Chapter 4

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The entire class burst out in laughter. I didn’t think it was very funny though. He was so close, he almost did it. I began to feel sympathetic for Sebastian, but then I remembered the time that he embarrassed me in a race in front of the whole class, in which he won and embarrassed me and made a complete fool out of me in front of the entire class. He could’ve just waved it off and acted like it was nothing, you know, modesty. But NO! He just had to call me names and make a fool out of me in front of everybody, even Mr. Bulk laughed a little bit, and he never laughs. I was so embarrassed on that day. I then sat down, all the mercy and sympathy that I felt for young Sebastian left my heart completely, now he knows how it feels.  

YOU GET AN ‘A’ FOR EFFORT BASH!” Screamed out Jahlisa.

Umm… Where did you come from?” I turned my head and said to her. She then put her hand in my face and put her two fingers together as a gesture for me to be quiet. “HUSH!” She said.

I didn’t want anybody else to feel a tad bit of sympathy for Sebastian, he was getting just what he deserved I thought.

No, actually he gets a C-“, said Mr. Bulk as a reply to Jahlisa’s statement.

That’s not fair!” Sebastian said to Mr. Bulk as he was still laying on the floor trying to catch his breath. “I almost did all of it I was only half off!”

I understand that Sebastian but we have been doing these pushups now for a few months and I have been telling you to do them at home consistently, if you adhered to my advice then you should be able to complete all of them with no problem.” Replied Mr. Bulk.

That made sense, I thought to myself. We have been doing these pushups for a pretty long time, frankly I’m surprised that Mr. Bulk hadn’t increased it to like 50 pushups or more. Mr. Bulk was very compassionate and merciful to his students, that’s another reason why I liked him so much.

Another row was up next. They were all able to do it except for one, Joe. He was a heavy pothead, and he experimented with different drugs, everybody knew him in the school and neighborhood as a druggy. He had a lot of older friends who were the upper class-men. That maybe was the reason why he was the way he was, peer pressure was no joke.

Joe was only able to do seven pushups and Mr. Bulk gave him a D-. Our row was up next. We all was able to do it, I thought Jahlisa was going to fall on her face like Sebastian did, and I was ready to laugh in her face, but then she completed them. The pushups for the females were different from the ones with boys, the females were able to lay on their stomach and push up with their forearms, while the boys had to elevate their stomach from above the floor and had to do it the real old fashioned way. I was able to do it all with no problem. I even went over what was expected of me, I was only supposed to do 20 but I went all the way up to 70.

EASY!” I said while getting up from the cold gym floor and brushing my hands on my pants. Of course I received an “A”, I wasn’t really surprised though.

is it possible that you cannot showoff please for one class period.” Said Jahlisa to me as I sat back down.

Is it possible that you could get braces to get your teeth straightened, them jawns look like they having a free for all in your mouth.” I said.

Jahlisa laughed and her mouth spread and I could see her smile. I wasn’t lying I thought to myself.

After the last row finished Mr. Bulk said that we could have free time and he brought out jump ropes, a few footballs and some basketballs. I grabbed a basketball and went to the court closest to me and began to shoot around by myself as I was waiting to go to my last class so I could go home and call Christy, she was all I could think about.


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