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Bianca lifted her head off his chest. “Why do I feel like you’re lying?” She said.

Wallahi! I wouldn’t lie to you.”

For some reason Bianca believed in him. She didn’t know what it was but she trusted him.

Okay...” She reluctantly said.

Vague tried not to crack a smile.

Where will we do it?” She asked.

We will go to a hotel tonight.” Vague replied.

Is that where we will spend the night?”

Vague nodded his head. “Are you okay with that?”

Yes.” Bianca said and smiled.

Will your husband be okay with you spending the night out?” He asked.

She said nothing in reply, just laid her head back down on his chest. Vague wanted to ask her again but he decided not to, it was a delicate subject for her. Even though he knew that it still had to be addressed.

Vague got up from the bench, he stretched and yawned.

Come on, let’s go.” He said in between yawns.

Where are we--”

To your husband.”

But I don’t wanna--”

BIANCA, we are going behind his back. How do you think he feels about this?”

She said nothing, just lowered her head.

It’s not good to go behind people’s back.” Vague said.

I’m not going behind his back!” Bianca said heavily.

Vague said nothing, he drew on a straight face and reached down and grabbed her hand. He stood her up and began to walk to his bike. When he reached he threw her on and got on himself, then he rode off.

About 20 minutes later they arrived in the city, where Jonathan’s house was located at.

What are we doing here?” Bianca asked Vague as she was seated at the back of the bike.

We’re going to Jonathan.” Vague replied.

Why?” She asked.

Because YOU are going to tell him the truth.”

She gave a short pause. “Okay...” Bianca said.

She didn’t agree to do it just because Vague was making her do it. Bianca knew what he was talking about and she knew what had to be done.

Are you going to comply?” He asked.

She gave another short pause. “Yes.”

Her and Jonathan had been married for a little over a year, and the whole marriage has been filled with lies. Not on Jonathan’s side, but on Bianca’s. She was not happy and she had never wanted to marry Jonathan. She only did it because she needed help with her grades. After they had gotten married all that she has been doing was going behind his back. Vague was not the only guy that she had messed around with, there were others, many more. In the back of Jonathan’s head he knew that Bianca has been going around, but he didn’t pay it no mind. He knew that Bianca’s a young girl, being only 21, and he was no spring chicken. He loved Bianca for who she was. She’s a beautiful, young and talented girl. He wants for her to get a chance to enjoy life. His time had already come and gone. He only had sex with her once, and that was consummation. He liked having her company more than anything else. Bianca is more of a daughter to her than anything else.

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