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Awwww...” She said.

Why can’t he be like you?”

Who’s he?” Vague asked.

She shook her head from side to side. “Nothing.”

Who’s he?” Vague asked again.

She lifted her head off from his chest and looked down, she frowned.

Jonathan...” She softly said.

Vague wanted to ask her “Who’s Jonathan?” But then he stopped

He remembered Jonathan is Bianca’s 85 year old husband.

What’s wrong with Jonathan? Why do you want him to be like me?” He asked.

Bianca continued to look down. “Nothing’s wrong with him. He just doesn’t make me happy like you do.” She softly said, then she snuggled up to Vague and laid his head down on his chest again.

Vague tightened his arms around her. He began to fondle her hair.

And how do I make you happy?” He asked.

You make me... smile and feel all tingly inside.” She said.

Vague laughed. “Is that good?”

Bianca nodded her head. “Very good.” She said.

Vague said nothing. He picked up the spoon and dug it in the bowl again and resumed feeding her.

When all the peaches were finished Vague threw the empty bowl and spoon on the ground next to the bench. He lifted his head up and saw that Vague and the rest of the kids were watching him. He didn’t know how long they had been there watching, but he knew one thing for sure.

He knelt down and picked up the plastic bowl and spoon that he just threw on the floor. He threw them both in the trashcan next to him. The kids were no longer watching Vague, they had returned to their play.

When Vague came back up from being knelt on the floor he met Bianca’s lips.

What was that for?” He asked.

She didn’t reply, just smiled. She kissed him again. She smiled while they kissed.

He couldn’t get enough of her lips. He kissed her curving smile, then he kissed her cheek. He then sat back down on the bench. Bianca laid her head down on his chest.

So what now?” She asked.

What do you mean?” Vague replied.

He thought more deeply about her question and closed his eyes.

We have to consummate our marriage.” He said.

Bianca looked dumbfoundedly at Vague, she almost couldn’t believe what she just heard.

She blinked. “We have to what?” She asked for clarification. Vague turned his head away, he didn’t want to repeat himself.

Wh-why do we have to do that?” Bianca asked, she was still stunned.

Vague kept his head turned. “It’s a crucial pillar and condition for a valid marriage.”

In the back of Vague’s head he was happy, though he tried to keep a straight face and a nonchalant attitude. This meant that he was going to be inside of her again and they were going to have intercourse, he liked being inside of her. Especially in her butt, he liked that a lot, it was a warm feeling.

What if I don’t want to?” She asked.

Then you will be sinning, Allah will punish you for forty years.” He quickly said.

He didn’t want his chances to be ruined with her. His chance to have intercourse with her again, his chance to feel her skin on his, her lips on his, her bootyhole!

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