Ismail AS

A son of a great Prophet

Prophet Ismail(PBUH)

Prophet Jesus
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Prophet Ismail(PBUH)
  • When his(Ibrahim's) wife Sarah(PBUH) felt for him, being such a good man who always made Dua
  • Ya Allah, grant me offspring who will be pure, who will serve your cause
  • Offspring who will surrender to you just like I have
  • So his wife decided to give him the servant that she had had in marriage
  • And Allah SWT decided then to bless Ibrahim AS with a child; Ismail AS
  • So after Allah SWT blessed him with a child, he was instructed after some time
  • To take this wife of his and the child and to move on the Earth
  • Until he got to a certain place which was completely barren, it had nothing on it, it was just soil, and it was a very very hot place
  • And Allah SWT described it.. and that isw the Valley of Makkah
  • When he got to Makkatul Mukarrama, Allah SWT told him: Leave this women and the child, and go!
  • And he started walking
  • He(Isma'il) was breasted for a while and then the food ran out and everything dried up Subhan'Allah
  • And the mother is looking at the child, and she says: No, I must make an effort to try and look for some food
  • So she decided to go up the hollock, the Mount Safa
  • She went up the mountain and she's looking.. is there any sign? No sign, no life, no movement, no nothing
  • So she came down making Du'a to Allah and when she gets to the bottom, she's running. Why is she running at the bottom?
  • Because she wants to get to the top of the other mountain on the other side
  • And she doesn't want to miss anyone who might pass whilst she's at the bottom
  • So she runs at a specific place and then she climbs up, she is in Marwa
  • She makes Du'a again for sustenance; Ya Allah, send us some goodness, ya Allah, you are the one.. we know you will not let us down
  • And a couple of times she ran up and down, and down and up, Allahu Akbar
  • Making Du'a, looking, checking, then she heard a sound and she's looking, what sound is this?
  • And she came down and she looked at where the child was, and there was a spring of water gushing from nowhere
  • Subhan Allah
  • A spring of water gushing from nowhere, she looked at it and she thanked Allah SWT
  • She sat down and she wanted to gather the water, so she created a basin like structure
  • Small little basin like structure with her hands with the muddy sand that now became like clay and mud because it was wet
  • So she began to say in the language: Zam Zam Zam Zam, it means stop, stop, stop, stop
  • Because we want to now take you and drink you, so you stop
  • To this day we have this water known as Zam Zam from the same well

  • After some time, the birds began to come, when the birds began to come and they were drinking from there
  • In the middle of the desert, the middle of the desert, no life was there
  • And caravans used to pass, and in the heat of the moment they're looking for birds
  • Why are they looking for birds?
  • Not to hunt the birds, but wherever you see a bird you know there is some water near by
  • So the clan of Jurhum was passing from that area and they noticed some birds in the middle of nowhere. They were not expecting them
  • So they decided to check up on what's happening, and they sent someone. Go and see where these birds are flying to
  • So the birds had gone and they were sitting around this well nand the water was gushing
  • They were drinking and this messenger finds a woman with a little baby
  • So he went back to his people, the people of Jurhum, the caravan and he explained to them
  • They were very very amazed. They came, they knew this is a miracle so they asked the woman
  • Do you mind if we live here? Why, becauses there's water running from here, it's gushing,
  • That doesn't happen in that particular desert. Doesn't happen. Water gushing from underneath
  • From that she realized these people have good character, they are disciplined people, they are cultured
  • So she said: Look you can come and stay here on condition, that this water belongs to us, not to you
  • We will allow you to drink from it, but it's our property, not yours. So you can drink and benefit

  • They stayed there, they were very very happy and they loved the little child (Isma'il)
  • And as the child grew, they taught him Arabic, they were pure Arabs, they taught him Arabic
  • They taught him manners and so on and as he grew up, his father used to come and go
  • His father, Ibrahim AS when he came back at one stage he had seen
  • Masha'Allah! This is the set up and he was quite happy with it and he used to come, and he used to go
  • And thereafter one day; As Ibrahim came into Makkah and he was lying down, he had a dream
  • Where Ibrahim AS one night he will see himself slaughtering his own son Isma'il
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