Ya Allah, today is the Day of Arafah, and I am fasting. Please answer

Ya Allah, it is You Who is One. It is You Who has no partners. It's clear to see that You are the Only God. I will never associate any partnership, not a SPECK!. You have no partners, so why would I associate partnership with You, would that not be stupid? Ya Allah You are the only One I worship. YOU ARE GOD!. I have come to the final conclusion that You are the Only true God and You are the only One Who is worthy of being worshipped. Why do I worship You? Is it because You are all Powerful and You Know all? All of that is true, and that is part of the reason why I worship You; The main reason as to why I worship You is because of Who you are. You are God. You have created me. You have given me life, You are so merciful to me always how can I not worship You? My Lord, You have done sooo much for me, and You have more in store for me, You are so nice to me Ya Allah. I love you Ya Rabb. Ya Allah,

You are attributed with eternal Knowledge. You Know all Ya Rabb. Your Knowledge encompasses all. If it happens, then You know it happened, if it didn't happen then You Know it didn't happen, if it is going to happen in the future then You know that it's going to happen in the future, if it happened in the past then You know that it already happened. Even if it doesn't happen then You still know how it would've been if it did happen. Ya Allah you Know all. You are Aleem and You are Hakeem. You are absolutely omniscent, and not only do you Know all but You are also the most wise(Hakeem). You are not some man in the sky with a long white beard with reading glasses on with his legs folded like some of us might say, may You protect us from such blasphemy. No, that is not You, rather You are just wise and You know all. For example: I smoke weed a lot Ya Allah, that is a sin. You Know(Aleem) that is a sin in which I should not be doing. That is part of Your all encompassing Knowledge. There is a reason behind why you have made it into a prohibition, sometimes I'm not able to see that reason. Now this is where your Wisdom(Hakeem) comes into play. One day I had smoked weed and I got extremely intoxicated and I went to the bus stop to sit and wait for the bus, while I was at the bus stop there was an elderly woman there, she had to be at least like 90+, she was really old Ya Allah. And then the wind started to blow really hard, and then I just started feeling really cold. And then I zipped up my hoodie and turned to the old lady who only had a T-Shirt on and asked her "aren't you cold?" She looked at me and smiled and she said "I'm not feeling very cold". I'm thinking like "lady you trippin, it's cold!" And then I pull out my phone to look at the temperature, it said 59 degrees Ya Allah, that's not cold! I was the one tripping, the lady was not lying. I started thinking to myself "how come this old 90 year old lady is not feeling cold and I am?" And then it just came to me Ya Allah. It was because I was high Smoking marijuanna kills your white blood cells and destroys your immune system which makes one more vulnerable to getting sick. And then that's when I started thinking to myself "I really need to stop smoking weed it's not good for me". You was the one that Willed for that to happen because You are Wise(Hakeem) enough to know that if that happens to me it can make me come into fruition and I can maybe realize that smoking weed is not good and I can maybe talk some sense into myself. Ya Allah that is Your attribute of Knowledge.

Ya Allah, your next attribute is "no simliarity with the creation". Ya Allah, You said in Ayah 11 of Suratush-Shura Laysa kamithlihi shay’. This means that You do not resemble anything in any way. This is because everything is weak, all the creations are weak and You are all Powerful. If you are like me in any way I dare not worship you. Because look at me Ya Allah, I am weak. There's so many things that I am not able to do. And there are so many things that I am in need of, and You can do all and You are not in need of nothing. Also Ya Allah, there are others like me, there are other creations who look like me and have the same physiological state as me, and You are just One.

Your next attribute is Oneness. You are One Ya Allah. You have no partners. Ya Allah, the fundamental message of Islam is Tawheed/Monotheism. We only believe in One God, YOU! Ya Allah Your attribute of Oneness means that You have no partners and you are not distinguishable, you cannot be distinguished into parts. Ya Allah, you are a complete One. But you cannot be likened to a whole though, because a whole is a creation, and You have no similarity to the creation. So it would not be permissible for one to say "Allah is a whole like a pizza". No, we do not say that. Now a pizza might be a whole, like you can go to like Papa Johns or something and get one whole pizza. But that whole pizza can be distinguished into parts and distributed in a way that more than one person can get a slice of pizza, and also that whole pizza can have partners. Another person can order another whole pizza and it can look just like the other whole pizza. Ya Allah this is not You. YOU ARE NOT A PIZZA!

Ya Allah, Your next attribute is Will. If it happens, then You Willed for it to happen. If it does not happen then You did not Will for it to happen. The reason why we say "Insha'llah"(God-Willing) is because no one knows your Eternal Will, but we hope for the best. We are ordered to be between fear and hope in Islam. We hope for the best and we fear for the worst. The best thing that can happen to us is going to Paradise, the worst thing that can happen to us is going to Hellfire.

