Chapter 9

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The tears that were in the eyes of the miniature angel looking figure were now falling down profusely. Even though I knew that it was crying, it wasn’t making any sound. The demonic looking figure was now nodding his head really fast with a big smile on its face. I didn’t have a chance to put the pieces together in my head and analyze the mise en scène, all I knew was that Violet had the softest lips, and I wanted to have her really bad.

Violet began to moan lightly as I pushed her harder against the wall. She now had her hands completely inside my pants, I began to wonder how she even managed to loosen up my belt and put her hands inide my pants, but I didn’t care. I allowed her tiny, soft, and pliable fingers to caress and roam inside my pants freely.

I then began to delve my face into her chest and continued to kiss her. There was nothing in the world that I wanted more than Violet at that instant. I began to take off her shirt and her blouse with my teeth, she pushed and pressurized her chest against my mouth, signaling for me to proceed. I did exactly what she wanted, I managed to completely take off her shirt with my teeth and they dropped on the carpeted classroom floor. As I was kissing Violet the demon looking figure and the angel began to come closer to me. They were no longer standing, now they were floating, and they had shrunk in size greatly. They were no longer the size of a gargoyle or a life size doll, now they were the size of a finger, or a pencil, and the light that was emanating from below them and following them had now mysteriously vanished, there was no more light, there was only the two figures, and they were coming closer and closer. Violet’s finger went deeper and deeper into my pants, her hand wandered freely, now they were pulling and tugging, I didn’t want her to stop, and I didn’t want this feeling to stop. I was not familiar with this particular type of feeling; I have never experienced it before. All that I could feel was Violet’s hands, they were warm, all that I could taste was her tongue, they were wet and sweet.

The angel and demon looking figure were now standing right above my shoulders, the angel looking figure was on my right shoulder and the demon looking figure was on my left shoulder. The demon looking figure came closer to my left ear and whispered something to me, but I could not hear what he was saying. It was like it wasn’t even talking. The more that it whispered in my ear the more that my temptation grew for Violet, the more I kissed her, the more I pushed my body weight against her on the wall. The angel looking figure also whispered in my ear, but just like the demon looking figure, I couldn’t hear what it was saying. No sound was coming out. The more that it whispered to me the more of a sinking feeling I got in my stomach, the more my heart sunk, the more I wanted to stop, the more that my father’s face came in my head. I couldn’t hear the angel looking figure’s voice but I could hear my father’s voice. A video of the scene that me and him had the previous night appeared in my head, I wasn’t able to recall all of it though. The only thing that I could remember was the words that he told me when he said “don’t have sex with her.” Those were the only words that I could remember my father saying to me for some reason, though I knew that he said more to me, but I wasn’t able to recall. I tried, but I couldn’t. As I kept trying, as I kept kissing Violet, as she kept pulling with her hands inside my pants and tugging. A picture of Christy appeared in my head. Christy’s smile, her laugh, her voice, her breath. Then I remember that I called her this morning while I was smoking with Joe and Jerry. I called her and told her that I love and miss her, and that I want to marry her. I told her all that, but she didn’t respond because she was sleeping. But… what if she wasn’t? What if she wasn’t sleeping? What if she heard everything that I told her? What if she just wanted me to believe that she was sleeping because she didn’t have a response to give me? What if she has been thinking about it all morning? What if she was going to tell me YES?

“Yes Jason! I want to marry you, I want to be your wife, I love you.” The image came to Jason’s head. That is a strong possibility. Who knows? She could actually feel the same way about me that I feel about her.

But how would she feel if she found out that me and Violet…

The tears stopped flowing from the angel looking figure’s eyes. Now they were just staring blankly at me. I then knew that I had to stop also, just like the tears had stop, I had to stop. I drew my head back and stopped kissing Violet, I then took her hands out my pants and began to tighten my jeans with my belt.

“What’s wrong?” Violet said to me with a confused look on her face. She only had her blouse on and her tights pants was falling off, and her straight hair was now ruffled and a mess. I had taken off her shirt in the heat of the moment.

“I have to go.” I said to her while fixing my belt. I didn’t look at her in the face while I said that. Because for some reason, if I look at her in the face I would be more inclined to her, and I would want to continue doing what I wanted with her, and I knew that I couldn’t do that, no matter how bad I wanted to.

“Why?” Violet said to me, as she placed her hand on my chest. She could feel my heart beating fast, she could feel how bad I wanted her, but she didn’t know why I wanted to leave.

I can’t do this, I have to go.” I finished fixing my pants and turned around and started to head for the door. Violet then reached over and grabbed my hands. “Wait...” She said. She drew closer to me. The top of her head perhaps reached to my belly button. She kneeled down.

“I don’t want you to leave.” Violet said as she began to loosen up my belt again. The pants that I had just tied up now fell to the floor, only my sneakers were on. I stood there in the middle of the classroom staring at Violet as she was on her knees. Her hands went in my pants again, and then she drew it out.

Her mouth was warm, her saliva was wet, her tongue was soft, and they went all over. She didn’t make any sound as she was doing it; all that I could hear was the sounds that she was making with her jaw and her spit.

I didn’t want her to stop, I didn’t want that feeling to stop, I closed my eyes. I allowed her to continue, she was very skilled, I could tell that she had done this before many times. But I didn’t care, I just wanted her to keep going. My eyes closed tighter, my heart began to beat faster. Even though my eyes were closed, I could still manage to see the angel looking figure, the demon looking figure was not there, idk where it had gone to.

The angel was now just staring at me, with a frown on its face, and it was slowly shaking its head from side to side. I didn’t know why. Why was it shaking its head? Why was it frowning? Why was my heart beating so fast? Why, why, why? I had so many questions, but no answers. I knew that the only way to get the answers that I wanted was to make Violet stop, but I didn’t know how, and I didn’t want her to stop. I just wanted… I just wanted…

CHRISTY! That’s who I wanted. I wanted to see her, I wanted to hear her voice, I wanted to embrace her, I wanted to tell her all the things that I was too shy to tell her yesterday on the phone. This was not the way, Violet was not the way. What I was doing was wrong, it was not right, I had to stop, I wanted to stop, but I didn’t know how.

I grabbed Violet’s head lightly and pulled it back, then I put my pants back on and started to head for the door out of the classroom. I had to go to Christy’s house. I had to be with her, I had to be with my wife!

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