of the kids came up to them. Vague instantly recognized his baseball outfit and red hair, it was Jake. Vague gave a wide smile.

Hey little bruh. How you?”

Jake said nothing in reply, he just smiled, then he held both his hands out. On his right hand was a thick, white folded up blanket. On his other hand was a small rubber bowl filled with diced peaches.

The boy sat the two items on the bench next to Vague and Bianca.

Thanks for the ice cream mister.” Jake said and ran away.

Awww that was so cute. You know him?” Bianca asked.

Yeah, we go way back.” Vague said.

He threw the blanket over Bianca’s body and dug his hand in the diced peaches bowl. He began to feed it to her.

Now, I want you to eat all of this okay? Cuz you know your bones are starting to show.” Vague said as he fed her the peaches. Then Vague leaned over and softly kissed Bianca.

After a couple minutes Vague drew his head back.

What was that for?” Bianca asked.

For being the most beautiful girl in the world.” He replied.

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