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As I was riding I tried to play out what I was going to say in my head and how everything was going to occur. Too many scenarios, too many outcomes. I just didn’t know how or what. But I know one thing for sure, it had to be done. No more procrastination! I was on my way to Cindy’s house, that was my destination. That wasn’t going to be my first destination though. I first had to ride out of town and go into the inner city to a place called “Jared’s”. Jared’s is a fine jewlery store.

I had to ride out of town to go there. Me and Cindy both lived in the same town of Lansdowne in Delaware County, PA. As I was riding I stopped thinking about Cindy for a minute and began to think about the lady that passed away in her apartment due to the heat stroke. Her name was “Coretta”. Such a lovely name. And she was a retired school teacher. Her daughter was 41 years old, the same age as Ahna. Her two grandkids were both four and seven, two girls.

I arrived at Jared’s, parked my motorcycle and went inside to make my purchase. Afterwards, I came out, got on the bike and rode back to Lansdowne to Cindy’s apartment.

She lived at a small townhouse, which is like a studio apartment but no quite like.

When she was first apartment searching about two years ago she wanted to move into the close city of Philadelphia. I was the one who coerced her and told her not to.

I wanted her to be close to me, like she always was for nearly all my life. But she was worried about the price. I agreed that I would help her pay for it, so long as she lived close to me.

I got off the bike and walked up the steps and knocked loudly on her front door. About five seconds later Cindy opened the door. She was dressed in my old college basketball jersey, and a pair of jeans. She stared at me, I stared back.

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