Chapter 9

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Violet didn’t respond to Jason’s question, she began to think… She knew that Jason really wanted to find Joe for some reason; she didn’t know what that reason was. All she knew that she wanted Jason, really bad, right now, and she had to have him.

“I saw him going up to the fourth floor after second period.” Violet said to Jason as she began to play with her hair in front of Jason.

“You think he might still be there?” Jason looked at Violet and said to her. He noticed the flawless smooth skin of Violet, and her hair, and he noticed the way that she was looking at him. Jason ignored all that, all he knew was that he had to find Joe and give him the money.

“He should be yeah, that’s where his last class is, room 4325, right next to the broom closet, do you know it?” Violet asked Jason.

He nodded his head in response. He knew exactly what room Violet was talking about.

“Yeah thanks, I’m bouta go check it out right now!” Jason said to Violet as he got up from the table and started to head for the elevator to go to the fourth floor.

The school had a total of four floors. The one that he was in right now was the second floor, which was where the cafeteria was and most of the classrooms were. In order to get to the fourth floor he could either take the elevator or he could just use the stairs. He decided to just take the stairs because that would be faster.

Violet knew that Jason was going to be up there in a few minutes, and she didn’t have any time to waste. As soon as she was sure that Jason had left the cafeteria, she began to get up.

“Hey girl, how about I put some more mayonnaise on your chicken patty?” Jerry said to Violet as she was getting up. She looked at him as Jerry held up the half eaten chicken patty sandwich to her face.

“Eeww!” Violet said to Jerry. Then she got up from the table and left the cafeteria.

Jason climbed up the stairs and ascended quickly, taking two steps at a time. He didn’t want to miss Joe. When he got to the fourth floor he found that the hallways were empty. He then began to walk towards room number 4325, the one that Violet had told him to go to. He knew exactly where the room was located at. Since he had taken the stairs rather than the elevators, he was on the other side of the fourth floor, the room that Joe was in was on the other side. If he had taken the elevator then the elevator would’ve dropped him off right by the janitor’s broom closet, and the room was right next to it. Jason had been to the fourth floor many times before. That was where the library was at, and that was where Mr. Keen’s biology class was at last semester. He was taking that class last semester, even though he didn’t do well in the class and he ended up flunking it because he didn’t apply himself, which is why he had to take the same biology class for this semester. Even though Mr. Keen was very lenient, he was no fool. He didn’t want Jason to fail or perform badly in his class, but he wasn’t applying himself. He would often come to class late, not do the assignments that he gave him, do bad on the tests, and talk during his lectures and not pay attention. Mr. Keen would have to be a fool to have given him a passing grade. He could only give Jason what he earned, and he earned a failing grade. This semester he noticed that Jason was actually doing much better and actually applying himself, which is why he was more lenient towards him and gave him more ease. Jason was coming to class now everyday on time, doing all of his assignments, and he wasn’t doing the best on the tests, but he knew that he was trying and that was enough for him. This is why he gave Jason an extra day to retake the test that he had forgotten about. If he knew that Jason didn’t care, or if that was anybody else that asked him who was flunking, like Jerry, then he would’ve told him no. But he knew Jason, and even though he knew that Jason was high and intoxicated, which is most likely the reason why he had forgotten about the test that he had today. He did not agree of young kids smoking marijuana or consuming it, or any drug in that matter. But some of his students who had the top grades in his class they were pot smokers, he would notice that they were high while they would come to class, he would also notice that would not prevent them from performing well on the tests or participating in the class. So he wasn’t really complaining, so long as the kids were able to keep par with their grades.

