Chapter 7

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She didn’t respond. There was a slight pause. Then after about 7 seconds she responded.

What does the weather outside have to do with anything that we was previously talking about?” She asked me.

Absolutely nothing, I thought to myself. It has absolutely nothing to do with what we were previously talking about; I just wanted to change the topic of discussion. I knew tomorrow when I come over her house I’m going to end up having intercourse with her. But I didn’t want to tell her that though, because if I tell her then she might be reluctant to do it with me and may not want me to come over anymore. Girls are always worried about their dignity, and their pride. Most girls wouldn’t have intercourse with a guy she just met or started talking to. It was a gradual process and eventually it led to that stage. I wanted Christy… bad. I want to have intercourse with her, I want her to be my girl, I wanted her to be my wife, and the mother of my children, but I couldn’t let her know all that because if I do then that’s when she is going to start feeling like she has the upper hand and advantage over me, I have to play my cards very carefully if I truly wanted her to be mines.

“Why you always gotta ask so many questions? Why can’t you just shut up?” I asked her.

Christy laughed aloud, “Boy don’t tell me to shut up, say sorry.” Christy said.

“Umm… no, you say sorry.” I replied to her.

“Say sorry for what boy?” Christy asked me.

“For being fat and ugly.” I quickly said to her.

Christy laughed aloud, a wide smile spread across her face.

“You know I’m cute and you love me.” Said Christy.

I became shocked. So not only does she have good looks. But she can also read minds. Wow, this girl got it all!

“You stink, you smell like pee.” I said to Christy.

She gave a short laugh. “I’m finna sing you a song.” She said. Christy was telling me that she was getting ready to sing for me a song.

What you gon sing for me?” I asked her, I was very curious. Even though I couldn’t sing myself I loved to hear other people singing. Even if the singing was bad, as long as it was catchy I loved hearing it.

“Idk, what you want me to sing?” Christy asked me.

“Surprise me.” I said to her.

“Okay, you ever heard the song Hero by Mariah Carey?” She asked me.

I thought for a moment, that song sounded very familiar. I began to think harder, and then it came to me. I have heard that song, that’s the song that they played in my 6th grade graduation, I loved that song. After hearing it at my graduation I even went home on that same day and typed it up on YouTube to search for it. I was that type of person, whenever I heard a song that I liked at like a party or something I would remember that song and go home and search for it and put it on my phone. Idk if either that was a good thing or not, that was just me and I did it.

“Yes, I’m familiar with that content in which you are talking about.” I said to Christy in a nonchalant tone. Even though I was really ecstatic to listen to her sing I couldn’t let her know. I can’t manifest my emotional excitement to her. Because I have to put on a “bad boy, don’t care about anything attitude”, because that’s the type of boys that girls like. I had to act like that if I truly wanted Christy to be mines.

“You gon sing it for me?” I asked Christy

Yeah boy. I’m finna turn down the volume on my TV.” Christy said to me.

She was getting ready to sing for me. I could hear slight movements over the phone, and the TV volume reduced. She then sat up from the bed in which she was laying down on. She cleared her throat. Then she laughed. “You ready? She asked me.

I laughed back. “Yeah, I’m ready.” I said.

“Okay, don’t interrupt me until I’m done k?” She said.

“I got you.” I replied to her.

There was a brief pause, I began to think that she wasn’t going to sing, and I was getting ready to say “anytime now…”

And then she began… “There’s a heerroo, if you look inside your heart…” She sang.

She had beautiful singing voice, it was melodious, it was angelic, it was soft, it was… good. She was actually good. She was more than good actually, she was amazing!

She only sang the first few verses. “And the sorrow that you know, will melt away.” She finished off.

After she finished she became quiet. She just stopped. I could tell that she was too shy to speak. So I decided to break the ice for her.

“That was beautiful.” I said in a soft low voice while my face lit up.

“Really?” She asked me with a smile.

“Uhh… NO! That was terrible, you suck!” I said to her.

Christy scoffed at me. “Whatever boy.” She said.

“Sike naw, that was actually pretty good. How long you been singing for?” I asked her.

Christy gave a short laugh. “Ever since kindergarten, my teacher used to sing for us and she had a beautiful voice and I always wanted to sing like her.” She said.

“That’s awesome.” I said. “Sing something else?” I asked her.

“I’m tired, I’ll sing for you more tomorrow when you come over.” She said.

“Yeah, right after we smoke up and eat some Spanish rice and fried chicken.” I said to her.

Christy laughed aloud. “You never told me that you wanted fried chicken, you want me to make that also for you?” She asked me.

“Yes please, and some Mac n Cheese.” I said to her.

Christy smiled and rolled her eyes, “ok I got you.” Christy said.

“Yes! Is u gon make it for me before I come over or after I come over we can both make it, I’m probably gonna burn down your kitchen if you allow me to cook for you.” I said to her.

Christy laughed out loud. “I think I’ll just make it before you come, I don’t have a fire extinguisher at my disposal, and the fire station is not too close to my home.” Christy said.

“Okay yeah, I think maybe it would be best if you prepared it for me before I arrive.” I said to Christy,

Christy snickered lightly “Yeah Sherlock, I think that’s what I’m going to do.”

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