Ya Allah, Your next attribute is Hearing. You are As-Sami. You are the All Hearer. Your attribute of Hearing is not similar to my hearing in any way. In order for me to hear what do I need? I need my ears Ya Allah, in order for me to hear sounds I need my ears, and in order for me to listen to music what do I need? I need my headphones, without my headphones I am not able to hear the sound frequency of the music, because it is far too small and minute. Right now I am not able to hear what's going on in Mississippi, or in a neighbouring county, I'm not even able to hear what's going on outside right now. Why is that? Because my hearing is defeated and You have put a certain restaint on my hearing. There is no restrain on Your Hearing Ya Allah, and it is not defeated in any way. You are Able to hear everything at anytime and it is not imperfect or defeated in any way.

Ya Allah, Your next attribute is Everlastingness. Ya Allah, You are Baqee. You are Everlasting. You have no beginning and You have no ending. You keep going on for infinity and You do not end. It is impossible for You to ever come to an end or for You to die, it is IMPOSSIBLE!

Ya Allah, Your next attribute is non-neediness. You are not in need Ya Allah, of absolutely nothing. You are independent. Me, I need to do many things, I need to eat, I need to drink water, I need to sleep, I need to urinate, Ya Allah this is not like You. YOU DO NOT PEE, because the one who needs to pee is weak, and You are not weak nor deficient in any way.

Ya Allah, Your next attribute is Sight. You are Baseer. You See all Ya Allah. I watch a lot of porn Ya Allah, that is a sin. While I'm watching porn I always do it in the privacy of my home or in a disclosed area where nobody can see. But I still have Knowledge of You watching me Ar-Raqeeb, the Watchful. There is absolutely nothing that is hidden from You. In order for me to see what do I need? I need my eyes, which are organs, and You see all without any organ needed. In order for me to see clearer what do I need? I need my glasses which is an instrument, without my glasses I'm not able to see clear at all. But this is not like You, You can see all without any organ or instrument needed.

Ya Allah, Your next attribute is Life. Ya Allah, You are Al-Hayy. Your Eternal Life is not similar to my life at all. In order for me to have life what do I need? I need a body, soul, organs etc... But this is not like You, You do not have any organs or a soul or a body, yet You are alive, and you are always alive. Because it is impossible for You to die.

Ya Allah, Your next attribute is Existence, you exist Ya Rabb. I cannot see you, I cannot feel you, but I know that you are real. You are out there Ya Allah. And You are not like part of me or inside me or anything like that, and some people say(and may You protect us from such blasphemy)"God is love" or other statements like those. This is not true, we do not say that. Rather we say, "God exists but He is not similar to us in any way" Ya Allah, You Exist. How do I know this? Because I exist, so who made me exist? There are only three possibilities: Either I created myself, I was created from something else that was created, or there's an All Mighty All Powerful Creator Who made me Ya Allah You made me, You are my Lord, You exist.

Ya Allah Your next attribute is Eternity. You are ETERNAL, like I previously said before Ya Rabb it is impossible for You to die. All of Your attributes are Eternal. Ya Allah, my weak mind is not able to conceive the concept of "eternity" so I am not able to fathom this or any of Your attributes. But just because I don't understand it does not mean that it's not real or it's not there, no Allah, Your attributes are real and you are real and Eternal, I'm just not able to fathom You because I am a weak creation, but Insha'llah You will one day put me to better understanding.

Ya Allah, Your final attribute is Power YOU ARE POWERFUL Al Muqtadir. And Your attribute of Power is not related to the mental impossibility in any way. The mental impossibility is: This refers to what the mind does not conceive its existence, i.e., that to which existence does not apply. The existence of a partner with Allah is an intellectual impossibility, because existence does not apply to it, i.e., the mind does not conceive its existence.

Ya Allah, You are my Lord. I follow you and I willingly submit to You. I am the "Abd", and You are the "Rabb", You are the one that I worship with no partners. I love you Ya Allah. And I have Yaqeen in you, I am certain of Your Existence.

Ya Allah, I humbly ask You to please raise the rank of our master and the best of Your creations Prophet Muhammad(sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) and protect his Muslim nation from that which he fears. Ya Allah, he is the best of us. You chose him to be the best, he was the best teacher to ever live and the kindest and most merciful of Your creations. Bless Him Ya Rabb! Raise his rank 5x and protect his Muslim nation from that which he fears.