Jason kept walking and made a right turn when he got to the library. The UFO that had previously been following Jason was no longer on his tail, nor were the aliens following him. The UFO had now transformed into a white light, similar to the one that he saw earlier this morning while he was smoking at Joe’s basement. One of the aliens had now transformed into a miniature angel looking figure with a really bright face, and tiny wings that extended from out of his shoulder, and the other alien was now a demonic looking figure, with bumps and worms coming out of his face, and every time he opened his mouth smoke would come out, as if he had just swallowed a dynamite that exploded in his mouth. Both of them were miniature sized, they could not have been much taller than a gargoyle, or a life sized doll. But despite their small size they still managed to walk and keep up pace with Jason. Though they did not talk, Jason would look at them and wave his hands, but they only stared at him as if they had never seen him before, as if he was the anomaly and they were the normal ones. They did not talk to Jason, so Jason did not talk to them. They only looked at Jason and followed him as he walked in the hallway.

Violet got in the elevator and she knew that Jason had most likely taken the stairs and he was on the other side of the fourth floor, and the elevator was going to take her right next to the broom closet, where she wanted to make her move. She knew that the room that he had told Jason that Joe was going to be in was an empty room; it was only used as a spare room in the fourth floor. The Spanish class that she was taking last semester used it at times, but that class was moved to the third floor, so now nobody was using it and it’s empty throughout the whole day. She had taken that Spanish class last semester and her Spanish teacher Ms. Sanchez was the one that informed her that the class was going to be moving to the third floor. She decided not to take Spanish this semester, she was just going to pick it up again when she went to the 9th grade next semester. She really liked Spanish, and she got an “A-“ last semester when she took it with Ms. Sanchez. If she wanted to take Spanish again this semester then that would mean that she would have to take another class and have to leave school at 2:25pm, just like everybody else, and she didn’t want that. She liked leaving to go home right after lunch. She was just going to take Spanish II next year in High-School.

The elevator dropped her off right where she wanted, outside of the broom closet and around the corner from room 4325. She got off the elevator and started walking into the room. When she went inside the room nobody was there, just like she had expected. Only a few empty chairs, a window with a closed curtain, and a smart board with a black monitor. She knew that nobody ever comes inside this room, so it was perfect for her to make her move.

She quickly removed her glasses, then she unbuttoned the top of her shirt a little bit, which revealed a bit of her cleavage. Violet then took one of the chairs, she crossed her legs and sat down, then she patiently waited for Jason to enter.

A few minutes later Jason entered room 4325. The first thing he noticed was the emptiness of the entire class, and then he noticed that the lights were off, it looked like nobody had been in that classroom for a few weeks. As he looked around he saw the smart board with a black monitor, and then he noticed somebody sitting down on one of the chairs. It was a girl, she had her legs crossed, and she was staring at Jason as he was standing there.

She got up and said nothing, she started to walk towards Jason and approach him as she looked at him with fire in her eyes. Jason stood there motionless. She stared at Violet back in her eyes as she looked at him in hers. She had removed her glasses, Jason could now see in her soul. She was burning with desire.

She came a few inches into Jason’s face. She looked up at Jason, and Jason looked down on her. Then, she came forward closer and locked lips with Jason.

She placed her hands under Jason’s shirt as they stood there kissing. Violet could tell by the way that Jason kissed her that he wanted her just as bad as she wanted him.

Jason kissed Violet like he had never kissed a girl before, he completely lost all control of his actions, and he became lost with Violet with her tongue. He then grabbed Violet by the waist and lifted her up, and then he pushed her up against the wall and continued kissing her passionately. Violet’s back was against the wall as she wrapped her arms around Jason’s neck and continued kissing him. She then began to open her legs, and she slid her palm underneath Jason’s pants. She wanted him to have complete entrance into her.

As Jason was kissing Violet his eyes were closed, as he began to kiss her neck his eyes opened up a bit. He then saw the miniature angel looking figure and the demonic figure. They stared at him and didn’t say anything. The demonic looking figure was shaking his head really fast, and the angel looking figure had tears in his eyes with his head down, he looked as if he was disappointed. As Jason looked at the angel looking figure an image of his father appeared in his head.

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