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The temperate summer breeze splashed on my face as I stepped out the house, The last couple of days have been very humid and sticky. This is the first day in the entire week that it has just been hot minus the humidity. I can’t say that I’m not happy about that. Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons, I just don’t like when the heat becomes overwhelming.

I was watching the news a few days ago and they was talking about how some elderly lady had a heat stroke in her apartment and died. I felt so bad about that, I almost cried, Immediately what I did was go in the bathroom to make Wudu, then stand in front of my Lord in prayer. I prayed, I prayed so hard. I don’t know how many rak’ahs I did. This lady, I don’t even know her. I never met her a day in my life. But she died, and she had a daughter and a grad-daughter. She had people that loved and cared about her, and she died. So I prayed for her, I don’t like when bad things happen, never did and I never will. I walked down the stairs of my front porch. Ahna’s red Nissan was parked in the driveway. And my H3 Hummer was parked right behind it.

I could’ve taken either of the two vehicles, but I thought not. I just decided to take my black Yamaha motorbike that was parked by the curb close to the sidewalk.

I hopped on it, turned the engine on and sped off.

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