Chapter 8

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Christy’s long black hair covered her face as she held on to the tree branch and swung freely. I was right behind her swinging along, holding on to a different tree branch swinging. She looked back at me and smiled.

Why are you so slow?” She asked me as she was swinging.

I looked at her and didn’t say anything. I could see her entire face, and I was amazed, I was amazed by her beauty. Her long black hair, her smooth and spotless caramel skin, which shone and sparkled under the moonlit sky. Nobody else was around, it was just me and her, we was alone, in the… in the… Wait, where was we?

The vibration and loud blare of my Samsung Galaxy Note III woke me up. I was confused and in a daze as I woke up. It was Jerry calling. I picked up.

“Yoo?” I said drily in a sleepy tone of voice.

“Where you at bruh?” My friend asked me over the phone.

I scratched my eyes and yawned. I didn’t quite know what my friend was asking me.

“What?” I said, as I gave another yawn and stretched my arms out.

“Where… are… you… at?” Jerry said to me, slower this time so I could fully understand the words coming out his mouth. Now I understood what he was saying. He wanted to know where I was currently at. That’s a pretty rhetorical question I thought to myself.

“Where do you think I’m at Sherlock?” I replied to my friend in another low tone of voice.

Jerry snickered. “I’m finna come over and we gon walk over to Joe’s, in like 20 minutes.” He said to me over the phone.

I removed the phone from my ears and looked at the time. “6:25am!”

“Ard I’ma be over here.” I quickly said to my friend then clicked the “End Call” button before even telling him goodbye. I had no time to waste. I went to my recent calls and scrolled down to Christy’s name. I hurriedly called her. Hopefully she still wouldn’t be sleep.

The phone rang once, twice, on the third ring that is when she picked up.

“Hello…” Christy’s soft low voice came on. It sounded like she was still half sleep.

“You just woke up?” I asked her.

She didn’t answer, there was a pause. After a few seconds she finally answered, “no” she said. I couldn’t make out the way that she was sounding. Either she didn’t want to talk to me, or she was really tired, I couldn’t tell.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her with a concern tone of voice over the phone.

There was another pause, she didn’t answer. After a few seconds of silence I asked her “Are you okay?”

There was another pause, but this time it wasn’t as long as the first one. “Yes.” She said.

“I just…” She continued, and then she stopped.

“You just what?” I urged her to finish what she was saying.

She didn’t answer the question, there was another long pause.

“How did you sleep?” She finally said.

I wanted to tell her about the dream that I had about me and her, but in my mind I just knew that’s not what she wanted to say to me. I just knew.

“What’s wrong? You just what…?” I asked her again over the phone.

Christy sighed, and then she gave a short snicker over the phone.

“Do you remember last night, and our conversation?” She asked me.

I thought to myself, I began recollecting everything that we discussed over the phone last night.

“How could I forget?” I said to her softly over the phone.

“And… do you remember the things that you said to me?” Christy asked me again.

“Clear as day.” I responded to her.

“I want you to keep that in mind when you come over today, okay?” Christy said to me.

“Why you want me to keep it in mind?” I said to her. It’s not like I was going to forget the things that I told her, I just wanted for her to tell me the reason as to why she wanted me to remember those things when I come over her house later on today.

Christy began to say something and then she paused. “I wasn’t able to go to sleep last night Jason.” She said to me.

Well that must explain the sleepiness in her voice.

“How come?” I asked her concernedly.

“I… I…I’ll tell you when you come over today.” She said to me.

“Why can’t you tell me now?” I asked her with a lot of concern in my voice.

“Because... Jason... I rather tell you in person.” She replied back to me.

I was curious now. What could it be that she possibly wanted to tell me? I started thinking hard. Maybe it had to do with what I told her last night. But what did I tell her? I started thinking back. I told her… I love her? No. I told her that… She completes me? No, of course not, that’s too cheesy; I would never say something like that. Ahh! Now I remember. It came to me and struck me. I started remembering everything that me and Christy had talked about last night. I told her that she made me happy and that I wanted to be with her. But that was only a tip of the ice berg. There was a lot more in store that I had to disclose to her. I have to tell her that I want to marry her, and that I want her to be my wife, and I have to tell her most importantly, that I love her. I finally realized my feelings for her now. What I was feeling was love, there was no other way to explain it. I was sure about it. If it wasn’t love then I would not be so willing to marry her. I wanted to tell her, everything. I wanted to be with her, this is definitely what I wanted, I did not have a speck of doubt in my mind. I thought about skipping school and just going straight to her house, but the school does this thing in which they call the student’s house if they don’t show up for their home class, if my mom or dad finds out that I skipped school then that probably wouldn’t be a good look. I would just have to get through the day. It was only about 6-7 hours, it won’t be that long.

“I’m not going to school today, I’m finna just come over now.” I said to her. I was lying of course, but I wanted to know what she was going to say.

“Boy go to school and get your eduma-cation, you can come over afterwards.” Christy said in a low voice.

I heard her, but I wasn’t listening. I just wanted to go over there and see her, and be with her, and kiss her, and… I started thinking about what my father told me. He trusted me, and I can’t break the trust that he had given me.

“What you gon be doing all day today when you not at school?” I asked Christy.

She paused. “Try to catch some sleep.” She said. “And lay here and wait for you…” She added.

SCHOOL CAN WAIT! I smiled to myself. “You still gon cook for me?” I asked her.

“Yes boy, you want fried chicken with some Mac n Cheese and fried rice, it’s gon be waiting for you when you come.” She told me.

A wide smile spread across my face. I wonder what else is gon be waiting for me? I wanted to ask her.

I smiled and instead I said to her “I’ma call you after I get out school shawty.”

Christy laughed lightly. “Okay boy, you better.” She said.

Okay bye.” I said.

Goodbye.” She said.

There was a long pause on the phone; I could still hear her breathing.

“Hang up!” I said to her while smiling.

“Boy, I’m waiting on you.” She said

The smile on my face widened. “You got me over here cheesing, feeling some typa way.” I said to her. I was telling Christy that she was making me smile a lot and she had me feeling a certain kind of way, I speculated that she already knew the type of way that she had me feeling.

“What kind of way Jason.” She asked me.

I didn’t answer the question. “Okay on the count of three let’s both hang up at the same time.” I said to her.

She paused for a minute before she answered. “Okay.” She said.

“Okay, 1…2…3.” I said.

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