Ya Allah, raise the rank of my father Ibrahim AS. Bless him Ya Rabb and please allow me to see him one day. Ya Allah, raise the rank of Eesa PBUH bless him Ya Rabb, and return him back to us so he can rule! Raise his rank and bless him and his entire family Ya Rabb
Ya Allah, my sins! My sins are like Mount Uhud and Mount Everest put together. Everyday I am in fear that this great mountain of sins is just going to drop down on me and kill me. Please destroy this mountain Ya Rabb. All the sins that I do Ya Rabb, forgive me. I smoke weed, I watch porn, I have pre-marital sex, I stare at girls like they are a piece of meat. I AM WEAK YA RABB! forgive me. Those are all sins, but nontheless, those are sins that my Lord can easily forgive with no problem. Ya Allah, just forget about them sins, just discount them Ya Rabb and throw them away, convert all those sins into good deeds Ya Rabb, You are Able! Ya Allah I regret having done every sin because I have disobeyed my Lord, my Lord Allah Azzawajal, the Almighty and Most Merciful Lord is so kind to me and He gives me all these provisions, and all that He asks of me is to not do these "small petty sins". And I try so hard, I really do, but I... just can't. And it's not like it is impossible for me to not do these sins because Prophet Muhammad SAWS was able to control himself and he was a man just like me. Forgive me Ya Rabb. I am sorry. And I promise You for as long as I live I will never smoke weed, fornicate, or watch porn again a day in my life YOU HAVE MY WORD!

Ya Allah, bless me Ya Rabb. Please make my last words be the Shahada and allow me to die in a state of submission to You. Grant me Jannah Ya Rabb, grant me JANNAH TUL FIRDOS! Help me in all my problems and make things easier for me, please Ya Allah, help me Ya Rabb, shower me with blessings.

Ya Allah, bless my mother and father. My mother right now is in that country and she is suffering, she's struggling and she doesn't have anything. That woman gave birth to me and she took care of me while I was younger, please bless her Ya Allah, I love her. Please bless me to be able to bring her to this country so that I can kiss her feet and take care of her and her children.
Please guide my father Ya Rabb. My father is confused and he has gone astray. He wants to kill me and he told me that he hates me. I didn't do nothing to him Ya Rabb. Bless him and guide him, Ya Allah you are Haddee. I don't want to die Ya Rabb. Because if I die then I won't get a chance to do any more good deeds and secure my spot in Jannah. Please help me Ya Allah, don't let this man kill me, don't let him make me suffer. Ya Allah You are All Aware(Khabeer) You Know everything that is going on. This man, my father, is not my contemporary. You have ordered me to treat him nice and live with him well and I do just that. This man worked very hard to bring me to this country and he has done a lot for me Ya Allah, and I am SO VERY GREATFUL. But now he wants to kill me, why? What did I do to him. Him and his wife Salamatu Tunkara do not like me and they both want me to die, they are plotting against me Ya Rabb. Protect me from these people. I just want a long life just so I can do many good deeds and secure my spot in Jannah Tul Firdos. Him and his wife Salamatu Tunkara does not want that for me. They want me to perish and die. Ya Allah. You do not create any parent who hates their child, you do not create any parent who wants to kill their child. But my father hates me Ya Rabb, he told me so, and he told me that he wants to kill me. Please protect me.

Ya Allah, school is about to start, please help me get good grades and pass all my classes and graduate.

Ya Allah, help me and my sister find a place to live so I can move away from my father please Ya Rabb!

Ya Allah, I wish to get married. I do not want to sin anymore, fornication is one of the major sins and no Prophet ever did it, please make it easier for me

Ya Allah, You have placed me in a place which is predominantly filled with gay people and these gay people want me to be like them. They want me Ya Rabb. I'm not gay Ya Rabb. Please take their life and DESTROY every homosexual who approach me

Ya Allah, increase my knowledge, I want to learn more and be a better Muslim!

Ya Allah, bless my future children and protect them from associating any partnership with You

Ya Allah, please bless Shaykh Sayf and Shaykh Muhammmad and bring goodness in their way

Ya Allah, I scratched myself while I was going to the bathroom earlier today to perform Wudu. IT HURTS Ya Rabb, please heal it

Ya Allah, please bless my eyesight so I can only look at what's good

Ya Allah, please help me get a wife with long hair, cute face and a large backside Ya RABB

Ya Allah, please bless Mufti Menk and make good things happen to him

Ya Allah, please bless Nouman Ali Khan and let good things happen to him

Ya Allah, help me get a haircut Ya Rabb, my head wolfing!

Ya Allah, bless my older brother and guide him towards Islam

Ya Allah, please make Salamatu Tunkara get chlamadya and breast cancer. Make something really bad happen to her, don't take her life Ya Rabb, and protect her children, don't let what happens to her affect them in any way

Ya Allah, bless my sister, give her long life, help guide her and forgive me for all the mean things that I say to her

Ya Allah, help me keep my mouth closed and my legs. I don't want to fornicate Ya RABB

Ya Allah, I was cutting my nails earlier and I accidentally cut the skin, it hurts Ya Rabb, make it better Ya Rabb, You are Able!