Chapter 4

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The last class that I had was Algebra I with Mr. Spica. This was maybe my favorite class for the whole day. Not because that I liked math or algebra or was good at it, on the contrary I actually hated math very much. I despised it because it burned my soul. I didn’t always used to hate math, I liked it very much and was actually pretty good at it in elementary school. But it seemed like when I got to middle-school that’s when everything got crazy for me in math. In elementary school we were doing math problems like “2+2=4”, “5x5=25”, and the like. But then when I got to middle school they started doing things like “4x+5y=?”. Umm… Where the hell did x and y come from. Idk them and I don’t know their parents or anything about them. They can both go to hell, that’s how I saw it.

I like this class because of the people I had in my class. Darrel was in it, and me and him was always rapping and making jokes of the other kids in the class, like Billy, who was an overweight Caucasian male. We liked to tease Billy a lot and say that he looked like this and that. And the whole class would burst out laughing every time we did it, including Billy. He knew we wasn’t really serious, and me or Darrel would always buy him chocolate milk and chocolate chip cookies during lunch to let him know that it’s all fun and joke. Billy didn’t come to class today, he was absent.

You know it’s the first day of Spring he’s waiting in the line at Rita’s.” Said Darrel. I chuckled a bit and so did a few other people in the class.

THAT’S NOT NICE DARREL!” Said Stacey, she was seated across from Darrel.

How would you like it if Billy talked about you while you were absent?” Said Stacey.

I wouldn’t really give a flying function overload.” Replied Darrel to Stacey’s statement. The whole class erupted in laughter. Darrel was a computer whiz, everybody knew that. He even had his own website and was one of the youngest teenagers to take a C++ class in the community college in our township. C++ is a computer based language. A function overload in C++ allows you to specify more than one definition for a function name or an operator in the same scope, which is called function overloading and operator overloading respectively. According to Darrel. He was always talking about these type of stuff in class and lunch, nobody ever knew what he was talking about, including me. We just nodded our head in response to him to make him feel good because Darrel was one of the biggest kids in school and he had muscles on his eyeballs, he was not the one to be messed with or piss off.

Okay okay haha now everybody calm down and pay attention.” Mr. Spica said to the class.

Spica then pulled out the smartboard he had in the class and began to write a few problems from the homework he gave us to do over the weekend. Luckily I did them this morning so I was not worried. He then asked us to pass our homework paper up to the front row. I quickly got the paper out of my binder and passed it up the row. All of the problems was most likely wrong. But Mr. Spica never checked for accuracy, he knew that the problems were hard to do and nobody was going to be able to do it. He just wanted to see if we made an effort to do. In which I did this morning at breakfast. I felt bad for Jerry though because I knew that my friend didn’t do it. I started thinking that maybe I should have let him copy off me this morning. Mhmm. Absolutely not, I thought to myself. Jerry should’ve been more attentive in doing his homework, he could’ve did what I did and completed it at breakfast this morning, but he didn’t even make an attempt. I can’t feel sorry for Jerry if he doesn’t even feel sorry for himself. He had this class earlier this morning. We all received the same assignments. I currently had a B- in the class, Jerry told me that he had a D+. I felt bad for my friend once I began to think about it, I didn’t want him to fail that class, if only he just put in a little bit of effort. It really wasn’t that hard to maintain a passing grade in the class, we haven’t really had any large quizzes or tests, we did have a few but they wasn’t really big or weighed a lot in the grade scale.

Any questions on the homework over the weekend?” Said Mr. Spica. He then scanned the classroom for any hands raised. I put my hand up. “Yeah I have a question.” I said to Mr. Spica. Even though I knew well enough that I didn’t have a question, I just wanted to act like I really did the homework and I was into it.

It’s for number 7, would it be better to use the substitution or elimination method to solve that problem?”

Mr. Jason in response to your question I would say that it’s better to just use the elimination method considering it’s a linear equation.” Replied Mr. Spica to me.

Oh ok,yeah that’s what I did, I just wanted to make sure because I was puzzled while I was doing it over the weekend.”

I saw you doing it this morning though at breakfast.” Said Darrel aloud, the whole class laughed. I gave Darrel a look like -__-

That’s not true Spica, I was really doing it over the weekend after my game.” I said.

Mr. Jason I’m not accusing you of anything, if you say you did it than that’s what you did, I can only go by your word. If you tell me that you did it than I believe you Mr. Jason, now can you please get up and collect all the papers and hand it to me please.”

I got up and picked up all the homework papers from every row just like Mr. Spica said. I then went to Mr. Spica’s desk in the front of the classroom and gave him all the papers that I collected.

Thank you Jason, now please have a seat.” Said Mr. Spica.

I then walked over to my table and sat down. The class period went so fast, it felt like three hours long, though it was only half of that. I kept looking at the clock, all I was thinking about was the class to be finished so I could go home and call Christy. She was all I could think about.

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