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Ahna continued... “Vague hon...” She said.

I didn’t know who or what. He was just a strange man that fell from the sky.” She continued.

She was referring to my father “Alfred”, who passed away 11 years ago. I’ve heard this story from her a million times already in the past. Which is why I sighed deeply when she began.

Omg Ahna please!” I said.

She placed her hand gently on my lap to assure me that she was going to continue, and indeed she did.

The only thing that I knew for sure about him was that he was truthful and that I could trust him. And that was sufficient for me.” Ahna said.

What I’m trying to say Vague is that if you really like this girl and want to be with her then you have ti be straight up with her and cannot be going behind her back.”

I never do!” I quickly retorted.

Ahna folded her arms across her chest and gave me the “mom” look.

I’ve seen you bring various women to your room Vague. Now you are a grown man, and can do whatever you please. But I’m just saying Vague, it’s not fair. I mean... Don’t you really like this girl?”

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