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Vague thought for a minute. He didn’t know what his friend was talking about, then it came to him. Othman wanted to know if he tested out the marijuana. Then a huge smile went across his face and he began laughing.

I’m trying it out now bro! That jawn some gas!” He said.

Othamn laughed along with him. “Ard bro, call me when you’re done smoking.”

Gotchu.” Vague said, then they both hung up.

Afterwards, Vague went in the bathroom and lifted up the blunt off the bathroom floor, he took a heavy toke and sat down on the toilet seat. Immediately the high returned to him and his eyes became bloodshot again. He took another heavy drag and held the smoke in his lungs.

I’M BATMAN!” He said aloud.

About ten minutes later the doorbell started ringing again.. Vague immediately thought that it was Cindy so he laid the blunt on the floor and rushed downstairs to open the door.

Vague, could you please go help your father with the groceries?” Ahna said,

Vague hurriedly galloped to the car to help Al with the bags of groceries. Then Al and Ahna came in the front door. Ahna began sniffing.

What’s that smell?” She said.

The aroma was prevalent in the air, and it was lingering. Al and Ahna followed the stench and walked towards Vague’s room and into his bathroom.

Al was the first to see the blunt on the floor. He picked it up, analyzed it. Then he put it against his lips and took a drag. Vague and Ahna were at the doorway.

Why would you think that?” Al asked Vague.

They were all in Vague’s room, seated on top of the bed.

Because it’s a bad drug and parents are...” Vague began to say.

Al held his hand up and stopped him mid-sentence.

I thought I taught you better son.”

What do you mean?” Vague asked.

Al put his hand on Vague’s shoulder. “Vague. You are no longer an adolescence. Allah has made you grow up with much knowledge and intelligence. You are a very smart young man.” Al said.

Allah’s Laws have been made clear to you, so has His prohibitions.. Smoking is a sin, and you know that. If you choose to do it than you are allowed to at your own discretion, there is no compulsion on you. If you are brave enough to sin than you should also be brave enough to repent. I’m not going to sugar coat nothing for you son. Sins are bad, they’re very bad. But God’s forgiveness and His Mercy overcomes.” Al stated.

Then he put one finger on his chin and gave me a quizzical look. “I’mn just bewildered about one thing though.”

What’s that pops?”

Alfred look into Vague’s eyes and smiled. “I can’t believe that you was going to hide this fromc me. This sacred gift from God!” He said and held up the roach.

Vague laughed along with his father. “I wasn’t pops, I just thought that you was gon’ drawl about it.”

Al gave a melodious laugh and patted his son on his shoulder, then him and Ahna got up and exited the room. Vague remained. He laid down on the bed with his back.

So it turned out that Alfred wasn’t discouraged about the fact that his son was smoking weed, he was very understanding. Vague expected nothing less from his father, a thin smile spread across his face.

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