Now that we have

established that Allah is

the only God

Let us begin

Prophet Ibrahim

Praise be to the one who glorifies Allah's name. Allah, the One who does everything for us without Him being obligated to do anything for us. Allah can just be. He can just exist independently without all these creations that he brings into existence. But He creates us and makes us exist, and He performs wonders for us. So it's only right that we thank Him. Always.
Because He is so much deserving, Almighty Allah. The one who does not need. The one who does not resemble His creations in any way, the Only one who is attributed with Eternal Power. Allah is God, God is Allah, there are no discrepancies. Allah orders all of mankind to be Muslim, all men and Jinn. And if one is not Muslim than they are liable to fall into hellfire, which exists now. Allah sent Prophet Muhammad(may Allah raise his rank) as a mercy to mankind, and Allah sent Ibliss as a fury on mankind. Now, we are free to choose who we side with, we can either choose The Prophet, or Ibliss. Allah already knows who we're going to choose though. For it is He who knows all. Yes, Allah knows all. He even knows the people who who will go into paradise and hellfire for eternityy. He could have just sent us there with no delay if He willed, the only reason why He put us in this Dunya is because if he hadn't than the residents of hellfire would say "O! If we had only been given a chance, we would have proved ourselves and showed we dont belong here." So it's clear to see that this life is nothing more than a test, a test to see who will make it to paradise and who won't.

To Him belongs the dominions. The earths, the heavens, and all that is above or below it. Allah certainly rules. He rules with an iron fist. All these creations that Allah creates is so that He can show us His Power. Because surely if he can create a thing like the sun and stars, then certainly He can do all.
All of these creations is miniature though, compared to what Allah has already created. It was He who created The Throne The throne is the second creation by Allah. After The Original Water. The Throne is the biggest creation by Allah, sizewise. Yes, it is bigger than the sun, all the stars, everything. It is the biggest. The Prophet, may Allah raise his rank saw The Throne on the night of ascension, and he was permitted to talk about one of the four angels carrying it. He said that it will take a fast flying bird 700 years to go from the Angel's earlobe to the shoulder. And this is for all four of the Angels.
The Throne is the biggest creation sizewise by Allah, and it is also the most high, or elevated. It exists above paradise. It is said that it also has the feeling of paradise, but only a part of it.
O Allah is truly powerful! Because if the throne exists, and it's the higest up above the heavens and Paradise, and it is so big sizewise, and still it is not falling on us it is clear to see that someone is holding it up there. That someone is Allah, He is also attributed with Onenesss.

Now that we have established that Allah exists eternally without a beginning or an end let us begin.
Allah is God, God is Allah, there are no discrepancies. Know, may Allah have mercy on you that this world is nothing more than an elderly woman wearing expensive jewlery. Some non-believers might say, "I don't want to follow Allah or do what He says, I just want to live my life."
Which life? Huh? The one you have now? HAHA, surely this life is not yours. You did not give yourself life or make yourself come into existence, not even your parents bought you into existence. It was He, Allah who created you and gave you life, and now you just want to waste it away and do what you want? Fine, do what you want. But just know, Allah is All Seeing and All Knowledgeable.

Now that we have established that Allah exists eternally without a beginning or an ending let us begin.
It is impossible for Allah to not exist. It is also impossible for Him to be simliar to us in any way. Because if He is similar to us than He is bound to be weak like us. And if you are weak than certainly you are not capable of creating. The one who is weak cannot create. Allah is not weak, far from it, He is attributed with eternal Power.
Allah is God, God is Allah, there are absolutely no discrepancies. All men is obligated to love and worship Allah Almighty, and we are also obligated to love and cherish Prophet Muhammad, may Allah raise his rank 5x. Prophet Muhammad was truthful in all that he conveyed, just like all the Prophets. One's Islam is not accepted if they say "O I believe in Muhammad but not in Jesus." No, the one who says that is not a Muslim. Islam is the only religion that believes in all the Prophets. Starting from Prophet Adam all the way to our master Muhammad, may peace be upon them all. When we say "I bear witness that Muhammad is the slave and Messenger of Allah" we mean that we believe in all the Prophets of Allah, we only take word from Muhammad because he is the Prophet of this time, and he is the best of us. A Prophet is any male figure before Muhammad, claiming to have received Prophethood and had miracles to show it. Every Prophet received miracles, our master Muhammad received the most.

Now that we have established that Allah exists without a beginning or an end let us begin.
Allah is God, God is Allah. There are absolutely no discrepancies, none whatsoever.
Know, may Allah have mercy on you that He shares no similarity to the creation whatsoever. ABSOLUTELY NONE A non-believer might say, "O, if Allah exists, and we exist, is that not a similarity?"
HAHA! Absolutely not! Yes, the terminology is the same, but certainly not the meaning. What does it mean to exist? In order for us as humans to exist we need blood, skin, a soul, organs etc...
Allah does not need any of this, He just exists. None of us can imagine His existence, not even the best of us, Prophet Muhammad, may Allah raise his rank 5x. Allah just simply exists, and the creations are proof of his existence. And it will be blasphemy to say that "Allah exists nowhere and everywhere simultaneously"
Because the notion that He exists nowhere is too bold. We just say that He exists, but He does not exist in a place. Simple. Another non-believer might say "O but if Allah exists than how come we cannot see him, why doesnt He show himself to us?"
Well if that's the case than I guess that germs or oxygen does not exist as well, because we cannot see those either. None of us is going to see Allah because He is not here. He is not in a place. So how can we see him if he is not in a place, and this world is a place.
The greatest enjoyment in paradise is being able to see Allah. We see him in paradise without Him being in a place or direction. This is impossible to imagine. The thought of seeing Allah in Paradise without Him being in a place or direction is inconceivable.

Now that we have establishes that Allah exists eternally without a time or place let us begin...